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  • Posted By: Niko_555
  • March 9, 2009
  • 09:48 PM

Ok. There are many, many signs and symptoms that I have to live with and suffer as a reaction. But as an initial post, I'll try to stick to the signs I believe are most likely to be indicative.

There are two main areas that show noticeable infection - visibly or physically:

The head/sinus:

- A pressure or fizzing can be felt in the nose(can be very strong sometimes and disconcerting), cheeks, gums, teeth and generally all around the head. After doing some research it appears to follow the paths of my veins(around eyes, above top lip, across top of head)

- When I swallow there is a distinct squelching noise in both ears(this is temporarily cleared for about an hour when I use a sinus rinse kit).

- My tongue is permanently coated with a white foamy and green layer - stronger towards the back and fades towards the front. Can be scraped off.

Digestion, Stomach etc

- Lots of growling in my stomach

- Headache, tiredness to the extreme, after eating meals. Having tried exclusion diets of all sorts, I can almost definitely say it's an issue of not being able to digest food correctly. The symptoms are worst with dairy foods, and food like boiled eggs, thick bread and foods that are not chewed fully.

- I continue to observe the following items in stools perpetually


Now for the interactions my body has.

- All ingredients with anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties have discernible effects. Effects such as bloodshot eyes, increased severity of headaches, escalation of movement and pressure in facial/head areas - I also excrete a substance that looks like green seaweed, floating free or attached to my bowel movements. On closer inspection it is a more orangey, treacle-like in appearance substace (bacteria, fungus). When excretion of this substance occurs, symptoms generally decrease(the headaches, inability to focus, tiredness etc).

- Pharmaceutical anti-biotics like amoxicillin, co-amoxiclav, diflucan and doxycycline all seem to be stronger and more relieving than their natural alternatives. However, none have cured me or fully diminished my symptoms.

- When using lepicol in conjuction with natural anti-biotcis, I sense the decrease in symptoms is due to the artificial re-population of the beneficial gut flora. However, symptoms from eating are a constant and results are very temporary. Yet, I'll spend moderate amounts of money to attain a realtively clear mind for a day or two.

- Forcing myself to do an enema has been remarkable. Remarkable that my mind feels clearer yet I feel totally paranoid and like I have a constant cold and eyes so sore I can barely maintain their open status.


- I went to the dentis RE: the pressure in face/tooth after doctors perpetuated in a barely-civil manner that there is nothing wrong me. The x-ray discovered an object in my right sinus directly above a root filling

- The hospital infered from further scans that I had a build up in the right sinus, but the object wasn't causing the infection (contradicting another surgeon's advice)

- After enduring a Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, all I can sarcastically declaim is that my right nostril never becomes blocked

Thankyou for reading about the tragic state of my health. If you can help me I will dedicate a large portion of my life helping you back however I can.

I just can't stress how much these symptoms are ruining my life. My cognitive function feels llike it's more than 50% impaired and my energy levels about the same.

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  • Have you some time ago had a hysterectomy? It's just that this sounds like the symptoms my friend had. It was to do with her hysterectomy when she was 28. She is now 44. The scar tissue from the hysterectomy had somehow grown around her bowl and was causing severe health problems. The Dr prescribed senacot type drugs but she found it was more serious than that. You must push for more diagnostic tests.
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