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  • Posted By: 7zark7
  • May 17, 2010
  • 10:47 AM

i am including a whole bunch of information , because I find my GP is very event driven and does not have time to take a complete view of my health. Apologies if this is long or drawn out, appreciate anybody who takes the time to read it.

When I was a child I used to get very tired in the afternoons, I can remember walking home and being so tired I couldn't think. Was always very up and down with energy levels, would be very tired and then have bursts of energy or days when I felt a lot better. None of this was severe enough to cause me any serious problem but the background might be relevant to what is happening now.

because i was a bit up and down when a kid, I did have a glucose tolerance test which came back borderline, no further investigation was done.

Fast forward 10 years until I was around twenty odds, went to the doctor and was told I had high blood pressure, at twenty three despite not being overweight and having a pretty good diet. Never been able to shake the blood pressure since, it has been diagnosed as being labile, and the daily average is not to bad, but peaks can be 155/120 at times for no apparent reason.

I have had 24 hour monitoring and electo cardiograph + an ultrasound of my heart, again all clear other than a note that my heart was about the max size that they would like to see (five years ago).

Roll forward to now 38 and I am really struggling with a bunch of non specific symptoms that nobody seems to be able to give me an answer on.

Fact I am tired and run down and feel terrible getting though a day, my skin is dry and I my eyelids and eyebrows continually twitch, my enjoyment of life is terrible because of the way I feel and now my memory is really starting to suffer. Medium term memory is pretty shocking and some days I cant remember simple tasks. Other days I can be as sharp as a tack.

Physically I am okay other than very sore back in the mornings and get numb hands and feet at times, feet can look chalky white and dont always feel hot water. Also starting to suffer from a erectile changes. Just does not feel right.

I have noticed that there seems to be some link between eating and how I feel, for instance if I know that I need to do something important in the morning I will skip eating because I will be sharper and feel much better, when I eat it has a negative effect on my thinking (brain fog). Now its getting to the point, cant remember which cup i had or what I was thinking about , or sometimes when reading to the kids trip over words.

I have had loads of tests, I cant blame the doctors, they have tried loads of things. So I have had Kidney function , Adrenal Function 24 hour urine, Liver function (elevated readings).

I have two beautiful kids, a very well paid job and really have nothing to be stressed about yet i feel like i am in a daily battle with my health.

Any thoughts would be more than welcome, I want to forget about my health and get on with my life and not be ruled by it :(

Family history wise nothing remarkable other than my dad has been diagnosed with CFS, had this for over 20 years and really struggles. He now has osteoporosis.

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  • Only Liver function was elevated? And how much?And whats your joints? Any pigmentation on the body?
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  • I will check liver values but they put it down to tiny amount of fat in liver that showed on ultrasound. No skin pigment changes but funny you mention joints have painful knees and right shoulder.
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  • could not get the liver readings need to go back and see doc for that , however i think it was Aspartate transferase, intrestingly i have blood work for 2005 in which it 21iu/l and the Alkaline phosphatase was 57 iu/l which are both normal.in those blood works there were some comments, red blood cells were 5.59 marked as high, MCH concentration was 35.1 marked as slightly high. Haeoglobin was 17.7 marked as high.Does not mean an awful lot to me, but perhaps has some significance to somebody.
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  • i hope someone has some ideas for you esp with the higher blood levels. Fact I am tired and run down and feel terrible getting though a day i was wondering if you could have a "touch" of CFS (but not bad enough for a diagnoses) CFS can cause twitching and all kinds of general non specific symptoms.. and then i saw at the bottom of your post that your father has it. CFS DOES often run in families as there is a genetic predisposition to it and it has been found that children of a CFS parent suffer more tiredness then general population. With CFS.. those blood test results are not related to it so i dont think you should put your issue down to CFS thou.. keep hunting for an answer.
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