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  • Posted By: mxndante
  • June 1, 2011
  • 02:34 PM

Since I was 5 I would have weird "episodes" that would last for less than a minute but several times a day. I was diagnosed with epilepsy; the neurologist assuming it was Absence seizures. The older I got the less often I would have them (I've gone full years w/o them). For these "episodes", I have taken Dilantin, Lamotrigine and medicinal marijuana; in hopes these episodes go away. Dilantin helped a little, Lamotrigine didn't do good or bad other than make me tired and medicinal marijuana made these episodes worse after coming down or the morning after (I would go to bed under the effects). Seeing as the treatments for seizures had no affect, my last neurologists ruled out these episodes as seizures and discharged me as a patient. He and my mother are under the impression that its anxiety, which comes heavily from both sides of my family. On days i felt like i was going to have an episode I took a Xanax or Ativan (which ever I had at the time). The episode feelings went away for the day. Does this seem like the episodes are actually anxiety attacks? Any insight would be helpful and I was taking Anxiety pills that were prescribed to my family members, so my doctor did not fill me out a prescription because I refused to be on a daily anxiety medication.

To describe these episodes as best as I can is before they are about to happen, I get close to a light headed feeling and then when they occur I have loss of depth perception/ off balance. They last anywhere from 40 seconds to 1 minute and I can't have another one for 2-3 hours after one has occurred, though as a child I had them hours apart.

Seizure History: MRIs, CT scans, EEGs; have never found seizure activity. Though on January 1st 2005 I went into a grand mal seizure and then a second one but they never checked my temperature to see if it was a fever induced seizure because I had a history of seizures. Thanks anyone who reads this and would just like some insight if you think this is Anxiety, absence seizures or maybe some from of Vertigo (BPPV), etc.?

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