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Help me. just tell me what i should do.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 7, 2010
  • 01:51 AM

I'm a 20yo female, i'd just like someone to tell me whether i should stop being so stupid and go see a doctor about this, or stop worrying so much it's probably nothing. It started happening such a long time ago now that i've just kept talking myself out of telling people about it. My parents don't know because it's never happened in front of them and i'm away at uni a lot. I'm kind of scared about telling people now because they'll be confused why i didn't say something months ago. I just hoped it would go away.

I've been experiencing what i thought were fainting spells quite regulary for the last year and a half. i've had blood tests for other things (sudden un-intentional weightloss, enlarged scattered glands in neck, and severe fatigue) all came back normal.

Only two people have ever witnessed me blacking out, my now ex-boyfriend and another friend. It seems to happen more often, but not always, towards the end of the day when i start to get sleepy. i can be stood up or laying down it doesn't seem to matter. i remember things before i collapse but nothing until after i've had a sleep I lose all perspective on time i can feel like it's been a few seconds and it's been half an hour. just before i get very confused about where i am what i was just doing. then i'll feel like i've gone kind of deaf it's sort of like the background noise comes to the foreground and then this changes to a constant tone ringing thing in my ears. my friend says i just seem to go very quiet before i collapse and it is difficult to spot because i simply look like i'm daydreaming, i don't go pale or anything. i also get a strange pressure in my chest it's sort of uncomfortable but not the worst pain i've ever felt. I can't really describe what happens to my eyes it's odd, i guess it's like those colours you get burned into you eyes when you stare at a light bulb too long. then everything goes black and i don't remember anything else it's not like falling asleep i don't sort of drift off into dreams it all happens too suddenly.

My then boyfriend said that i'd be quiet for 30 seconds or so and eyes roll up into my head and my whole body goes limp and i fall to the ground. my eyelids flutter for a second or so then i just stare off into space for 5 to 10mins not responding to anything. when he eventually manages to get some response out of me i'm completely out of it, i don't say much i just look at him and around the room and just look really confused. i get a little moody and frightened and try to get away and hide. he stops me and i eventually stop fighting him and fall asleep for half an hour or so and then i wake up with a splitting headache (although sometimes he said i hit my head so that might have explained that) i can remember what happens from then on for myself but i still feel very ill. the tiredness is really overpowering. I don't normally feel completely okay until the next morning.

My friend thinks it's seizures purely based on the whole staring off into space thing, and i'd imagine he googled it. he also told me once that my arm was twitching throughout not a lot but when he held it down to stop it moving then my shoulder started twitching instead. i've also woken up before, when i was on my own, with blood in my mouth because i'd bitten my cheeks. What does this mean? I thought people with epilepsy their whole body stiffened and shook violently. am i having mini seizures or something? I don't want him to be right, could it be like a really bad migrane or something, i mean they can cause passing out can't they?

can someone just explain what they think might be happening to me. I am ill a lot, i have asthma and seem to have a poor immune system. I used to think maybe these fainting spells were related to viruses i may have had, but i'm not sure now, i think i was just trying to find excuses for what was happening. I feel so exhausted. sorry this is so long i'm rambling a little.

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  • Yes, stop being silly and please, please go see a doctor. Today.I think you are having petite mal seizures or absence seizure. You display some classic symptoms. This is something to be taken very seriously, but please know it can be managed and treated effectively. If you don't get treated, it can not only get worse and turn into to something really bad....well, one of your episodes could happen at the wrong time, like while swimming or driving. Please see a doctor. This is treatable. I'm sorry to tell you what you didn't want to hear, but at 20 years old it's time for you to take responsibility for your health, which includes seeking help when you need it. All my best to you.
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  • You should go to the doctor. They will probably send you to a neurologist who will want to do a MRI, EEG, or CT scan. It does sound like seizures to me. I am a mother of a 10 year old girl who has grand mal, petite mal, and combination seizures. What you describe is very consistent with seizure activity. During her petite mal seizures she stares off, often to one side (usually right) her lips turn blue, and if you touch her arm or leg you can feel like a trembling. The seizures that you described, the thrashing about, are grand mal. If you see spots like the ones you see when staring into a light bulb, feel drunk, smell something strange, and get clumsy before one of your spells it is very consistent with a seizure. The only way to tell for sure is to have an EEG. If you go untreated you could very well do permanent damage to your brain. You could loose memory, speach, vision, and even develop grand mal seizures. If you happen to be driving during one, you could hurt you, and the other driver.
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