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HELP! Is it Pinworms/Threadworms or something else???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 14, 2008
  • 06:18 AM

It feels like something is moving around my anus. At least I think it's my anus. It's kinda hard to tell because it a slight vibrating feeling every minute or so down in that area internally. Sometimes I won't feel it for like 15 minutes, which is nice. And it happens during the day and at night, on and off all the time. It started a little over a week ago, so I haven't had much sleep!

I have been on so many websites this past week and none of them say that you can actually feel the pinworms/threadworms moving. I have taken two tape tests and been to the doctor. She said she didn't see anything. She didn't even use a flippin microscope to look for eggs. I just gave a stool sample to the lab yesterday through the immediate care. I won't know the results for a week, which it's not even that acurate.

Why can't they just put a microscope up there and frickin look??? I had the worst possible experience with my doc. She acts like it's not a big deal, though these worms are so contagious. Can someone help me.

I am suppose to visit family for the Holidays and a young relative is suppose to stay with me for a few weeks. I don't want to pass it to family and especially the newborns, if it's the worms. Do I cancel??? I explained this to the doc and she just rolled her eyes, gave me meds for worms, and shoved me out the door. Please help!

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  • If you're really worried about it, and you don't want to wait until your results are in, just go to the pharmacy and buy some pinworm medication over-the-counter. It's a liquid you drink. You can take it as a precaution. It's not harmful, and I've used it myself and for my kids. At least you'll have peace of mind until you know, and it's effective.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • August 12, 2009
    • 03:12 AM
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  • I agree with the other poster. I'm pretty sure I had pinworms in January. I understand what you are feeling. My 4 yr old did have them. I checked her with a flashlight after she went to bed and I saw the worms. She was very itchy that night. We used the over the counter stuff. It's a muscle relaxer for the worms, but doesn't effect humans. Take the meds and then again after 2 weeks just to be sure. There is prescription medication that actually kills the worms that may be better, but the over the counter stuff worked for us. You can see the little white worms in your feces after you take the meds. Good luck.PS - They are very contagious and the eggs live about 2 weeks outside the body.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • August 15, 2009
    • 11:36 PM
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  • Did you find out what it was? I hope you read this because I'm posting like 7 years after you wrote this. I have the same issue...weird vibrating feeling around anus. I took otc Reese pinworm medication and found some white worms in my stool. It's been almost 24 hours since I took it, and I still have the vibrating. I'm scared. Was hoping you could update us on your experience.
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • January 10, 2015
    • 06:08 PM
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