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Help me severe weakness!

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  • May 4, 2009
  • 02:13 PM

All my problems started in 2007(age 18yrs wt 40kg) in summer holidays I used to play a lot of outdoor games in hot sun(and lost 2kgs of my wt from 40kg) One day I got a little fever Then I got medication for it from my family dr.
Another day the fever is gone but I suddenly got vertigo , continuous vertigo with heart beating very fast.Dr suggested me to get electral powder(electrolyte supplement) but that doesnt helped.So I consulted Neurologist to check n e tumor by MRI with venogram of brain it was negative.
Then some more symptoms appeared like weakness,fatigue,tension,confusion,sometimes short breathing etc.
Dr thought it could be Tuberculosis so he done chest X-ray-negative
blood,urine test-both negative.

Then I got more symptoms severe headache,abdominal discomfort,tingling sensation on fingers,lips,head,chest and chest pain. Also jts of my legs started to pain while walking.

Then I changed dr. He told me that i was having digestion problems(nutrients are not absorbed properly.)
He gave me medicines but even they doesnt helped me.
I got more symptoms like strain on eyes,sleeping problems,cramps in chest,muscle cramping,darkness comes on eyes if i stood up while laying down.Many times It used get sudden sweating,vertin,severe weakness and feeling that I will get unconscious.
My life was changed now I always have to lay down.

Then I again consulted another dr. He told me that I have IBS. I do have to go 4-5 times a day for bowel movement. Sometimes it is a bit watery and sometimes normal.
But not major problem with bowel movement like dirrhea but my abdomen do feel pain after bwl movement. Many times my intestine pains when I press,touch it.

Can IBS be so severe.
Again that dr made two more tests Stool-blood occtural test and Urine with ESR test both came absolutely perfect(negative).

The problems I have noe are fatigue,severe weakness,chest pain,neck pain,sometimes jt. pain,back pain,tingling sensation on fingers,head,chest ,,headache,sometime abdomen feels very empty(specially at night) and sometimes full. When I stand for long time abdomen feels discomfert and I want to lay down.
If I move my head fast I feel vertigo, my head feel like it is not getting enough blood,feels numb.

My foot is getting dry(foot palm).

After meal my toungh gets sour.
Darkness comes over eyes.

Sometimes Severe cold sweating with vertigo,severe fatigue comes,body shakes with weakness,my ears feels ringing sound-hissing noise,and I feel like getting unconscious.it feels VERY BAD.
Even noise of people is intolerable by me.
My stamina also got reduced a lot.
Even I have gained 5kgs of my weight.Now its 45kgs and Im now 19 & 1/2 yr old even its very very less for boy of my age.But what to do.I do eat natural food.

In childhood I had calcium deficiency,and my abdomen used to have severe pain every year for a day.
I do take food supplement(vitamin supplements) but thats not helping
What can be the problem is it nutrient deficiency due to digestion problem or circulation problem or anything else.
Till now I consulted 4-5 doctors everybody says its a digestion problem but their medications r nt helping. Plz somebody help.

