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Help! Gastro- issues in my wife--and now I'm having problems.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 22, 2009
  • 05:42 AM

Hi, my wife is Chinese and I am American. She came to the US to get her Masters when she was 19. My wife says she has experienced various issues since spending a summer in Florida with close friends (practically family) in Florida. I never noticed any issues, but after we moved in together I quickly became aware of her gastro- discomfort (sometimes pain) which left he emotionally distraught and constantly terrified of cancer.

To avoid suspense: I suddenly began having my own gastro- symptoms, very similar to hers. Some of my symptoms have been worse, while some other symptoms of hers have been worse. This whole thing is odd. I'm going to begin by talking about her, then I'll begin talking about myself.

She has had various examinations; I don't have all of them on hand. We recently, as of this month, switched insurance from privately bought Kaiser Permanente (eesh) to Blue Shield, which is through her employer.

The tests she has had that we can recall are:


These all came back normal. She has recently turned in a Parasite and Ovum test (stool sample) and has not received results--but I have done this 3 (!!) times so far, with all results being negative. I'm very doubtful as a result.

Her symptoms are the following:
- A lot of belching (though she can't beat me in a 'who can wake up the neighbors' competition)
- Lots of activity in her intestines. The doctor noted this via his stethoscope. I assume it's gas. Sometimes (especially the last few days) has resulted in mild to moderate cramps.
- Some problems with her bowel movements, slight constipation, etc.
- A white coating on her tongue. It's frequently a very thick coating, though doesn't ever seem to be painful. This doesn't seem to be Candidas, but that's never been tested.
- Halitosis-like symptoms with bad breath.
- During the colonoscopy, she experienced a lot of pain; the doctor said that this is because of exposure to air and is a common symptom of IBS.
- A slight, semi-sharp pain in the general area where the gal bladder is.

She's also been extremely stressed out because of these events. After she had an endoscopy and her colonoscopy (both normal), she was diagnosed with IBS and basically dismissed as (in my words) "too expensive to fix."

Sometime a few days before her colonoscopy, for reasons I don't know of, I began having some mild symptoms of my own. The most visible indicator was my tongue. Since becoming aware of her symptoms, I have looked at my tongue and never have I seen even a bit of white that wasn't just some bubbles in my saliva.

Now, I have a layer on my tongue that goes from mild (especially after I drink / eat) to pretty ***n odd--after I wake up, or if I go several hours without food. Then there's a layer of white, with some parts (especially in the center) appearing almost like wet crumbs spread across. Hard to accurately describe.

The other big symptoms that I have experienced is a lot of mucus in my stool and bowel movements that have gone for nearly 3 months without being solid. It's in the last few days that I've had some consistently, relatively solid stools.

Full list of symptoms:

- White tongue ranging from very little to quite a bit (though never as thick or prominent as my wife's).
- Lots of abdominal gas (sometimes cramping) which after a lot of ******g on the toilet, leaves a pretty thick mucus for me to wipe up. Sorry if you vomited a little after reading that.
- For nearly 3 months, my stools have ranged from very soft to diarrhea.
- A feel of lots of movement of gas in the abdomen. Sometimes involving cramps.
- A feeling that my breath is bad, but I cleaned my mouth frequently because that's petty bad in a work setting.
- Some extra belching, but I'm a slob so I can't really judge this all that well.
- Also some mild, sharp pain in the gall-blader area. But that's really hard to describe accurately.

Again, I've had 3 parasite and ovum tests, with all coming back negative. some other tests that I've had:


These are all basically normal; but I can give you numbers if you ask. I have not had a colonoscopy or endoscopy. I don't recall off the top of my head the other tests that I've had (not listed on website), but there's a few that are considered 'private' and I have to ask for my record to get the exact results.

I also did a test where I blew into a bag for 3 hours (best 3 hours of video games EVER). They called me to redo the test, but my insurance ended and I furiously shook my fist at Obama.

I'm taking vitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes, omega 3 + vitamin e, fairy dust, and have lately begun taking some detox-ish formula. Not dramatic results, but I have recently noticed more solid stools. That does *not* mean that it's having a positive effect, as I refuse to assume correlation = causation. But it's a start that I'm going to observe.

I still definitely notice really bad breath and a white tongue in the morning. So I don't think it's much of a positive observation.

Does anyone have any idea for why these issues are happening? Some insight on tests to take or where to look? I'm waiting for my appointment with a new gastroenterologist. We've both been to ones at Kaiser, but I've taken a very sour view of Kaiser lately.

Thank you, very much!

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  • Also, I should note that she just took Gas-Ex today and that relieved a lot of her intestinal noise issues and a lot of belching. But obviously, that's just gilding the underlying issue.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 22, 2009
    • 06:29 AM
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  • Also, I should note that she just took Gas-Ex today and that relieved a lot of her intestinal noise issues and a lot of belching. But obviously, that's just gilding the underlying issue.i was interested to read your syptoms, i have suffered from similar since 1979 i take losec daily and that controls the gurgleing and ****s but about 4 times a year i get really bad burps that taste like sulphur then ****s followed by diorehea i usually starve myself for 48hrs this does not always work and i have to repeat starvation sometimes3 or 4 times over a 3 or 4 week period. during one really long bout my doctor treated me for ulcers with a triple therapy that worked for aprox 12 months.like you i,ve had so many tests the doctors have given up. i have tracked the start of my problems to scubadiving in a red tide that we some times have in NZ. doctors can,t see any relationship but i started suffering about 4 days after that event.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 22, 2009
    • 07:31 AM
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  • Possibly a water or food borne bacteria or Candida overgrowth. Any of which your wife could have picked up and inadvertently shared with you.
    Beth56 272 Replies
    • October 23, 2009
    • 06:08 PM
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