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help please

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  • Posted By: markypoopy
  • June 7, 2009
  • 11:29 AM

im so scared right now...

ive had so many symptoms and seen so many people and nothing helped.

symptoms started with

-swelling/exploding sensation on side of head
-sudden pains in head like a electric shock
-pins and needles

i went to see many different people including around 5 GP's two nuerologists and 2 ENT specialists all finding nothing wrong though ive not had anything like a MRI scan as they dont see the need. ( even though this would help my piece of mind )

the last 4 days have been ***l. i suddenly feel worse, e.g. dizziness (not like the room is spinning but just general lightheadedness)

the worst symtom is feeling really dreamy all the time. i can hardly leave my bed. im really scared theres something seriously wrong with me like a tumor or something but all these people saying im fine is driving me crazy and im scared im loosing my mind. ive had alot of these symptoms for 3 months now but it scares me daily and is ruining my life.

ive been given propanalol hydroxide for aniexty but its not made any difference what so ever and im worried taking them could be making me worse.

please help im running out of faith in medicine and giving up. :(

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  • Marky,What seams most likely based on the information you gave is cluster headaches. All the symptoms you specified make sense for these except if the headaches happen on both sides of your head at the same time. It is more likely to be this if headaches run in your family. It is also more likely if the pain you have isn’t relieved by any painkiller, isn’t relieved by sleeping, and isn’t made worse by excessive sensory input. If all of those things are true, though, it could be migraines, though my guess is no. More information would be helpful if cluster headaches sounds completely wrong, such as what does make it worse or better, what the pain is specifically, if you have nausea or not, what the quality of your urine is, what your nutrition is like (including if you’re excessively hungry or thirsty), and what your vital signs are like. I suspect the doctors think anxiety is causing high blood pressure, which can account for your symptoms, so what is your blood pressure like is an especially important question. Of course they may also think it’s just all in your head, but I don’t think so myself. Hope this helps.-Regards, Q
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