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  • get off the sucralose, splenda and aspartame- found in diet sodaseverything really, even in gum and children's vitamins : \read labels and do not eat this stuff anymore it is poison and it sounds like you have most of the symptomsread about them on the internet check the symptoms for each one- disregard the Industry(company who made the product) advertisements on different sites that tell you they are safe - there are enough testimonials and people who will tell you on facebook groupsyoutubeand google that they were harmed by them and know because they were where you are and stopped eating them and now are better.Trial and error, they learned what was causing them these problems- now you know too!
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  • get off the sucralose, splenda and aspartame- found in diet sodaseverything really, even in gum and children's vitamins : \read labels and do not eat this stuff anymore it is poison and it sounds like you have most of the symptomsread about them on the internet check the symptoms for each one- disregard the Industry(company who made the product) advertisements on different sites that tell you they are safe - there are enough testimonials and people who will tell you on facebook groupsyoutubeand google that they were harmed by them and know because they were where you are and stopped eating them and now are better.Trial and error, they learned what was causing them these problems- now you know too!
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  • No im not drinking any soft drinks from that time.
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  • Actually im not drinking any type of soft/cold drink from then. Please gimme some more anrwers.
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  • Dont anyone have answers ?please help ?
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  • I've had a very similar problem for decades. Here in ZA we get a homeopathic remedy for sinusitus by Dr Vogel (Europe) called Sinuforce - it helped me. Take 20 drops undiluted and lie down in a dark place for 15 minutes. That does not mean the problem is sinusitus, and it does not cure, it only helps. It may be parasites - a virus, worms, or bacteria. To some extent doctors can test for that.It may also be something you eat. Make an experiment. For a week, eat only brown rice together with fresh vegetables (only cabbage, pumpkin, carrots, peas, cucumber) all cooked in water, only with some salt. Mix the remaining water and keep in the fridge up to a day, to drink in between. For the rest drink only water. Supplement only with slow-release vitamin C, about 500 mg per day. In this way you eliminate meat, soy, milk, oils, eggs, yeast, wheat, overdose of vitamins, sugar etc. If you feel better in a week, add deep ocean hake fish, without oil, steamed in a microwave. Then add some fruit, then beans, then fat-free cottage cheese, etc. If it gets worse, start from the beginning.In my case, I react very badly to meat, but fish is ok. This is hard for a Boer. I also need to be careful with soy, milk, oils, yeast and sugar - so the advice I got was clever. Others in my family are almost the same, my mom cannot even have fish. Others definitely no soy, yeast etc. Wheat is fine so we bake our own soda bread, with no yeast or soy and not much milk. We also now make fresh carrot juice and lots of fresh mung bean sprouts. All our problems are gone (some very serious) and we have much more energy than before. I don't know if it will last, but for now it works great.When you are finished with Western doctors, visit a few Chinese shops / restaurants in your area. Ask them who the best Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) doctor is around there. Research this doctor a bit, once found. Here in South Africa we have a council they should belong to, one can reclaim their fees from medical funds etc. All this is needed, but proves nothing yet, so ask many real Chinese as well - there is an invisible energetic side to their most useful doctors. If s/he is from Taiwan and a Taoist/Buddhist, they seem to try harder.If I could choose between pain and fatigue, really I'd keep the pain.Get well soon.
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  • ask your doctor to test you for the following:-Lupus-Multiple Sclerosis-Celiac Disease-lyme diseaseI should warn you that Lupus is very hard to diagnose, so don't be too trusting of any physician that tells you you defiantly don't have it.
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  • I don't know if this sounds helpful,, but the next time you feel like you're going to pass out and have the sweats and fever, and all that, I'd maybe go to the ER, they usually will run lots of tests especially if you tell them of your medical history so far in trying to diagnose. Maybe then they will run other tests they haven't done yet... they probably wouldn't release you until you showed signs of improvement, either way it is worth a shot. I probably would go anyway...
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  • Thanks for ur replys ! My question is,is it really a nutrition defficiency due to malabsorbtion. Can so much happen just bcoz nutrition defficiency,nothing serious ? Dr says nothing serious from tests like -1.regular blood test. 2.normal haemoglobin. 3.normal urin. 4.normal ESR . 5.normal brain MRI. 6.even i've done chest X-ray normal lungs. I heard normal ESR means no serious damage or organ problem is that right ? Also my weight is just 100 pounds and im 20 yrs old. Do i have any other problems like circulation problem ?
