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  • Posted By: coolheat
  • July 18, 2008
  • 02:54 PM

i to everyone, I’m after some feedback on the following symptoms. I’m writing this on my girl friend’s behalf.

For around 8 month now my girl friend has had some pretty odd symptoms, & it’s really beginning to get her down. It started off just before Christmas when she began to feel tired all the time, no matter how much sleep she had, she would still feel tired & run down. From when it all started right up until now nothing has got better, it has slowly got worse. The main symptoms that seem to be affecting her are – 1. tiredness(she feels like she could sleep for days & days even after a long, good nights sleep)… 2. Muscle & joint pains which have become a lot worse as of late, this mainly affects her legs more than anywhere else, but the pain she gets becomes so painful she actually finds it hard to walk, this only really happens at night though once she lays down or relaxes. The pain she describes is like a, tight sensitive kind of pain, which is worse in her joints… 3. Dizzy & disorientated, the dizziness seems to come on at random times, it doesn’t happen all that frequently but when it does its pretty bad, & usually leads to her feeling pretty sick. She describes a sense of disorientation every now then, which leaves her feeling spaced out & not her self, which you can imagine is quite scary at time. 4. Headaches, as of late she has been receiving more frequent headaches, which she describes as being in her temple, & across the centre of the top of her head, this wasn’t really an issue up until the last month or so. Those are the main symptoms she has been receiving, but there are a few more that happen often which are, moodiness, crying for no reason(very emotional), sensitive skin, cold a lot of the time.

Last night she also had palpitations which kept her up most of the night, this has never happened to her before, & this was what triggered me off to post this message. Just in case this helps at all, she’s 22, doesn’t drink of smoke, & is generally quite healthy.

She was diagnosed with under-active thyroid around 6 month ago, but that has now gone back to normal as she received her blood results back last week, & all were normal. Our doctor thinks that what she is feeling is depression, & maybe chronic fatigue mixed in to one? Now she doesn’t feel as though she is depressed, & she’s been prescribed some anti depressants, which she really doesn’t want to take because she feels it’s not depression she’s suffering from.

I was hoping that someone could give me some feedback or advice on this matter? Or if anyone else suffers from these symptoms?

Thanks :)

