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Help !!! I just wanna know what's wrong already

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  • Posted By: Marinrose0912
  • May 8, 2013
  • 10:40 PM

:( Hey I'm a 26 yo fem ... Ok so about a yr ago I started to experience where I felt spaced out .... Like everything was going on around n It was like dream like or if I was drunk or high or something .. But anyway I recently had a baby in sept and since then the symptoms have gotten worst it started with a tingling feeling in my face ... And then I started feeling off balance when I walk like I was going to fall or pass out .. And one day I had an episode when I looked up at something and the room looked like it was shaking back and forth I had to get a grip then I felt a rush from head to toe and I panicked I thought I was gonna pass out ...,I went to my dr he said it sounds like migraines but I doubt it .. Sometimes I can go all day everyday with these symptoms of off balance like my legs are being pulled down or I, being pushed backwards ... N when I walk like the floor is moving under me .... No one understands me they think I'm going crazy but I'm telling u this feeling r going on in my body ... On the outside u can't even tell ... And I've seen a neurologist n my ct scan blood test ... Scans for seizures all have been done n came back normal .. I have seen an ent n besides my nasal passage being a lil swollen everything was fine ... The only time I ever feel better is if I sleep long ...because when I don't sleep I feel worst .. Please if anyone knows anything or heard or had these symptoms plzz comment I feel like I'm alone no one understands how I feel I'm scared for my life .. My children .... N lately the episodes of a rush going thru my body have gotten worst I have to remind myself I'm not going to pass out ... Ok sorry this was so long ... Any advice ...

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  • HiFrom what you say about your symptoms, I basically agree with your neuro - it really does sound like a migraine to me! Go ahead and check out the wiki stub if you haven't already: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Migraine#Aura_phaseI think the thing where you imagined the object shaking was possibly the scintillating scotoma, a common part of migraine headaches. Keep in mind that sometimes migraines can occur without headaches - this subtype of migraine includes the aura and pre/post migraine phases, just without any actual pain. it's not uncommon at all for people to lose their balance, have visual disturbances, paresthesias, etc. while in the middle of one of these attacks. Also, they and their after effects can last several days potentially, or even longer depending on what you read. Of course, just because the symptoms fit with migraine without pain doesn't mean that there aren't other possibilities. You have already had lots of tests done, but I think you should look into conditions like MS and Lyme disease because of your neurological symptoms. The experience that you mentioned at the beginning, where you felt drunk and weird, sounds like depersonalization to me - probably caused by whatever is making the other symptoms. I'm assuming the cancer/brain tumor route has been looked into?Not all of the possible diagnoses are that scary, either. Have you been checked for vitamin deficiencies? The symptoms you're mentioning could be associated with a lack of B12. Ideally, B12 is supposed to be at least 500-550 pg/mL (according to japanese and european standards, the American lab range is lower) in order to prevent neurological symptoms. A B12 deficiency can mimick signs of MS, so it's worth checking out. In any case, I do think that the best specialist to see for this is probably a neurologist, because all of your symptoms seem to correspond with that system/field. Good luck
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  • So I have some of those symptoms (and others) I was tested for Lyme disease and potential MS. Had an MRI (showed non specific white lesions - whatever that is). My balance was awful, I fell down the stairs, fell into a car in a parking lot... I was dizzy on and off... Tingling in my legs. I don't have a DX yet either but that's the way they are looking in my case.. Hopefully they can start narrowing the list soon for you. it's so frustrating. Good luck!
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  • Hello! I have the exact same issues and it's terrifying. This was over a year ago --- have you had any luck at all with a diagnosis?

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