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Help I feel like i'm dying docs think im crazy.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 11, 2011
  • 10:40 PM

Please mods please let this through.
i had car accident in late feburary 20-21st not sure anymore. developed extreme panic attacks, aversion to driving got over it in about two weeks worked most of the month of march untill night of march 25th, friend of mine took me to the e.r because he though i was having classic heart attack symptoms. (Jaw pain, left arm pain, chest pain, metallic taste in mouth.) Was checked out and discharged as ok. The following day i awoke in intense aches and cramps throughout my entire body. I was once again taken to the e.r later that night with an extreme pain in my right side (like a 8 out of 10) was checked out with ultrasound and discharged(I later learned the extreme stomach cramping was coming from a wheat allergy i had not previously had)
Since then I have had a slew of doctors visits, symptoms.
Symptoms include, Muscle aches and cramping throughout my body, Extreme pain in my hands, feet generally thoughout my body , pins and needles sensations throughout my body Nausea, dizzyness, Alternating diarhea with constipation. pain in my face(Which was later mostly resolved with the pulling of a tooth). recently i've had a sensation of food getting stuck in my throat and also extreme pain in the neck/stiffness. and a feeling of being unable to get a full breath. I've also experienced some electrical shock like feelings in my fingers (Usually only one or two) I'll get extreme cold chills and have had temperature regulation issues such as being at 95 degrees and taking an hour to get back to 98. (Side note i usually run around 96.6)I have persistant swollen lymph nodes in my throat and in my groin. I also lost 30 pounds over the course of a month. My short term memory has become shot to the point i can't remember things i was told, two hours ago let alone what I did yesterday or last week, or even to remember all of my symptoms when i do go into the doctors. i start a sentence and then stop halfway through unable to finish. I've had distortion of reality in that walls, will sometimes move or appear to get bigger, my eyes hurt alot and I am constantly tired. I have chest pain on a daily basis as well. In the past two-three days I have become extremely faint feeling and also very tired. My symptoms have progressivly gotten worse and i feel as if i'm dying on a daily basis.

Tests i've been through that have come back negative are. Systemic diseases such as lupus, rheum arthritis, (cytomeglavirus Mono Came back as had in past but neg for current )
My blood tests have come back normal . celiac was also negative. My Iron levels came back on the lower side as did vitamin d (33 on a scale of
30-100 (was noted as should be at 60) So far i present in a clinical situation as a healthy, 19 year old with no major life-threatning issues. Alot of people have given up on me My next doctor appointment is on monday the 13th of june, and i have an mri scan of my brain, spinal cord, lower back scheduled for the 15th of june with a followup on the 22nd of june.

History of Asthma
Blood pressure usually runs 100/50
Quit smoking three weeks ago
Quit eating wheat as much as possible two weeks ago
My last doctor told me it was all in my head.
I Currently take Vitamin d supplements to raise the level 2000 mg a day
And i take Lorazepam and zoloft for anxeity/panic attacks that have started because of this.
I was taking lyrica as the possible thought that it was a neuropathic disorder (450 mg a day) but stopped that three weeks ago as it was doing nothing for me. sorry for the long post but there has been alot going on. any suggestions would be wonderful. I will answer all questions if there are any. thanks again.

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  • Everyone is low on D and that can affect your memory. Taking D will help. Did you bump your head in the accident? The rest sounds like PTSD. Zoloft can help that but you should add some counseling too. It's not a crazy thing. PTSD comes out with physical symptoms too. Good luck
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