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  • Posted By: BridgetR
  • April 23, 2009
  • 04:23 AM

For about 15 years I have had instances of fatigue, headaches, back pain, etc. For the last 6 years or so, I have been dealing well with what was diagnosed as fibromyalgia. Symptoms were mild.

Early in 2008, things started changing. I began having bloating and excessive gas, pain the lower left abdomen and a shooting pain in the upper right abdomen. I had cramps (menstrual like) that would last a day and then disappear. The night sweats came back but worse than it ever had been. I had pain in my right armpit area and excessive pain/tenderness under the left breast. Tinnitus became louder and I experienced headaches with neck discomfort. I began to have episodes of dizziness. This continued throughout August of 2008 with the symptoms worsening and my vision becoming affected.

I began having occasional problems with breathing. I would get shortness of breath and a pressure in my left chest. Almost like a band around my entire chest and back. It would eventually let up and I could breathe again without any problems. I had pain in my upper left back near the shoulder blade. Driving became a problem because of the vision issues. I became housebound with the exception of driving 5 miles to work, or if I had a good day with no major vision issues.

In late 2008, I noticed that I was having problems with the sensation with hot and cold. I had to take hotter showers. The only place I could really notice hot and cold was my hands and feet – they would become very cold at times. At the same time, I noticed that my hands, arms, back, neck, head would become numb when laying down. Sometimes it would affect my face even while I was not laying down. I had lost my sense of smell and I started having a lack of appetite.

I have had MRIs, CTs, xrays, endoscopy, colonoscopy, cystoscopy. I have interstitial cystitis, benign hemangiomas in thoracic spine, small nodule and enlarged lymph node in one lung. Being treated for all except lung issue (wait and see approach).

Here is a breakdown of what’s been happening since the beginning of 2009:

• Headaches (for about 1 month). Can’t bend forward - incredible pressure and vision problems.
• Sinus - drainage down the back of my throat - salty, nasty tasting. When I blow my nose it is bloody. (No discharge from right ear any longer). Have pressure at bridge of nose.
• No appetite, weight loss (approx. 35 #s since end of Dec./Jan.)
• Cold hands/feet
• Lack of sensation - hot/cold, appetite, bowel movement, loss of sense of smell
• Tinnitus
• Abdominal pain - pinching/burning pain feels like it is in the abdominal wall and in my ribs.
• Upper left chest pain - incredible burning sensations in both breasts, tenderness under my breast (chest wall?) and then the band tightening feeling. Has now moved into right side of chest occasionally. Shortness of breath occasionally and now a feeling of phlegm at the top of my lung that I can't cough up.
• Upper back pain - burning near left shoulder blade over to the spine, has also moved into the right side occasionally.
• Night sweats
• Problems swallowing - can’t swallow certain pills or foods, they get caught in the back of my throat.
• Also have had a pushing sensation at the top of my esophagus. It will last about 2 days. All the sudden it will “pop” and I get about 5 minutes of extreme heartburn and then everything is okay for a week or two.
• Burning pain in legs and feet.
• Incredible pain- burning/throbbing) in left foot (on top and on side)
• Pressure at mid back - becomes uncomfortable and I have to sleep on my side.

My doctor is stumped. Maybe I've provided too much information, but honestly, these are the things that I'm facing on a daily basis. Waiting for the "C" word to be dropped at some point, but no one can find anything. Any thoughts? Sorry this is so long.

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