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  • Your answer to my post was that you weren't doing any sodas. I told you that your symptoms are typical of sucralose poisoning. You are healthy in all of your doctor tests, no diagnosis. because your complaints and his tests don't match up. But you sound like everyone in the testimonials on the movies I just put up on YOUTUBE- search glarstout on that site and watch 1-4 Sucralose and Chlorine; a comparison. Sodas are not the only things that have it. Splenda is sucralose. It is in lite diets- I made the mistake to take one home, searched the label for Aspartame but didn't know about Sucralose. I researched it after I felt bad and knew it was the yogurt. Then I found bogus INDUSTRY sites claiming it was healthy which was an obvious lie. Then I found a bunch of testimonials with people who sound like you on it and this is what clnched it for me. SO I made a huge anaylsis on SUcralose and since many "hooked" users challenged me because the FDA passed it ( that was to support big business- see the movies on YouTube about that one- search aspartame and FDA and you will get the real deal- or Aspartame and FOX news, because that scandal is over 20 years old now. )So, read all of your labels - make sure you are not eating it- in sugar-free gum, lite yogurt, almost everything has it. Regular and diet foods. It is not just in sodas anymore. Watch for aspartic acid, sucralose, splenda, aspartame, in Europe it goes by a number. It gives MS, Lupus, Graves Disease, etc... If you find it is in your foods- chuch them and get off of it = all symptoms will disappear- PROMISE!If damage has been done it is because you waited too long and suffered seizures and tumors.
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  • BTW aspartame will make you sick tooaspartic acid, Phenylalanine will also.They are all found in foods! Read labels eccolinamiaMy son had bad nose bleeds and i took him to a cranial osteopath for treatment. After getting details of his eating habits and general activity, he pulled out a report from his drawer on the effects of asparteme from the Australian Medical Association.. he urged me to change his diet, cut out refined sugar and made us check every product. The report was very disturbing, more so because the BMA has refused to acknowledge it or to conduct their own report into its effect..Lorra41My Mother became diabetic and turned to artifical sweetners as a result. 2 yrs. later she developed a tumor in her brain and died.cutebutterfly09i've been drinking diet pop for 6 years now and i've felt heart palpitations i've woken up with my bed sheets soaked and now i've developed a rash all over my face!! now i know why! i honestly broke down and cried!! thank you for this video it probably saved my life! i will STOP NOW AND FOREVER! THIS **** IS SCARY!I took these off of youtube from an aspartame movie-search the products and educate yourself there are millions of testimonials on movie or just in commentaries from those who are watching them like the above!!stop eating this stuff!
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  • Western doctors try to isolate something specific. It is usually more general. The many specifics are results, not causes. These results can be deadly, while their cause is merely some imbalance. It can be 'nothing serious' and still kill you. That is why I like Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, they aim to fix the cause. For example with low thyroid function, they don't call it that or even consider the thyroid, but their remedies have been shown to work better than Western medicines.My best friend (white male, 30's) has always been alarmingly thin, but is never ill. He eats quite a lot, makes no difference. Perhaps in your case it is part of a problem, perhaps not. A good TCM doctor really knows what the problem is on first sight of the client, only making sure with questions and simple tests.My mom (80) had very bad circulation and eczema, also high and difficult blood pressure and a slow, irregular heartbeat. Plus incontinence and she had two light strokes. Having a good medical fund she went to all the experts, in vain. The TCM doctor cured all of it, only some eczema still left to go. She has been off all medicine for a year, only taking his herbs at times. She could hardly walk and now does 5 km per hour on a treadmill. He also fixed her hernia that her Western doctor wanted to operate on - one could feel it from the outside, it got smaller and now it is gone. Many other serious complaints were part of her single, general condition, all now gone.Many people are not affected (yet) by new poisons - in food, from mobile phone waves etc. I'm fairly sure the world is changing to benefit our life force evolution. Some are sensitive and get sick now, others will follow. Those who face it now must be careful and need some help to adapt. Frequencies can be used to zap viruses etc, we could use it well. Over time my folks will eat many things again, that now we can't - except then we will be a bit different from what we used to be. Humans are made of energies, the body is just a result.
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  • I pretty much stopped drinking diet soda recently. I've been drinking a lot of tea, either unsweetened, or sweetened with pure cane sugar, which is easier for the body to break down and is better for the environment as well. Tea in itself can be greatly beneficial, but overall I do feel slightly less icky myself... try going without artificial sweeteners for a month.. see how it makes you feel. Artificial sweeteners is just a euphemism for "chemicals that sort of make things taste sweeter". Not that this is a complete diagnosis or cure but it can't hurt, not one bit! It is amazing how important nutrition and exercise are and what the difference can be.
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  • Curly stoogeFor the most part I concur with you. Chemistry is where it is at. Not cutting people and fixing from the outside. But introducing healing herbs and chemicals from natures own in natures own via aromatherapy, topical, diffusing, etc...see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqxj0UfE5b0&feature=channel_pagetruly we have to be careful - our bodies are templeskeep them clean and exercise regularly, eat fresh foods that are ripe. Fiber, water, fruits and veggies, honey, agave if you are diabetic with only 11 GI, or Stevia with 0 GI, let nature's own heal.Did you know that stress kills thousands of T-cells that we need desperately for our immune system. So "me" time, walking and thinking, slowing down and laughing and trying to find peace of mind in nature- these are all healing too. They allow us to be still than listen too, we get information that way also. revamp diet like Curly stooge's mom and do the herbal thing! it works!She is living testimony. Also see what has been making others sick. Research!! The web has lots of information.
