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Help pls! Irregular vaginal bleeding for first time - no pain

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  • Posted By: jas1000
  • April 16, 2007
  • 08:52 AM


First time on here. Am so worried....my problem is irregular bleeding for 7 days now.

Two days after my period finished I started bleeding, not too heavy, but after 5 days or so I have started now to wear a tampon sometimes. It's 7 days now since this bleeding. There are no cramps or pain, no symptoms really. The blood is dark brown mainly, a little red sometimes.

My period had been 3 days early whcih weas unusual. I dont think I am pregnant as am on the pill.

The nurse who examined me said there was no discharge and she thought the bleeding was coming from the cervix (?).

Just to fill you in the day before the bleeding started I had done a vaginal douche which I know was wrong now. I used a plastic syringe and put water up there to clean. The day after that I had intercourse with my bf which was quite rough. It was during intercourse that I noticed the bleeding starting.

Could it have been the douche / rough I/C? And could I have injured the vagina? If so whats the best way to heal it, and any ideas how long it could take?

The doctor prescribed me with medication for bacterial vaginosis but I havent started it as yet as the nurse felt it wasnt probably that and I don't feel it is either as there is no discharge, smell etc. But should I take the medication do you think??

Don't know if I am imagining it but when a tampon is there I feel I can feel a little soreness, when there is no tampon there I dont feel anything. It could be my imagination though, not sure.

Please please can anyone shed some light as to what it could be? I am so worried. Oh, I am 41, have had two kids, and otherwise quite healthy. I don't feel it's bacterial vaginosis as there is no discharge, smell etc.
My periods have usually been ok.