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  • dear cool heat.. your girlfriend is telling my story. I had every symptom and so many more.Her doctor should know that depression is a symptom of CFS. She doesn't have depression mixed with CFS. The CFS causes the depression. Her symptoms are caused from allergies. What ever is in her body is "auto-immune"..like Lupus but probably isn't Lupus. Here is a link on info of what causes CFS/Fibro/MS/ALS/GWI ect... http://www.whale.to/m/scott7.html#IV_-_COVERT_TESTING_OF_OTHER_DISEASE_AGENTS_ I have posted it in other threads as well. I attended BioSET therapy and it relieved all of my allergies therefore, relieved all of my symptoms. There is also NAET which works too!! Please try to get her to a practitioner. It is the only thing that is going to work. I spent over a year out of work on the medical merry go round.I was told I would never work again. I was 38.I am a nurse and I never would have believed in an alternative form of treatment but the neurologist who diagnosed me told me to find help in "alternative" realms... so I did. I am now working full time and just bought my first brand new car.I will be 40 next week.... what a celebration! I hope you take this seriously and get her the help.She needs it... and you. You are very sweet for writing this for her. She is lucky to have you. Hope she knows that. Bless you both:) mommy cat
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  • Your girlfriend may have Celiac disease (wheat intolerance), which can cause this. Try here: http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/celiac/
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  • Sounds like she could have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).. below are the canadian diagnostic CFS guidelines for diagnoses A patient with M.E./CFS will meet the criteria for fatigue, post-exertional malaise and/or fatigue, sleep dysfunction, and pain; with two or more neurological/cognitive manifestations and one or more symptoms from two of the categories of autonomic, neuroendocrine and immune manifestations; and adhere to item 7.Fatigue: The patient must have a significant degree of new onset, unexplained, persistent, or recurrent physical and mental fatigue that substantially reduces activity level.Post-Exertional Malaise and/or Fatigue: There is an inappropriate loss of physical and mental stamina, rapid muscular and cognitive fatigability, post-exertional malaise and/or fatigue and/or pain and a tendency for other associated symptoms within the patient’s cluster of symptoms to worsen. There is a pathologically slow recovery period -- usually 24 hours or longer.Sleep Dysfunction:* There is an unrefreshed sleep or sleep quantity or rhythm disturbances such as reversed or chaotic diurnal sleep rhythms.Pain:* There is a significant degree of myalgia. Pain can be experienced in the muscles and/or joints, and is often widespread and migratory in nature. Often there are significant headaches of new type, pattern or severity.Neurological/Cognitive Manifestations: Two or more of the following difficulties should be present: confusion, impairment of concentration and short-term memory consolidation, disorientation, difficulty with information processing, categorizing and word retrieval, and perceptual and sensory disturbances -- e.g., spatial instability and disorientation and inability to focus vision. Ataxia, muscle weakness and fasciculations are common. There may be overload phenomena: cognitive, sensory -- e.g., photophobia and hypersensitivity to noise -- and/or emotional overload, which may lead to "crash" periods and/or anxiety.At least one symptom from two of the following categories:a. Autonomic Manifestations: orthostatic intolerance-neurally medicated hypotension (NMH), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), delayed postural hypotension; light-headedness; extreme pallor; nausea and irritable bowel syndrome; urinary frequency and bladder dysfunction; palpitations with or without cardiac arrhythmias; exertional dyspnea.b. Neuroendocrine Manifestations: loss of thermostatic stability -- subnormal body temperature and marked diurnal fluctuation, sweating episodes, recurrent feelings of feverishness and cold extremities; intolerance of extremes of heat and cold; marked weight change -- anorexia or abnormal appetite; loss of adaptability and worsening of symptoms with stress.c. Immune Manifestations: tender lymph nodes, recurrent sore throat, recurrent flu-like symptoms, general malaise, new sensitivities to food, medications, and/or chemicals.The illness persists for at least six months. It usually has a distinct onset**, although it may be gradual. Preliminary diagnosis may be possible earlier. Three months is appropriate for children. To be included, the symptoms have begun or have been significantly altered after the onset of this illness. It is unlikely that a patient will suffer from all symptoms in criteria 5 and 6. The disturbances tend to form symptom clusters that may fluctuate and change over time. Children often have numerous prominent symptoms but their order of severity tends to vary from day to day. hypothyriodism is a well known coexisting issue to CFS and ones with CFS often do get mistaken for having depression, (thou that also can be present in CFS but treating the depression IF is depression there with it, wont cure the CFS). Fibromyalgia often goes along with CFS and it sounds as she's got that too. All her symptoms are common in CFS http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html For more info on this illness .. i suggest www.immunesupport.com . She probably should start seeking a doctor or specialist who is familiar with this illness (eg has CFS patients) as this is an illness which can be made worst if wrong things are done (and also CFS specialists can rule out like illnesses as well). If she does have CFS which i believe she probably does, her best hope of recovery is an early diagnoses and a good understanding of it.
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  • celiac is an allergy to wheat and gluten Bioset and NAET therapy will cure wheat and gluten allergies. I was tested for celiac and was negative. With BioSET I was tested for wheat allergy and positive...negative for gluten. Your girls symptoms go way beyond just celiac disease. best wishes mommy cat
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  • Hi, thank you all for your replies, I appreciate it. I'm currently at work so cant write too much... We're going to see a doctor later today, so hopefeully we'll find out more. Thanks again :)
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  • Have you looked into OI?? (orthostatic intolerance) This seems to fit her symptoms.......here are SOME of the symtoms, but I would obviously recomend that you speak with a Dr. : Excessive FatigueExercise IntoleranceRecurrent Syncope or Near Syncope(passing out)DizzinessNauseaTachycardiaPalpitationsVisual DisturbancesBlurred Vision Tunnel VisionGraying OutTremulusnessWeakness - most noticeable in the legsChest DiscomfortShortness of BreathMood SwingsMigraines and Other HeadachesGastrointestinal Problems
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