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Help! Doctors Cant Get A Diagnosis!!!!

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  • Posted By: Emily420
  • June 30, 2008
  • 10:23 PM

I am 23 years old and everyday is a struggle and not one day goes by without feeling sick. Over the past 10 or so years, i have had continual medical problems and cannot find whats wrong! I feel like it has to be something with my immune system. the reasons why i think my immune systems is seriously effected is because

1. i was bitten by a lyme tick at age 3 and went undiagnosed for 2 years.
2. i was bitten again in 3rd grade
3. i was given extreme amounts of antibiotics throughout the years
4. reoccuring bronchitis,sinus infections, ear infections...etc and gastrointestinal problems that take a long time to go away even after taking antibiotics, and always comes back quickly.
5. years of severe anorexia which caused me to go through years of malnutrition
6. had mono 2 years ago
7. Constant gastrointestinal problems
8. catching anything and everything from colds, to pneumonia. its SO EASY for me to catch just about anything

Im sure there is more, but I was told all of those that I listed have a lot to do with destroying your immune system.

My CURRENT and MOST RECENT symptoms include:
1. sensitivity to heat and cold
2. leg pain
3. extremely easy for me to bruise
4. extreme fatigue
5. weakness
6. joint pain (especially in my hip socket connecting to my pelvic bone) when I try and sleep i always get pain, or when i sit in certain positions
7. consistent fever that has lasted for almost a month
8. consistent body aches where even just bumping something lightly is painful
9. Consistent sore throat for almost a month
10. Mood changes
11. infections or sickness comes on quickly and worsens quickly
12. sensitivity to pain
13. breast pain
14. recently not responding to antibiotics and also new allergies to certain antibiotics

I feel like there is more, but this is the general idea

I had a test for HIV and it was negative....and my IGA levels were normal
Im not sure if that IGA test is the only thing to test for immune deficiency or if even that IGA test is normal, that it still means there could be something wrong in that department

I also have these CHRONIC symptoms along with the symptoms that have been going on recently:

1. diarrhea
2. extreme pain after eating
3. feels like when i make a bowel movement that its being ripped through my intestines.
4. rarely regular stools (not hard or very loose, lighter color, and foul smell)
5. feeling like i have to urinate almost all the time
6. very frequent urination
7. having to push so hard and feels like i use all my muscles to urinate and also make a bowel movement
8. joint pain
9. easily getting a hoarse voice, i could yell one word and have a hoarse voice that makes it extremely hard to understand me so easily
10. Abnormal papp on last visit and chronic ovarian cysts with severe pain that comes to the point of having to go to the ER.
11. bladder pain (like dont even push on it)
12. mood and emotional issues (bipolar)
13. back and forth with insomnia
14. muscle pain

I have been diagnosed with IBS and had 2 colonoscopies with no result other than inflamation. a number of tests also were done. I KNOW its not just IBS...still no result explaining all the gastrointestinal symptoms

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME? IM SO TIRED OF NOT KNOWING WHATS WRONG! I want to find out what it is so that i can finally move forward with treatment so i can function better on a daily basis! Im tired of being 23 years old and having to work around everything i do because of feeling so ill all the time. I NEED HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME ANY FEEDBACK THAT YOU CAN GIVE ME!

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  • You could have several different issues going on. has a bladder infection been ruled out for your bladder symptoms? has celiac disease been ruled out? (that can cause more issues than just gastro ones) have you seen doctor over the breast pain? I myself get breast pain. The condition i have is called "mastalgia". If your breast pain is mastalgia this can be helped by reducing or cutting out caffiene, loosing weight to the ideal weight range, wearing a good quality, properly fitting bra and aerobic exercise. Vitamins recommended for this condition which can help are vitamine B1 Thiamine 100 mg per day, Vitamine B6 Pyridoxine 100 mg per day and Eveinging primrose oil capsules 4 g per day . 85% of women can be treated via natural methods by using one or a combination of these things.Adjustment of oral contraception or hormone replcement theray if this applies.. may help.(the above info on mastalgia was from my doctor)................... With your symptoms and your history of all the different problems you've had.. i also wonder if you've developed chronic fatigue immunity dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS). 10% of lyme cases go on to develop CFIDS, 10% of mono cases go on to develop CFIDS.. In CFIDS there can be your general symptoms but in CFIDS sensitivities to heat, cold and also reactions with meds one was previous ok with, all develop as the CFIDs progresses..... It's sounding like a CFIDS illness progression. http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html www.immunesupport.com
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  • Thank you for your response! Yes I tend to get bladder infections very easily but I have been diagnosed with IC (Painful bladder disease) Celiac disease has been ruled out. the only thing that has come up is inflammation and IBS. It cant just be that, and thats why my GI doctor kept doing so many tests because it had to be something else too..but we still never came to the conclusion of what else it might be, on top of everything else.I saw what you said about CFIDS and I looked it up and it actually teared me up because I felt like I finally found something that looks right. I just feel like if i finally get a diagnosis that I will feel better knowing that I know what it is and better ways to help with my symptoms. I just dont know what to do now about that. I dont want to approach my doctor and be like hey..this is what i think it is. He said something about going to a infectious disease specialist because my GP cant do some tests or come to a full diagnosis and said I should see someone about it. I dont know where to find one (ive been looking) and I think it would be good to see someone who knows about CFIDS and has experience with it. What should I do???!!!!!
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