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Help: I Think I'm Turning into Spider-Woman

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 2, 2010
  • 07:36 PM

All my life I have experienced strange symptoms. When i was an infant, I used to bolt upright in bed as though I had just woken up suddenly from a nightmare, and even though my eyes would be wide open I would be completely unresponsive to my mother calling my name; after a few seconds, I would lay down and go back to sleep as though nothing had happened. Throughout my childhood, I would often slip into euphoric states where I would feel detached from reality--as though I were in a dream--that would last several minutes, and I would sometimes experience changes in vision that greatly resembled a "dolly zoom" effect.

For a while, I thought nothing of these symptoms because they never caused me any real pain. But starting in the eighth grade, I began having what many doctors suspect are seizures--near-fainting episodes accompanied by blurred vision, short-term memory loss, shaking, and loss of bladder control.

These seizures would occur in periods, becoming very frequent and then almost disappearing for months at a time, and were interspersed by other odd symptomology, such as numbness, tingling, and loss of circulation in the toes and fingers; the sensation of pins and needles; and, in one instance, the sudden and entire loss of vision in my right eye.

I am currently in the eleventh grade. Two weeks ago, I was sitting in class in a very relaxed environment when I suddenly realized the veins in my hands were extremely prominent. It seemed a bit odd at the most, but a split second later a wave of panic flashed across me and I felt as though I were going to pass out. My vision became obstructed and blurred around the edges and, unable to breathe, I began to hyperventilate.

I was taken to the hospital and monitored for several hours, but my symptoms died down fairly quickly. Just a week ago, however, they have started up again with a vehemence in just the same manner--panic attacks, lightheadedness, and shaking--and have continued on and off since then. What has really begun to frighten me, however, is the fact that, since then, my veins have not shrunken down; they show through my skin nearly everywhere, in my hands and arms, feet and legs, on my pelvis, behind my knees, in my chest, and on my face. In all honestly, I look like I have blue spider webs creeping up my limbs. I know dilated veins are not dangerous in and of themselves, but the fact that they remain in this state baffles the doctors and seems to indicate a problem that is certainly not going away on its own.

I have had two MRIs, one with contrast; two EEGs; my blood pressure had been taken during these episodes and shows no abnormalities. Most of my symptoms seem to match those of simple and complex partial seizures, with the exception of the veins.

Other than this, I am perfectly healthy with a strong heart and a very elastic immune system. I do not have a family history of neurological or brain disorders. I eat very healthfully and love to exercise, but my condition has of late left me very concerned and often frightened and threatened.

Anyone who could shed a bit of light onto this bizarre situation would be greatly appreciated. It is so difficult trying to keep calm while feeling that something could go wrong at any given moment. I will keep searching and researching for an answer and pray that my determination will pull me through.

Many thanks,
Anxious for an Answer

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