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Help!!!Exhibiting signs of Hypoglycemia!!

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  • Posted By: hypo_Pony
  • May 18, 2007
  • 11:37 PM

I am 15 years old and I am ashthmatic I take Flow-vent(once in the morning and once before bed),Ventilin(once every four hours) and I am on the stimulent concerta for almost five years.
I have been exhibiting signs of Hypoglycemia for two years now and had at least 3 minor episodes.
The first one was about a year ago I had to hurry to theater practise and I ended up skiping supper.I had severe stomach pains and got right stupid and sluggish I had to be carried out of the theater I was told it was because I was just comeing down with something.
The next episode was when I had eaten very little lunch but after got shakey,sluggish,stupid,sleepy and fell half asleep in the hall at school curled up to my Best friend who latter force fed me fruit loops.
When I got home and was cheeked on a moniter I was a 4.0 I was home alone consumed snacks and supper and was 7.0 and my mom didn't believe anything was wrong.Next episode was today I had eaten most of my lunch
all of my fruit loops,peanut butter bar,about 10 apple slices,carrots and a few salt n vinger chrispers If felt stuffed so I stoped eating.I took my ventilin puffer when I was sposed ,but before I took it was really dizzy and sleepy the ventilin just made it feel worse.I went onto class and wasn't going to tell the teacher how dizzy I felt but had to give in I lay with my head down.At first I felt like I was going to be sick and than I felt hungery.When I got home and cheeked I was 4.7 on the moniter.

My mom will not believe me about it being hypoglycemia and will not get me tested what do you think?Do you think it's hypoglycemia anyone out there with this?

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  • Doctors can test for hypoglycemia, however it often gives a false negative, even when they try harder. A related problem is too much insulin. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypoglycemia and http://www.henriettesherbal.com/blog/?p=390Try this: through the day, every hour, eat a bit of cheese and about 15 raisins - always protein and carbs together. Never eat much, but frequently. In between, snack on peeled apples, only a quarter at a time. Eliminate ALL simple sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, sweet carbonated drinks, candy etc. Add more fish (tuna in brine) and plenty cabbage, cooked in water and flavoured with a little unheated olive oil and Trocomare salt. In 3 days you will start feeling better, if this is the problem. Then obtain a complete diet for hypoglycemia.Supplement with Vitamin-B12 (complex), Omega-3 (salmon oil) and of Vitamin-C 1000 mg (slow release) every day. Your mom sounds a bit demotivated? You may need to be friendly but firm with her. Also be aware of her health. There may be allergies underlying your condition. Try NAET treatments, they know of more allergies than the doctors. Visit www.naet.com to locate a therapist in your area. A traditional Chinese doctor is another great idea, see www.acufinder.com to locate one. And check your meds for side effects at www.drugs.com and www.rxlist.comI'm impressed with a site I found, http://www.westonaprice.org/sitemap.html - be sure to read this one: www.westonaprice.org/soy/complaints.html whole page (!) and elsewhere http://thyroid.about.com/cs/soyinfo/a/soy.htm .. There is a lot of soy in commercial bread, and in almost everything. Many other ingredients may cause problems, a NAET therapist will identify them.;)
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  • Isn't the test kinda like being tested for asthma?If you not flared up they can't tell anything at all....So it would be hit or miss.I'm hopeing 4.7 mmol/L will convince my mom something is wrong.My mother doesan't think that I have Hypoglycemia but something is definitely up. I'l try that diet ,but I'm a picky eater. Another thing is I haven't been able to eat artificail sugar ever since I downed a packet and got really sick a couple of years ago.Ever since I have a voided it.My parents did take my blood sugar that night and i'm not sure. My mom is more than demotivated!!!!She won't do anything about it.
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  • Never ever take artificial sugar!! Please read this: http://www.aspartamesafety.com/Transcript3.htmAlso very important, please read, for asthma etc: http://www.phenomenews.com/nov2005/0a.htm - this guy mentions salt, try to get Trocomare salt for that (by Dr A. Vogel of Switzerland) in the place of "smooth flowing" salt.If they guess it is hypoglycemia they will give you a diet and/or dangerous drugs - neither of which may be wise. So you have to think for yourself, and learn from the internet. Even treat yourself in secret - by just avoiding the wrong foods and packing your own raisins & cheese for the road. For some time you need to be without sweetness in your life, the artificial sweeteners have the same effect as sugar, even (much) worse. In the process you will get your taste back - there is sophisticated sweetness in olive oil, raisins, peanut butter, veggies etc. Be a picky eater in the sense of thinking what it will do to your body, how it will make you feel. This also means eat and drink regularly - plan it and watch the clock.
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  • i have hypoglycemia... I have never been "treated" for it. I just know that i have to eat. If i don't eat on time... I get nauseated, shaky, and can't think. I have learned what i need to do to control these symptoms and have never taken drugs for it. I hope this helps. Beth
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  • Treating myself in secert seems about the only option left.I told my mom about dizzy spell/sluggishness/plus all the stymptoms and she just shurged.So far ive been altering my diet and getting great results. Ive found that yogert is a no-no.It's been hard because we have had relitives visiting armed with treats I'm just not eatting anymore!!! I plan my meals around classes.The last spell was when I had missed a snack and hadn't eaten all my lunch. I always avoid artificial sweetners!!!So not so much changeing so much what I eat but finding times and what works for me in my diet? Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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