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  • Posted By: zionlion
  • November 8, 2006
  • 02:43 AM

I have been having some wierd symptoms myself for a while now, and I can't seem to get any straight answers or a doctor who will listen. I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder by my family practitioner and now he won't listen to anything else I have to say. So I went to another doctor who is running a couple tests, but I'm not so sure he is paying attention either.
I started having panic attacks after giving birth tto my son 6 months ago. They have started to lesson but the symptoms that I am still having I am not so sure are from the panic attacks and I don't know how to g oabout getting any other answers.
My symptoms are;

muscle pain and weakness
joint pain- mostly wrists and shoulders and fingers, but in every joint
back pain- on the spine
neck pain- mostly where the neck and top of back meet
a coldness or numbness feeling in my neck and left side of my face
pressure in my skull
shakyness- not on the oputside but the inside of my body
chest pressure- mostly feels like my muscles don't want to work I feel like I can get oxygen ok

History: Healthy 3 vaginal deliveries all without complications and natural
do smoke 1/2 pk a day; drink maybe 2 or 3 times a year; eat healthy; walk 3 times a week; always been very active; not over wieght; vital signs and blood pressure always good;

if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it
Going crazy

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  • Hey Do U Feel Palpitations Or Shortness Of Breath
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  • Especially since it was soon after the birth may mean a hormonal imbalance that hasn't quite righted itself yet....and may need a little help. I recognize many of those symptoms as ovarian. You see almost all these symptoms when a women is going through menopause and she is experiencing hormonal fluctuations. (not suggestions you are menopausual just hormones fluctuating!) Maybe to GYN to get ovarian hormones checked and exam. You might also want to get the thryoid checked as well which,for good or bad, often give the same symptoms as ovarian hormone troubles.
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  • Well, I think you have a few things going on. I think the one person is correct that your hormones are out of wack. You might want to track down a preventative medicine doctor and get yourself on a taylor made formula...get your thyroid checked at least; find a new doctor and don't mention your former diagnosis of anxiety and see what he digs up. Try hypnosis or better yet, YOGA is perfect to get your body/mind together and to help with the breathing and anxiety. Next, you know there is a warning on the cigarette package and if you want to live to see your child grow up, you need to heed the warning...figure it out...now, I think a very good chiropractor will fix a lot of your problems, but you really need to investigate to find a very good one, you can't go to just anyone...hope you feel better, you need to center and heel from your past for your baby; he wants a happy mommy..:D
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