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help me pls, not sure what's going on

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  • Posted By: justhelpmepls
  • April 1, 2007
  • 08:46 PM

I got knocked of my bike last year and since then i haven't been feeling right. I've got every symptom for diabetes, my hair falls out loads, i bruise easily, i drink fluids endelessly, my appetite comes and goes, my sex drive has dissapeared, i keep gettin fevers and chills, i feel the cold horribally, i keep getting urine infections which causes me great pain around my right kidney-my pee is cloudy,smells and is weak when it happens, my neck keeps spasming, i keep gettin aches across my forehead, my back aches, my muscles ache, my legs go weak and shakey, i get the shakes in my hands, i get pins and needles in my hands and feet, i feel tired and uninterested in things, then sometimes i have energy spurts, my concerntration is sometimes terrible, my breathing is weak, my sleeping pattern is all over the place, i yawn loads, my eyes sometimes go blurry and have white mucus come out of them. I've also just been diagnosed with ibs, because all of a sudden i became highly intolerant to gluten, wheat and lactose(dairy) and i suffer from aneamia.
I have been back and fourth to the doctors since i was sixteen with these same symptoms over and over again and all they do is get me to pee in a pot, then put me on anti-biotics. They can't explain why i'm anaemic, they send me for countless amounts of blood tests....and still can give me no straight answers. Please someone help me cuz im at a lose and since this year has begun i just feel more and more ill and it's getting me down.
I keep myself in resonibally good health and do exercise. So has anyone got any ideas??

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  • First of all, being on antibiotics for extended periods of time is bad for your healh- it kills off ALL the bacteria in your body, both bad AND good. If your doctor(s) are just giving you antibiotics to get rid of you, it's time to see a new one. Anyone presenting the symptoms you are needs FAR more testing than just a urine analysis and blood examination.I'm not sure what you mean by getting knocked off your bike. Is it a bicycle or a motorcycle? Were you on a highway speeding, or were you in your driveway? Were you wearing a helmet? Did you have a CT Scan of your brain to make sure there was no damage? Some of your symptoms can be brain-related, and thus a CT Scan would be useful. You may have incurred a neurological injury from the accident. Have you had a CT or ultrasound of your chest/abdomen to check for any damage there?
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  • Im not on antibiotics for extended amounts of times....it just seems to be there way of getting rid of me. I dont know where to go to see a doctor for help anymore, they seem to all do the same thing no matter where i go.I got knocked of my bicycle riding home from work one day last year, a car hit me right side on at 40mph and sent me flying. I was wearing a helmet and walked away with cuts and bruises. The person who hit me, left me to walk home on my own. I later got taken to a walk in centre, but they said i was lucky and didnt need any tests done as i was wearing a helmet and nothing was broken.Ive never had a CT scan, i did have an ultrasound and some other bits done to my lower body, but thats it. They couldnt find what they wanted so they discharged me after 3 months of waiting, suffering and not being able to work or do much else.I seem to be beating my head agaisnt a brick wall and really dont know what to do or where to go.
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