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Hi, new and need some help on off balance problem

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 18, 2009
  • 05:59 AM

Hi, my name is Kara I'm 22 years old and I'm new here, I figured I would try and see what other people think is going on because the doctor's I'm seeing don't seem to want to help me. This is what is going on....

About 5 years ago I was horse back riding and as I went to post up I yanked back on the reins and the horse threw his head back and slammed me against the head. When he did this I heard a loud crack in my jaw, it pretty much felt like I broke my jaw. But after a while the pain went away. Now for the past few years I've been having off balance problems. Here's the symptoms.

1) I have jerking motions which looks like a seizure almost

2) I can't stand or walk for more than twenty minutes without having to sit down. This is strange because sometimes if I'm walking and I get off balance I have to sit down but if I'm sitting down and it starts acting up it sometimes helps to walk around.

3) Can't go out to eat or go to the movies because this also sets off the off balance problems.

4) Can not turn my head from side to side without it starting up. Can't look over to the side at all without it starting up.

5) Walking feels like I'm on a cruise ship and it feels like I'm swaying side to side. I often have to lean on shelves if I'm going to the store.

6) Laying on my back sets off the the off balance and dizzy spells. If I'm laying on my side or stomach it seems to ease the feelings of off balance.

7) I have stabbing pain that goes around my ear (the side the horse hit) it feels basically like someone drilling a hole in my head. Usually that starts up after the dizzy and off balance spells start to subside.

Lifting heavy items does not help it either. Excerising sets it off, going to concerts, driving and even going on planes set it off. For the past few years I've had to stay home for my birthday because I can't sit down at a resturant without having to leave within 20 minutes. I feel like I have no life because this is so bad..it even is hard to sit through my classes at school and even to go to work. I'm went to a neurologist, a spine doctor, an allergin and a ears nose and throat specialist. The spine doctor was a waste of time, he pretty much said nothing was on the MRI I had and sent me on my way with nothing else said, the ENT said my ears were fine, the allergin was also a waste of time and rude saying I don't know why you think it's allergies. Neurologist did MRIs, Cat scans and blood work all came back negative, he also sent me on my way saying he didn't know what's wrong. I'm just at a lost and I want to know what is going on because this is taking up my life and I'm missing out on everything. Can someone please help or giving me some tips, should i get a second opinion???? Please help :(:(

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