Sorry its a long post.
Many thanks

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  • I would ask for a vaginal ultrasound - that might pick up a fibroid. At perimenopause, they're very common.
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  • Thanks for the advice. I will mention to my GP next time.However I believe with fibroids there is usually some discomfort and I feel no symtoms at all.I wonder if any ladies have had problems with the pill micronor, which I am on, and on a few occasions recently I may have been an hour or so late taking it, or maybe I might have missed one without realizing.Has anyone who has had irregular bleeding due to hormonal changes?I would appreciate any advice.jas1000
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  • Well, bc pills are evil, and especially so after 35. It's very likely you have a hormonal imbalance - whether this is causing the problem is another question. To be on the ultrasafe side get an endometrial biopsy and a pap. And, really, find another method of birth control - bc pills can cause a lot of different problems.
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  • Hello,I hope this to be of some help as you seem very worried.What you describe is a typical post coital bleed (posh way of saying bleeding after sex). However it is unusual for this to last 7 days.It would be helpful to know how heavy this bleed, spotting suggests cervix, clots and fresh red blood suggests uterus. It would also be helpful to knowif you are getting any menopausal symptoms. The nurse you saw may well be right about it coming from your cervix but generally if your smears are up to date and normal there is little to worry about. I assume the nurse examined your cervix and should have been able to inform you if there was any obvious abnormality on that. Being on the pill increases the lielyhood of a benign condition called cervical ectropion, which usually resolves with time. Ifnot it is very easily treated.The history you give is a strange one for BV, however the treatment wont hurt to take as it has very minimal side-effects. If you do have BV it may be unrelated to the bleed.As to the hormonal balance line, if you have missed a pill, or are taking new medication which may interact and thus reduce the effective dose this may explain bleeding outside the 'breakthrough bleed' period.Finally dont worry, this condition is very common and its likely to be notjing you have done. Our bodies react in lots of different ways to things. If you have any more worries or it doesn't clear up with the BV treatment or spontaneously dont be embarrassed or afraid to go and see your doctor - thats what they are there for
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  • Hi, and thanks for the responses. I have now had the following done:- ultrasound vaginal scan - no fibroids or cysts or physical cause found for the bleeding, all ok (except two small nabothian cysts)- an internal biopsy where the gynaecologist took a sample - awaiting results- result of swab the nurse took was no infection, no BV (just a bit of thrush)- had chlamidia swab taken - awaiting results (is this likely though?)My gynaecologist feels its likely to be hormonal; however my own feelings are:A) I have never had a problem like this before and have been on micronor on two occasions, curently for 18 mths with no issuesB) The bleeding started during intercourse.I mistakenly said I had bled for longer. Basically I was spotting for 6 days when the Gyna gave me Primulet which has more or less now stopped the bleeding now after two days, so I cant now say how long the bleeding would have continued for.I am not (yet) menopausal - am 41.I am thinking of eventually going off the pill and choosing the coil. WOuld any women recommend the coil?I would like to come to a clear diagnosis of this issue so if anyone can offer any more advice I would be grateful.If it is bleeding after sex, I am seeing my BF tomorrow and am now anxious! Does it happen each time??Many thanks
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  • BTW my smear test in Jan 2007 was normal.
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  • Does anyone feel this could be cervical erosion?Though the doc and gyno would have noticed the red area??Can stress have anything to do with this all?I know I sound very worried over something that is probably a blip (I hope) but I have other health concerns and am feeling a bit overwhelmed health-wise.Thanks
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  • At 41, you are perimenopausal (this begins around age 35). I think a combination of that and the pill caused a thickened endometrial lining that was jarred when you had sex. Since the ultrasound did not show a thickened endometrial lining (because it was sloughed off with the bleeding), you should be okay for sex tomorrow. I think considering another method of birth control is a great idea. I know nothing about the coil - look up side effects and make sure it has no hormones in it (Mirena IUD for example does).
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  • Thanks fauve, thats quite helpfulActually the ultrasound did in fact show a 'slightly thickened heterogenous myometrium, appearances suggestive of possible adenomyosis". I didnt mention this as the sonographer said it in passing and said its nothing to worry about.But it makes sense that something was upset during sex as at the time it was quite rough.If this is the cause, the thickening of the endometrial lining, then should I be ok for sex tomorrow?And could micronor be adding to all this?Thanks again.
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  • Is thickening of the endometrial lining something easily treatable or more serious?thanks
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  • Wow - now you have my exact diagnosis. Be happy that the adenomyosis is not causing pain, and if your periods become painful and your blood becomes clotty, you'll be way ahead of the game knowing the cause. Adeno is common in our age group - essentially it is endo in the wall of the uterine lining and can be really painful (mine is so much so that i am considering hysterectomy) around period time as that uterine tissue that's lodged in the muscle wall is getting geared up to bleed. If you have lower back issues and digestive issues (you mentioned you have other health concerns), adeno could well be at the root of them - the swollen uterus can rest against the bowel and lower back causing problems, esp so if it is retroverted.) I don't think bc pills are alone to blame for the problem, which has some different theories as to its cause, but I'm suspicious as mine started while I was on the pill too. Here is a pretty helpful website where you can learn more: http://www.adeno101.com/
