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Hi Iam New . I have Radial aplasia and suffering with Carpal Tunnel symptoms. Can any

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  • Posted By: lisa19576
  • August 21, 2007
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Hello ,
My name is Lisa Andrews and Iam 31 Years old. When I was born my hands had a defect and my thumbs didnt develop properly, so when I was 3 years old (aprox) I had a Pollicization opperation on my left hand, at Sheffield Childrens. My right hand was left alone but my thumb hasnt really grown, and is really small. Im unsure what my condition is called as my mum was only give very basic information when I was born. This has never bothered me (apart from the small odd bits of childish name calling) It has never stopped me from doing anything, Iam Right handed, and work as a succesful Hairdresser with my own salon, so without a usable thumb I use my hands alot differently then other people.
A few months ago my middle finger started getting pins and needles, then it went completly numb and has stayed like that. My ring finger has now occasionally started with pins and needles and the knuckle has occasionally started with a dull ache. I have been to my GP who thinks it may be Carpol Tunnel , and has rerferd me to the Northern General Hospital to see a hand surgen.
I know its a long shot but I wondered if you knew of anyone who has the same difference as me, and if you knew of any complications that my hand defect can cause in later life or is Carpol Tunnel one of the things that i can expect to get.
Iam really worried as I dont want this to get any worse as I have my business and very much enjoy my work .I have always been a very strong willed person that is determined to prove that just because I dont have a thumb I can do anything I want, and would be devestated if I had to stop for reasons that I cant control. I would very much appreceaite it if you could pass any information on to me.
Thank You so much for your time,
Lisa Andrews.

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  • Hi. I just came across this site and have ordered the DVD and book for myself. I e-mailed Kate Montgomery who developed this 12 step method and she seems to have helped a lot of people with carpal tunnel symptoms. I was wondering if her method might work for you. You could look at the site and then e-mail her to see what she would recommend. She is very helpful, knowledgeable (see her bio) and quite sympathetic to hand issues. You can let her know that Rhonda from Canada, mentioned it, if you would like.http://www.sportstouch.com/Vhttp://www.sportstouch.com/KatesBiography.htmHope this is helpful to you.Regards.
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    • August 23, 2007
    • 00:17 AM
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  • Hello Lisa, Sounds like your about to the point I was about 2yrs ago. My fingers/hand started with the pins and needles, aching, numbness.... I would be woken up in the middle of the night by husband because I had my right hand sticking straight up in the air (sound asleep). When I went to see my doctor, he diagnosed me carpal tunnel syndrome, dequervain's syndrome (sp?) its in the thumb.... I did the physical therapy, iontophorisis, steroid treatment, brace... I looked into every option I had. I even tried chiropractic, which helped some surprisingly. I ended up having the surgery , which was a blessing! ^^)They say you only get about 80% of your hand strength back. I lost about 10% of my strength. I do everything I used to but there are times when I hold things (scissors) for a extended period of time I feel the ache begin, some tingling/cramping. I just give my hand a rest and all is well. I am glad I had the surgery. Just make sure the physical therapist you have afterwards is GOOD. that's where I had issues, the scar tissue built up so bad because the first one did little to strengthen. If it hurt a little she quit. The "no pain no gain"theory rang true. When I went to a new therapist, he worked the muscles in the forearm the down into the hand. He broke down the scar tissue (alot of pain, swelling...) but a very HAPPY satisfied patient. Just go with what your hand is telling you. I stalled for months before deciding on the surgery, every possible thing that could be done was. Surgery was my answer. Down time, excluding the first therapist and to where I felt it was a good as I was gonna get it, was about 2 months.The first week my hand was useless, totally numb..., second week started moving the fingers (little to no use of the hand) & stitches removed, 3rd week started therapy.
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    • August 31, 2007
    • 05:48 AM
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  • Hi, I can't understand why I am not feeling better!! I had CT surgery in Feb. after I tested severe from an EMG test. Since then, I am unable to close or bend my fingers in both hands (surgery was the left hand),grip is weak, shooting pain from my wrists from time to time. Recently, my neck and shoulder are painful as well. I have been to several doctors.. ruematologist, neurosurgeon. Their hands are up in the air. The pain is so unbearable at times and crippling....... it prevents me from working and doing minimal tasks of daily living. HELP! D.
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