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  • Posted By: k3ls3y
  • July 9, 2008
  • 07:56 PM

i'm an 18 year old female that is suffering from headaches, well there not really a headache it the puressure that in my head... i've had two CT done and they both showed up neagive, i even saw a nerologist, and i have been to my family doctor some many times, he has put me on anti -dressents, high blood puress meds, and now some called Ratio-Valproic.. NOTHING HAS WORKED.I have had this for about four months now and no matter what i do i cannot get ride of them unless i'm sleeping, but it takes me awhile to fall a sleep. i have no other symptons just the pain.... i'm just tired of suffering and paying money for stupid durgs that don't work.
thank you for listening,

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  • There are many causes of headaches.....including hormonal one and that is what I am going to suggest here: 1. If you are on birth control pills, this could be a cause. Even after taking one for many months you can suddenly develop "side effects". One way is to stop the BCP and try a different method of birth contol that does not mess with the delicate balance of hormones. Another way is to try a differnt brand or type...there are many and we are all different in how we may react. 2. If you are not on BCP, you may consider a GYN and taking about your cycle and get a good check with blood work. Ups and downs of hormones can give you headache....literally! Your doctor may have some recommendations for you if this is a possible cause. 3. Get your thryoid checked. Actually this was my case. The thryoid effects every cell in the body and can account for a wide variety of symptoms. It is not a rare problem and is easy to check with proper blood work. If you do get it check get it checked right with these blood tests: TSH, FT4, FT3. TSH alone is NOT enough so be sure your doctor does it all...don't. It is also good to know that a TSH between 0.3 and 2.5 is the normal range...don't let the doctor tell you it is 0.3-5....5 is way to high! Be assured that thryoid problems are very treatable and once under care you can and will start feeling better. If the drugs are not helping you, I certainly recommend talking to your doctor about stopping them....EVERY drug has its own side effects and sometimes the side effect is same as the symptom you are being treated for! Hope this helps. Joan
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  • how long have you had the headaches? Do you have any other symptoms? Describe the pain or pressure, how bad is it on a scale of 1 to 10, where is it (top of head, back of head, side of head?) anything else you can think of, what tests have you had done.
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  • Thanks,,, but no i am not on birth control...i've tried telling him i don't want to take the drugs he's giving me but he won't listen so i take them juts incase they might work. And i have had these headaches for 4 month now all day everyday unless i'm lucky and they'll go away for a couple of hours. the prussure is at the top of my head moves to both sides of my head also.. it started in the back of my head now its just the top and both sides... on a scale of 1-10 most of the time its 10... i have had a CT scan done twice, i have seen a nerologist twice and he hasn't found anything to be wrong with me.. had blood work done everything you name it.... i just went to see a chiropracticer and he thinks its a pinched nerve in my neck which is causing the pain.... but i don't know... and no other symptons just really annoyed and scared.
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  • Kelsey,Sometimes you can have headaches if your bite is uneven. Does it feel as if you have contact with most of the teeth between your upper and lower jaw? Is the pain worse in the mornings? Do you know if you grind your teeth during the night?
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  • yes, my top teeth over lap alittle bit over my bottom teeth..... i have no idea if i grind them in my sleep .... like i said the only time i don't have them is when i'm sleeping they don't walke me up i can't sleep fine but soon as i wake up till the time i go to bed.but thank you though..
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  • Kelsey,Sorry, I couldn’t help more. I suggested it because many headaches are due to teeth problems. Have you considered acupuncture? It can do wonders.Good luck, honey!
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  • I get headaches because the back of my neck gets tense. Maybe have a friend, or a professional, give it a massage. It can't hurt anything.Sometimes headaches also represent something going haywire elsewhere in your body. You brain freaks out and goes "head pain" instead of muscle pain or joint pain. Maybe get a full body check, and see if you can get some blood work done. Sorry I can't be more help.
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  • Thanks everyone for your in put. i'll try all the things everyone suggested hopefully something works :)
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  • Try to monitor you temperature to see if you are running a low grade fever. Especially in the evening. Take the list of times and dates and temperatures to the doctor's office with you and have them include a copy in your file. Keep the original though.
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  • Are there any meds you have stared taking since 4 months ago? Or has you life changed in the last 4 months? It could be stress...but if you arent stressed...well idk
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  • I must really, really recommend that you follow up on #3 that I wrote above...I had headaches for 8 months and it was related to my thryoid condition. Joan
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