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  • As for sex tomorrow, it will really depend on where you are in your cycle. You will definitely be okay if it is early in your cycle, less so if it is later. Because of the adeno/thickened endometrial diagnosis, you are looking at an ongoing issue. I have had very good luck in shortening my periods, and lessening my bleeding with *natural* progesterone cream. Stay far away from any estrogen or any synthetic progesterone (called progestin). An essential book for you to read is John Lee's 'What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause'.
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  • An erosion is visible via a speculum - thus you doc would have noted it.US Scan findings are encouraging. The scan would have picked up anything serious. Chlaydia is very common and is often silent in women. If the swabs come back +ve then make sure your bf is tested too.Menopause MAY begin at 35 but not everyones does. Menopause is the dates your periods actually stop. Peri-menopause varies in length from woman to woman so if you are not getting any symptoms, and have a regular cycle then its unlikely you are peri-menopausal! Contraceptive wise, the pill is known to cause occasional spotting, especially if the dose isn't quite high enough for you. It also has some side effects with long term use. In your age group a coil isn't a bad idea, however bear in mind those without hormones in will make your periods heavier. The coils with hormones in are brilliant. They act locally on the womb lining so they contain a fairly low dose and it doesn't enter your system too much. They also have the advantage of reducing your periods by about 90% Your periods may even stop.Otherwise have you considered the implant? the contraceptive power of this is better than sterilisation!!As for sex, don't worry. You may bleed again, but if the docs could see no abnormality its probably not too serious - go back if it does bleed though. Finally don't have sex if its painful! Hope you are feeling better.
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  • Thanks again.Only thing is the ultrasound report said the uterus had "no congenital abnormalities" (length 57mm, AP 39mm, transvers 46mm - is this normal?) - isn't the uterus meant to be bigger than normal for adenomyosis?Ref digestive probs - none really. ALl ok there. Not lower back pain either.My other health issues are cervical problesm - disc protrusion.The other thing is that the bleeding started during sex which was two days after my period so it was early on in the cycle rather than later.ANy further thoughts to clarify this mystery?Many thanksPS I shall get that book, have heard of it before too.
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  • ANother thing is that the irregular bleeding was not so much like a period, wasn't heavy. It was more like spotting, sometims there was some sometimes not. ANd for the first few days it was brown and a different texture to a period.
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  • Brown just means it was old clotted blood - the kind that might get stuck in the uterine wall. My uterus has actually never measured larger than normal, but because it was retroverted has caused all kinds of bowel and back issues - probably more bothersome than the period pain, altho that has holed me up for days. I guess the rough sex was really to blame for dislodging it. If you take it easier this time, you should be okay. My first symptom of adeno was blood right after sex, but it was just a trace amount. Now that I have it somewhat under control with progesterone I don't bleed after sex at all.
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  • I am hoping to speak to my gyno shortly as to his opinion as the sonographer said the adenomyosis was not significant enough to cause the spotting....Can you let me know which progesterone you take, and is the the only treatment you have used, and has it dealt with your symptoms?Many thanks
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  • I would think the thickened lining alone would be enough to cause the spotting - the adeno is a bonus confirmation! I take Life-flo progesta-care. You can get it on amazon. The important thing with progesterone creams is to stay away from any with 'parabens' - methylparaben, etc, because they are estrogenic. I also take a really high quality multivitamin, calcium, magnesium and indole-3s along with essential fatty acids. I started these along with the progesterone at the same time, so while I am pretty sure the progesterone is the hero, it may not be alone. I also gave up eating wheat due to my digestive issues, and reading that there may be a connection to adeno and wheat consumption. The length of bleeding was reduced from 6-7 days to 3-4 days. The clots have almost disappeared. The pain went from being curled up in bed with a heating pad to being able to function, although pain is still present. Migraines at ovulation have disappeared and lessened at period. Essentially what progesterone cream does is balance the estrogen dominance in our systems. Be prepared for painful periods if/when you give up the pill - it just occured to me that that is probably why you have not been experiencing pain - they are actually paradoxically prescribed for adeno pain (which is odd as adeno actually has estrogen receptors and feeds and grows off of it), and you may choose to go that route - just make sure that you do some research on estrogen dominance - one of the reasons I gave them up was fear of breast cancer due to the hormonal imbalance (reasoning was if it can cause adeno, can it cause cancer?)
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  • Well my Gyno has just very confidantly told me its not due to adeno or endometriosis as these dont cause unsceduled bleeding but rather heavy bleeding!Back to drawing board I guess...
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  • http://www.women-health-guide.com/adenomyosis.htm One of many sites that list bleeding between periods as a symptom of adeno. (With all due respect to your confident Gyn! :) Is the pill your taking a continuous bc pill or regular? My bout with bleeding between periods came when I was taking seasonale (4 times a year periods).
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