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Help my calf hurts and I don't know what's wrong!?!?

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  • Posted By: Karissa
  • June 7, 2013
  • 09:45 AM

I am a seventeen year old and have recently had my calf hurting for the past week. I have a bad case of Anxiety and frequently have panic attacks, light headed sensations, and sometimes have this sense of doom that comes over me. However, lately I have had this stinging sensation that starts from the middle of my calf and moves around to different spots on my lower leg. There is no swelling, no calcium deficiency, no color changes or bruises. Yet it hurts when I stand and rest. At work I stand for long periods of time and just lately my ankle ( of the same leg) hurts to the point where I can no longer stand. And it's never done this before. I have also begun to feel light headed to the point of fainting and whenever I get this way I have a small irritating cough... But no blood. I am aware of the symptoms of DVT and I wonder if it could be that? I don't know if its just my Anxiety that's making a few minor aches and pains seem life threatening or if it really is something serious! I'm very worried and my parents won't take me to see a doctor unless I really am dying!! Please help me!! I feel hopeless and I'm afraid if I put this off I might be too late!

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  • Please go see a DR. You calf could be hurting for many reasons. there could be a potassium level decrease. You could be wearing those SKETCHERS Shape Ups sneaker (if so TAKE THEM OFF and throw them away!) It could be just about anything, but please go see a DR.
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  • It could be a blood clot, if your parents won't take you to the doctor go to the nurse at school or a free health clinic in town and they will convince your parents to take you.
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  • Its a pity. There are many things that could make your calf hurt but the history you gave is not enough to categorically point at a particular thing. You need to see a doctor but i won't rule out somatization of your anxiety as a cause, so you need to calm down and relax.
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  • DVT in someone your age is pretty rare, especially if you aren't obese, don't smoke, haven't had trauma to the area, etc. I'm sure you are aware of the risk factors. So I'd say it's unlikely, but it's definitely something to take seriously anyways because it could be something major like that! At the end of the day I"m sure your parents would rather be safe than sorry.Your symptoms are way too non-specific for me to think of anything else to be ruled out, but hopefully it will be a different story when you see your doctor. Sadly though, doctors can write you off and profile you quickly if you have a known history of anxiety, depression, or other psych. conditions, but keep in mind that there are many medical conditions that can potentially cause those problems! So while there isn't much to indicate that right now, your anxiety could possibly be a result of some other unnoticed pathology going on. Your doctor should be aware of this and you shouldn't let him (or your parents, who can be just as skeptical) blow you off. There are things that you can do yourself to help determine whether the pain and lightheadedness is psychosomatic or not. Pay attention to what you are doing in the lead up to these attacks - including what you eat, how you feel emotionally, what you've been doing physically, etc. If you experience relief when you distract yourself and your anxiety goes down, then it's likely nothing serious. Still, go to the doctor though, it's best (:
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