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  • Thanks all of u for ur suggestions. But im not taking any food which contain sweatners.and i was never drinking tea,coffee or any type of soda. I never eat readymade food. I eat just natural food no fast food.
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  • Sorry I'm talking alternative stuff, but no doctor seems to reply here. I wish doctors could be more useful, testing you for external factors such as bacterial diseases - but often there is no money or the few real labs have too much work. False negatives happen. Sometimes even doctors who want to help just can't get a genuine test pushed through. Anyway - it is not only food that may cause imbalance. We also have a (finer density) mental body, emotional body, and many more spiritual bodies (the aura). Scientists have not discovered everything that affect our health. Often the experts told my mom, "I just don't know." Those were better than others, who also didn't know but still prescribed poison and hoped for a miracle. Of course the TCM doctors don't know everything as well, but they started investigating thousands of years earlier, with a more open mind. We first got no joy from many private Western doctors (ours here are still First World), and then a nice surprise from TCM. The imbalances in us were not from the wrong diet, although diet is part of fixing it. Our imbalances came from psychological trauma. The TCM doctor picked this up correctly. Of course many fakes can talk nonsense about it, or just not know what to do - so you should decide how much of your time and money an alternative therapist can have before you want to see results. After the first TCM visit my mom started improving. All of them may not be so clever, and every client is different .. I hope you find a good one.
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  • Curly Stooge - no offense but your derogatory term "alternative meds" in this society fits your category of medicine more than the herbal supplements I am referring to. People who hear "Chi" and "energy" related to health immediately think "new age". It is an ignorant mind set. To hear you say the word "alternative" is a little disconcerting.But that term makes no sense anyway- alternative to what? a concept that meds have to be synthetic? back in the days when cures were more prevalent than everyone walking around sick, herbs were THE meds and the alternative was synthetic, so it is an erred mindset to be sure! One with no basis of the history of meds. Herbals were there since ancient history and will continue to be there, see a documentary on www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqxj0UfE5b0&feature=channel_page to see why they are more accepted and recognized by the body.I am a firm believer that everything needs to be on the table and that man/woman seeing everything will be able to distinguish the truth about what is good. Thus half of the people here are having neg. reactions to meds/procedures prescribed, many were never told the side effects which we know abound; that documentary will explain why there are so many neg side effects from synthetic drugs.The rest are as you saying getting the run around hearing "take this" vs.their actual thoughts, "Heck who knows, let's try this and see if this works." which really is not altogether so horrible to hear, because it makes sense and everyone is on the level, plus the person can say "later".Honesty is the best policy.Your energy, spirtual, and balance meds are terrific but this requires yoga and basic body building, no mysteries there and everyone knows stress kills so this is nothing new. We all know it is for good. And you said he prescribed herbals too, makes sense.What is new, however is that diet is a big issue today- or people are obese or they are all strung out on protein and diet foods that have more lab "food" in it than the natures own organic ingredients and the poison is hailed. Thus, my purpose which is to make sure everyone with typical symptoms realizes they can have instant FREE health by eliminating poison from their diet- Artificial sweeteners, actually saccharin was proven - for real proven not doctored "proven" like splenda and aspartame, to be safe afterall. But Aspartame and Sucralose are lethal, it is just a matter of time before the people eating that expire from a premature breakdown of most of their most important organs, a slow poisoning, via deception. That is news to many.And to today's society, herbal supplements to support the body is news too. At least those that have been processed properly enough to work. The rest are just concoctions and cheap fads to make $ that don't work and give a bad rep to the real deal.
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  • Founddog - I can't help knowing that chakras and the aura are real because I can feel them, when a therapist works on them (by waving hands, not touching me) and at certain other times. Sadly these sticky-wind fittings are facts, and when broken must be fixed.Reality is not best declared or believed in - rather it has to be investigated. We are blinded by our opinions and missions, instead of looking. No, instant health is not always "guaranteed" by eliminating poison - it is a great help but more is often needed. Incidentally I react very badly to saccharin, not safe. And do be careful with herbs, what can heal can also harm.Do yourself a big favour and read the book "Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field" by Barbara Brennan, www.amazon.com/Hands-Light-Healing-Through-Energy/dp/0553345397 - she used to be a NASA scientist, clear and sharp.
