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  • Posted By: hopespringsanew
  • June 14, 2007
  • 06:32 PM

Since 8/06 I've had two MRI's, seen the PM doc, NS doc, PCP doc, had CT scan, tons of xrays, myleogram and emg...was told that the NS won't operate on me, but have "slight" problems at L4L5,L5S1, "slight" scolosis, some arthitis of the back, "mild" cyst on kidney on the side that hurts, DDD, and possible problems in the hip that they can't confirm at this time although the last xray taken on the hip came back "normal"...also had EMG on right leg which came back although nonconclusive did show some degenerative issues going on...
Now what is wrong with me? Why do I wake up in the middle of the night from pain? why can't I bend over to touch my toes? WHy can't I pick my 5 yr old up? Why can't I climb stairs up or down without my legs feeling like jello and my hip hurting like a dislocated barbie doll? I'm surviving on my last (i'm afraid) bottle of pain pills and a handful of pain patches and my ins company just cancelled my health ins b/c my husbands been on workmans comp too long...
I'm afraid of the pain thats gonna come when I can't keep a hold on it, but I can't afford to see a doctor at this point...Can someone else help? medical trials or anything...any thoughts or preventive behavior or just a "hug" to let me know that I'm not crazy even though the docs all say WITH everything that does show up it shouldn't be causing this amount of pain...

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  • All of these tests are useless unless somebody can come up with a plan of action. Spinal operations are not to be taken lightly and shouldn't really be undertaken unless absolutely necessary. What is disappointing is that these characters can arrange all of these tests and not offer any advice. Frequent advice is to carry out different stretching/ movement exercises and these can be highly effective. If you don't keep your back supple, then it will end up siezing, which sounds like what is happening. What exercises you should do depends exactly what these comments of slight problems, degenerative issues, etc. actually mean. You will have to insist on a better interpretation and whether an exercise regime could possibly do some damage. You might find that OTC anti-inflammatories are the best kind of painkillers to take. As a long shot, are both of your legs the same length (this is a serious question and is one cause of scoliosis among other things)?
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  • How about - this is a wild suggestion here - finding a local Doctor of Chiropractic that many may know, trust and recommend ? You say the regular docs are essentially taking many types of pictures of your back when you are not using it. Yet you have pain when you use it. Hmmm.......................... IME I would doing a search for one that uses what is called "Pierce" technique, named after W. Vern Pierce, DC. And I will mention that some of the best athletes in the world, like Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong, always use chiropractors. And those dudes can buy anything in the world. And probably have tried many things.
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  • Aww...I totally feel for you! I'm 31 and had a spinal fusion about 10 years ago for scoliosis (OUCH--is all I can say), where my doctor fused two 14 inch rods to my spine, and used a bone graft from my hip to 'lock' it all in place. Absolutely miserable---I didn't have an ounce of pain until I had the surgery. Now I am in constant pain no matter what I do. I simply have learned to live with it, and keep ibuprofen handy, especially when chasing after my energetic 4-year old son. Though, I cannot truly say my pain has slowed me down for any period of time (except following the surgery)...I am impeccably active, and truly desire to live life to the fullest. Here are some things I do to lessen or erradicate some of my 'daily' aches...and I added some possibly suggestions. I wish you the best of luck.!! 1.) Buy a heating pad!! I sleep on one every single night...for some reason, it seems to help me. I have a long one, that turns off automatically after one hour.2.) Ibuprofen. Just your typical store bought ibuprofen can do wonders to bring down some inflammation or tackle some aches. I'm an avid gardener; however, I usually always over-do it...and ibuprofen is fabulous (most of the time, unless I trigger my sciatic nerve--yeeeooow). I also take it when the weather is changing (hot/cold, high/low pressure, rain, etc.). It seems as though my body knows when a storm is coming because the middle of my back feels if it were hit with a bat. 3.) Keep your pain-prone areas warm. If the weather gets below 60 degrees...I can be spotted wearing fleece vests often, which keeps my back warm...which in turn, prevents possibly aches later. 4.) Make sure you are bending or lifting items correctly. 5.) Get a second opinion and/or new doctor. Possibly find a younger doctor who isn't so 'set in his/her ways', or one who is a little more aggressive and proactive in treatment. 6.) Go to your local Department of Health and Social Services (DSHS) and it is likely that you and your 5 yr old angel can get Medical Coupons, especially with your medical history. 7.) Simply....smile! :)
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