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Hey can someone help me ? Please read =]

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 1, 2007
  • 01:39 PM

I have been feeling not to good latly, and im not sure if i just have a little bug that is going aroung or if its something more serious.
About week and a half ago i started to feel very light headed and headachey, it wasnt just a normal headache it was so painful and stayed for ages, it felt like it was goin down to my nose aswel, if that makes sence, and it felt like my nose was going to start bleeding, i have never had a headache like that before. I have had these often since, i didnt think much of it untill more things came up.
A week ago i started to get this rash on my tummy, on my left side under my breasts (rib cage area) its orangey, it is a in a line and about 3 inches across. This still hasnt gone. Everyone keeps comenting how pale i am too.
I dont feel like not eating, but after i do i feel realy sick , or i will get half way through a meal and feel really sick.
I have also got a few bruises too and i dont normal get them often, also i havnt been doing anything to give me them they just seem to have turned up. (I wasnt going to mention the bruises but i read they could be a sign of illness) I have also been feeling really weak and tired too.
I have had a small amount of blood in my urine but only a little, and it is very dark yellow. Which isnt normal for me.
This morning when i woke up i went to sit up and i had really bad pains in my stomach. Just below my ribs. They are realy painful. My body aches alot to, such as my legs.

Maybe i am just wasting your time and over reacting, maybe this is all a coincedence but i dont no what to do, I have told my mum about some of this but she doesnt like the doctors so she wont take me.

One last thing, i dont no if this has anything to do with how i feel at the moment, but since i was about 11 (i'm 16 by the way) i have been having these realy bad pains near/on my heart, it sounds a bit silly but it realy hurts. As if someone is squeezing my heart. I loose my breath easily, and i can just be siting in my bed and i will feel like i cant breath. Recently i have been lying in bed watchin tv and i would go to sit up to turn it off, and i would feel a realy weird pull on my chest and i would not be able to sit up for a few minutes, however hard i try to, it just hurts to much. Its realy weird to discribe but i can't move my uper body until the pain has gone . Like i said this is proberly something completly diferent i just though i would add it in why i was here.

Sorry for writing alot =

Hannah xxx

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  • Some viral rashes can start with a general sickness. Look up pityriasis. Other rashes to consider might be chicken pox, shingles etc. Look at the pix at dermatology web sites. They are usually worst cases but you might find your rash. Shingles is only on one side of the body. Pityriasis will be all over with a starter lesion that gets your attention.
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  • are you having severe abdominal pain? possibly a tape worm..
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  • These symptoms sound as though they could be severe! If your mom won't take you to a Doctor, I'd go to an emergency room. Kind of makes me wonder WHY she won't....Good luck, honey.
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  • Hey sorry i havnt replied sooner i only can get on the internet at certain times . :)Thanks for the help I am having a few abdominal pains but not very oftenHow do u get a tap worm? What is it?a few more days have gone by and i still feel the same . hmmbut thankyou both :)Hannah x x x
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  • My husband stayed sick for about a month and was finally admitted to the hospital for fluids after throwing up several days on and off. In the hospital he got a rash. Suspecting it could be a reaction from the anti-nausea meds and at his urging (pretending to feel better so he could go home) they let him go home after 3 days. Come to find out, even after bloodwork and extensive testing, he was still sick and finally his hands started peeling...All along he'd had SCARLET FEVER caused by strep throat. The toxins of strep throat can sometime turn into scarlet fever. This seems to be a childhood thing or non-existent, but after two days of treatment he was back on the mend and perky, skin still peeling though.As for the pain around your chest (heart)...that is probably really bad acid reflux. I too have had the same things going on since I was a kid and my mom, although she was quick to take me to the doc when she thought I was sick always thought I was fibbing when I told her my chest and back hurt (from gas built up).Start a regular Over the Counter Acid Reducer and Gas Relief. It will probably be two different meds.God bless you and post back if you can. I am genuinely concerned.
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  • Hi, there. I am so sorry to know that you are so young and feeling so sick like that. For the color of your urine, looks like you are having a bladder or a even a kidney infection (they are connected and when you don't treat a bladder infeccion it turns into a kidney infeccion and it is serious. I had it years ago). To help your urine get clearer, drink lots of water , like 8 to 10 cups daily (not soda, please); try this: put a pinch of baking soda or a little bit of lemon juice (no sugar, please) in a bottle of water and you will see that you start feeling better. I also agree with someone that said you should go to the emergency room. Doctors sometimes don't know what we have, but you can insist and make them listening to you and tell them all your symptoms; and through tests they can find out what you have. There are still a few good doctors out there).If your mom cannot pay, please, while in the hospital she can fill an aplication an pay very little monthly or get a help from the public health. But please, if your mom doesn't take you to the hospital for any reason, just call 911 and ask them to take you to the hospital, your life is precious!Take care, honey and may God bless you!
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