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  • "My question is,is it really a nutrition defficiency due to malabsorbtion. Can so much happen just bcoz nutrition defficiency,nothing serious ?"I say absolutely YES! Deficiencies in minerals, vitamins and enzymes are what create poor health. Thus the "enriched" foods in this country.Enriching foods is fine with me. It is the other stuff that doesn't need to be there that annoys me -bleach in food? Yuck! and very bad for us. "bleached wheat" no thanks! Use whole wheat, stone ground if possible. Process of foods is also extremely important! Hydrogenated oils! YUCK. This is plastic! It lasts longer but you won't. Enzymes! Ripe fruit and vegetables will give us Digestive enzymesbut if we do not get those enzymes because 1. we never eat fresh fruits and vegetable2. the fresh fruits and vegetables are not ripe but colored to look ripe(picked before their time to keep them from rotting before they get to the stores) then you have to make the digestive enzymes and these stop your metabolic enzymes from being produced because our bodies can't do both at the same time! So our metabolism is halted or slowed and this creates obese people! and other issues of health. SO DIET is EXTREMELY important ALWAYS. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ParesisParesis is a condition typified by partial loss of movement, or impaired movement. When used without qualifiers, it usually refers to the limbs, but it also can be used to describe the muscles of the eyes (ophthalmoparesis) and also the stomach (gastroparesis). Neurologists use the term paresis to describe weakness, and plegia to describe paralysis in which all movement is lost.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ParesthesiaParesthesia (pron. /ˌpɛɹɪsˈθiʒə/; paraesthesia in British English, pron. /ˌpæɹɪsˈθiʒə/) is a sensation of tingling, pricking, or numbness of a person's skin with no apparent long-term physical effect. It is more generally known as the feeling of "pins and needles" or of a limb being "asleep" (although this is not directly related to the phenomenon of sleep). The manifestation of paresthesia may be transient or chronic.I picked these two out of the typical symptoms of B12 deficiency. (one way people can end up with Multiple Sclerosis. )Your symptoms make me think you are experiencing a quasi-seizure.When you said you couldn't see- black - this made me think of aspartame. Both seizures and black or blurred vision and vertigo are symptoms as are headaches and the weakness you describe. I know you say your diet is all home made. Read your vitamin label and your medication label though because it may be coming to you in ways you can't determine, your symptoms are a dead ringer.It sounds like you are able to describe perfectly all the symptoms you feel as though it happens so often and so slowly that you perceive everything you experience. Experiencing something gradually could be becoming deficient or becoming poisoned, because both are very gradual. (progressing in your deficiency, in this case because you are not eating the poison)The two symptoms above are seen when someone is deprived of B12. Pills are not very helpful, if you cannot absorb them then they cannot aid in your getting the vitamins. Pills are already hard to absorb. So food is your best bet. You need to be sure you are not on some limited diet. Vegan for example ( not criticizing this btw) need to be supplemented because B12 is found in chicken and dairy and meat which they do not consume. So we have to be educated in what we are taking out of our diets when we make big food changes in our diets because of principal so we don't hurt ourselves. NOT absorbing B12 can be caused by diverse things, some not even about your systems but about what else is IN your systems: For example if you were deficient in B12 and as a result got the above symptoms, found in Multiple Sclerosis, then it could be due to water that has THMs. This can cause deficiencies in B12 because it inhibits the absorption of the B12 while the THMs are IN your body. Use a charcoal water filter to eliminate THMs. I would also do a cleansing of your body. You may hav other things IN your body, like heavy metals. It could be coming from the environment where you work. We are surrounded by pertochemicals and heavy metals.Detox your body with a strong antioxidant. On www.youngliving.org/gilyou can find a liquid called Ningxia Red and it is a combination of very strong ORAC fruits and these will pull out all of the radicals and metals that are NOT supposed to be there. You can also get a cleansing kit and do a colon cleanse. Thesemany times clear up issues. Many diseases result from not enough cleansing of the body. Sulfurzyme is also a huge antioxidant and will help to pull out toxins- it is Ningxia Red in a capsule and it has MSM the protein building compound found in breast milk, fresh fruits and vegetables. They will balance the immune system and support almost every major function of the body. It will equalize water pressure inside the cells. it combats autoimmune disease annd critical to liver health. For the B vitamins- Super B is a product that gives the B vitamins. But it also has things that help you to absorb and assimilate them. When B vitamins are combined at once in the stomach they cause fermentation- stomach upset. This product releases the B vitamins at different times.
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  • Plastikfear- great job ditching the artificial sweeteners- if you miss them then it is the tease that you miss- the sweetener saying you are getting something and then not giving it to you- taste in mouth vs. nothing in your system. Deception. You can visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=izzZUKDHatY&feature=channel to get the real deal on them and lots of other documentaries on the youtube will also enlighten- just search the sweetener. Also a great book written by a chemist who got sick off them- Splenda: Is it Safe or Not? written by JS Hull.Also lists foods to avoid - they are in everything I just read labels and the shorter the label I find the better the product. Curly StoogeI am a believer in Chakras and the reflex points and the auras- I am an aromatherapist and believe in healing and energies (some oils you actually place on the aura, like for depression in combination with other oils that are topicaly place on specific points on the body.If you want to see instant healing from diet changes- see primary resources on Part 2 of the same documentary listed aboveyou will see how eliminating something dangerous from the body incredibly stops all related side effectsnow the tumors and seizure damage- unfortunately have taken their tollbut seizures do stop in stopping to consume the artificial sweeteners.
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