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HELP: UNKNOWN tingling feeling/paresthesia

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  • Posted By: lozcon
  • March 25, 2007
  • 01:44 AM

I'm very confused and worried because i have had five or six different occasions where my whole body has been numb -particularly my feet, fingers, hands, face.
This has gone on for anywhere between two-five days in length.
It is definetely not from hyperventilation. And i had a blood test which showed that it was not due to a thyroid problem/disease.
I am anaemic, but i'm fairly sure this isn't related.
I suffer from RLS (restless legs syndrome - a sleep disorder). I have for two-three years but these bouts of numbness feeling have only been over the last 6 months. The medication i take for my sleep disorder is called Neurontin (which is usually prescribed for epilepsy).

I have a feeling that it could be due to DEHYDRATION or ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION. On these occasions it has been around this time that i have started feeling numbness all over my body.
Whenever i drink i don't take my sleep pills (but this is only on the night). I'm worried that i drink too much and this could be a cause of this????????

please reply with comments/ideas/prognosis. I'm so confused!!!


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  • UMMMM.....you are absolutely right. Neurontin should not be taken with alcohol! Read the side effects of this drug on www.drugs.com or better yet, click on the drug interactions checker and type in ALL of the medications you are currently taking, including the sleep med. Please address the reason you are drinking so much alcohol, and get help with this if you need it. And understand that neurontin is a very strong drug that has been given by docs for all kinds of crazy controversial things that it was never designed to treat! You need to drink at least 8 glasses of pure water (this does NOT include other liquids like tea/coffee/soda). I recommend nutritional therapy for RLS as this can be caused by magnesium/potassium deficiencies. And with anemia, you should be taking a B multi with at least 800 mcg of folic acid. Try to find a good quality sublingual, and read the threads concerning B12 deficiency on this website. Good foods for iron are organic raisins and blackstrap molasses. A good all purpose supplement I recommend is called EmergenC as it has a fair amount of potassium as well as vit C in the form of mineral ascorbates. It's pretty cheap and easy to take and gives you great energy. Best wishesDOM
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  • Have you considered taking melatonin? This is a "natural" sleep promoting supplement, available without a prescription. If you consider trying it, talk to your doctor beforehand because it could interact with the medicine(s) you are taking now and, if you use it INSTEAD of your sleep medication, there might be severe side effects associated with just stopping instead of tapering the dose.As for your problem...it can DEFINATELY have to do with alcohol and lack of water. It could be neurological (brain) related, cardiac (heart) related, or even related to diabetes. Consider asking your doctor for a complete blood test, and to check your glucose level. It may also be an allergic reaction developing to your medication(s).
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