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  • Posted By: hopeless a
  • April 26, 2008
  • 10:28 AM

i have been taking antidepressant for last few year.because i was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.but i still feel all the symptoms i had before start taking antidepressant.my symptoms are--------------
i cant wake up early in the morning
i have to go to urinate frequently nad i laso drink water frequently
high pulse rate with fluctuating blood pressure
feeling drowsiness all the day
i feel nervousness with drowsiness
feel no interest in my surrounding
when i take a nap due to drowsiness in daytime,i feel pressure within my skull after taking a nap
feel apathy

i have been tested for blood sugar and thyroid.all the lab result come back within normal range
my ctscan of head reveals no intracranial abnormality instead of prominent cisterna magna but radiologists say ''it is of no clinical importance.

i feel really very bad.i cant explain what kind of bad i feel but i feel very bad.all the time i feel sick.
psychiatrists say that i feel all this because i think over it.
but believe me it is not so.sometime i feel bad even during sleep.
although i feel sleepiness all the time yet i dont sleep soundly.
sometime i feel confusion.
i see rapidly changing dreams at night and i remember all the dreams i saw at night.
i have very low sex drive
what may be my problem please tell me.please help me.
doctors treat only symptoms.i have fed up of symptamatic treament.
i want my self as i happened to be before this disease.
thank you

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  • Could your antidepressant be making you tired?????? or was you like that before first being put on it?................................. Morning tiredness and having trouble waking up.. can be an indication of low cortisol. With depression.. ones cortisol is usually in higher range of levels (depression sends cortisol level up).. other problems thou can send it down. Get your doctor to give you a morning cortisol test.. and also a 24 hr cortisol test as if it is found to be out of the normal range (even slightly below normal range.. make sure doctor dont ignore that if found), it would strongly indicate another issue going on other than depression. addition.. Your symptoms thou could be just depression, which isnt being treated well for you. It can take a lot of trial and error to find meds which work.
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  • My whole life I have always had trouble waking up and staying awake at certain times. Sometimes if I do get up early I might still be so tired I feel like I could collapse and my eyes will not focus .It's kinda like my head will turn but my my vision follows so slowly I see like trails. I never wanted to be this way it has caused many problems my whole life such as lateness and difficulty paying full attention most of the time. I have seen a docotor about it and he put me on halcion a few years ago so I could try to regulate my sleep I only took it once because that one time I almost lost my job because I did not wake up for work at all the next day. He mainly tried to regulate my sllep or put me on ritilan when it was very strongly controlled by the FDA. I never got it I really never wanted to take any medicine and had hoped it was just an overlooked problem that could be worked woth and cured or at least I could live with. I always had to work extra hard at my jobs to prove myself worth my employers tolerating my lateness. I have alot of the same symptons you do but I have never been on any anti depressiants. I did read something that spoke about a problem called sleep phaze disorder. It's when your body clock gets put out of whack . When I was about 4 years old I was in a car accident and I banged my head extremely hard and ended up with a concussion. That is one possible cause of sleep phaze disorder so I am currently trying to find a doctor whom I can talk to about that. I know it's hard for you and not being able to feel awake enough to do anything even when you really want to is terrible. It's messed me up my whole life and believe me I have tried so hard to fight it and live with it . Going to bed early did nothing I could sleep for 18 hours somedays and still never feel rested. I wish I could help you out with a real answer but as of yet I have none . I do not think I am depressed because as I have said it's been my whole life and I do not try to stay sad and feel happy alot more then sad nowadays. You could always ask your doctor for a vitamin B shot maybe that could help you temporarily. Good luck
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