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Help with Granuloma annulare

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 12, 2007
  • 04:11 AM

It s any cure or medicine for granuloma annulare?

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  • Time is the cure! It can take up to 5 years to resolve.
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  • I went to a dermatologist and he injected hydrocortesone into the granuloma's, I had 3 or 4 treatments like this and now they no longer have any raised areas, but they are still a different color than my skin, but not as noticeable. A chiropractor I was seeing for a different condition was using some "white light" or "cool light" therapy, and applied that to several of the granulomas, and they lightened up quite a lot in a very short time, there is a big difference in color between the ones treated with the light and the ones not.
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  • Acuann here.. only acupuncture can cure this. this has been known to be fatal in some rare cases so seek treatment quickly.DOM
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  • I had one on my finger which appeared in 1993. I used cream on it for about 6 months but all that did was thin my skin. Then I got 2 or maybe 3 injections over a few years - prob from 1998-2001 - and now it has fully gone.You will need to watch your insulin and blood sugar levels during your life as Granuloma Anulare in young people is sometimes associated (statistics show) with Diabetes.Good luck. - and don't be afraid of the steroid injections. ;-)
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  • I've had it since 1977 there is no cure and it does come back. You can controll it with topical steroids. I've never been offerred steroid injections. When I have a really bad time with it I use the old topical steroid with a clear plastic bandage covering. It is usually gone in two to three days never to return. You put the creme on a little heavy without rubbing it in than apply the bandage. The only time it will thin the skin is if you allow it to go on to long. I've never had one occur in the same spot. And I usually enjoy long periods of no outbreaks. I never let them get out of hand. And they do leave a little discoloration but not very noticeable. Mine have mostly been on my upper arm and legs. I have had one on my stomach in 1977 and this year I developed one on my back. I usually know when it is one or not. Mine itch but most doctors will tell you they don't itch but mine do. Even if I suspect one is about to break out I will rub my creme on a couple of days and its gone. Sometimes it works and sometime it doesn't. But I was told by a dermatologist in 1977 that it is caused by nerves. And some time steroids can make them worse.
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  • I was diagnosed with this condtion 3 years ago. At first I just use to get it on the back of my forearms, & the steroid cream eventually cleared it up. It just comes back again though & at the moment I have it on my legs & the front of my body as well- it's everywhere! There is no cure as far as I know but the cream does help eventually. I only put it where it shows now because it's so extensive. Good luck is all I can say!
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  • Time is the cure! It can take up to 5 years to resolve.I was diagnosed in 1984 at age 44. I still have frequent breakouts. Very itchy. The breakouts come and go. Usually are on both sides of my body at the same time, i.e. on left hand & right hand; on left arm and right arm, etc. Nice to know it's not contagious. I want to blame it on the sun but I've never been a sun-worshipper. I lived in the Philippines for a few years and wanted to blame it on "tropical" diseases. But honestly, the doctors don't know. I did try steroid tape but it only helped relieve the itch as long as i wore the (not cheap) tape. Scratching relieves it better than the tape did. I just guess I'll live with it. At least I don't have skin cancer. Lots to be thankful for.
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  • I have had GA for i guess over 30 yrs. It started with red spots on my feet when I was pregnant the first time. Derm said there was nothing I could do but put a cream on it that Might fade it. I have it on both my legs, my right leg is MUCH worse than the left, my stomach at my waist, and have just found some spots starting under my arm, near my arm pits. I have had steroid cream, had steroid shots which did work in the area they were given, but more came up right next to it. I also do not wear dresses. I have just started wearing shorts, I can't stop living because of this. I was on oral steroids at one time for something else, and it seemed to start to clear up, but the doctor says I can't stay on them for a prolonged period of time. I have just started Narrowband Light therapy. The only problem is, it is VERY expensive because my insurance doesn't cover it. I am thinking of trying tanning. 5 yrs ago when I was tanning for a vacation, it started to clear up really nice. I know it will take longer than 2 months this time, because I have let it go so long, but at least I can afford the tanning. Good Luck, this is a curse that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
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  • It s any cure or medicine for granuloma annulare?[/QUTheres no cure but meds that can suppress it. You just have to find a Dr with some knowledge about it, I just left the Dr office and had a choice of 3 different meds to take, I chose Dapson week and you can barely see it anymori do have to do some blood work nursing far so good! I havene spot that's dill on my leg but its fading! and let me yell you it was all over me, hands, tummy underarms, boobs, but, legs and feet, now o cat see it one my hands or feet :) and its gone completely off the underarms and boobies!
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    • January 4, 2011
    • 08:40 PM
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  • Time is the cure! It can take up to 5 years to resolve.I have had G.A. for over 30 years. It doesn't go away in two years, you just develop different spots elsewhere.
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  • I've had granuloma for three years it all over my body it is itchy in places and I prefer not to use steroid cream any more because it thins the skin and causes hair loss.:mad: my father was insulin dependent and I have suffered with depression for years. Some of my children have G6PD deficiency. I wish there was more information about granuloma annulare it there seems to be a lot of conflicting information as to whether it can lead to diabetes. I wish I knew how it is triggered I suppose it is down to funds as usual. Surprisingly a lot of nurses and doctors have never come across it.:confused:
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