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HELP! Burning sensation

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  • Posted By: Kare Bear
  • April 17, 2007
  • 04:50 PM

I just got back from the doctor's, 3 visit in 3 weeks with a problem that has all the symptoms of a uti, or bladder infection, everything keeps coming back negative, but on this visit i was diagnosed with genital warts, which i've been given a prescribtion for, now what i am wondering can these be the cause of the burning sting in that area especially after i pee, and also at night is when it affects me the most, because my doctor said that the warts don't normally cause that and i have to see her again next week, im really starting to get worried and irritated as I have a constant irritation that will not go way.
please help!

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  • Did he test for Chlamydia or any other STDs?
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  • Yah, i've had blood work, a pap test, and a vaginal swab done, all comes back negative, but she also said that the warts dont usually cause this... so im beginning to wonder
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  • I've had the same symtoms as you since last October. I saw a Urologist and he thinks that it is a deep infection within the Urinary Tract and perhaps kidneys. I am on Macrobid for 3 months and to return to see him then. It's not helping so far.Can I ask, do you feel the pain more after you have been up and around? I basically wake up in the morning and there is no pain .. but I get up and soon I start to notice it there again. I had a similar problem about 7 years ago it seemed to resolve itself, but I'd had my bladder and urethra stretched which didn't help. I've also tried meds to treat cystitis, they didn't help either. The only thing I've been able to figure out is that the problem 7 years ago fit in with the introduction to an anti-depressant that I had never had before ... the problem started not long after I started taking them. Oddly enough when I stopped taking that particular medication the pain went away. The doctor told me that if that was indeed a side effect that I was the only person in the world that has reported it ... Have you started taking anything new, or perhaps some other change to your routine? New relationship perhaps??I"ll be anxiously awaiting your reply!!Thank you and best wishes !!Bridget
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  • The pain is more so when i get going through the day, and really bad when i try to sleep at night, possibly because i'm dwelling on it more, but once i get to sleep i wake up ok normally.Ever since I was a young girl I always kept getting uti's and what not, thats why I thought it was the same this time, but it all comes back negative.Would a deep infection show up on a normal urinalisis?I haven't been taking any new meds, not on any meds at all actually, and i'm not in a new relationship either. Thanks for your advice though, hopefully my information was helpful aswell... Karen
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  • I haven't ever had STDs but I have had burning, sometimes it is caused by yeast infection or fungus, which doesn't always show up on urinalysis, ask the docs to check for that especially if you have recently had a vaginal infection. Also watch how much in acidic drinks you are taking in as too much or too little can be bad and watch stuff with dyes in it as you can react badly to them, an example might be popsicles or koolaid where some dyes can be worse than others.Hope some of this is some help with symptoms, if it helps tell your doctor as it might be a clue he or she can work with.
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  • Thanks for your reply, but the doctor already said that as well, and I ended up doing a treament for a yeast infection after the second doctors visit, it did nothing, and my diet lately has been consisting of meat, salads, milk and water.:S
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  • KearbareSounds like you and I have the same thing. Has your doctor given you a phenazo prescription? They are a bladder anesthetic it works great through the day and the only side effect is that they make your urine look like Orange Koolaid !! I've taken 3 rounds of oral anti fungals (Fluconazole) since December for 3 different occurances of thrush, so that would have definetely fixed it if was yeast or fungal related. One other thing Kear, caffeine from coffee, and coke and pepsi. Thought that might useful.Where are you from anyhow? I'm in Ontario, Canada. I'd really appreciate it if you find anything that works that you could let me know by post. I will certainly do the same!!Good LuckBridget
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  • Kare ... I was a little on the sleepy side when I wrote my response to you. The point I was trying to make; drinking caffeine can make the pain worse while it's passing through your Urenary TractBridget
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  • I've taken 3 rounds of oral anti fungals (Fluconazole) since December for 3 different occurances of thrush, so that would have definetely fixed it if was yeast or fungal related. It's just my opinion, but I don't think western antifungal meds really get rid of candida, and many are quite toxic with other side effects. If you want to get rid of candida or thrush, then I recommend doing the following: 1. a cleanse for at least 1-2 months. Threelac is a good one, and there are others: oregano oil, grapefruit seed oil, undecenoic acid, bentanite...it is usually helpful to do one cleanse and then switch after a month. Candida is very tenacious and hard to get rid of. 2. Take a good quality probiotic to rebuild your intestinal flora. Jarrow makes a good one called EPS. I have also found that if you insert the probiotic vaginally that it really helps symptoms of yeast infection, BV, and UTI. 3. Steer clear of sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup, especially if you have a history of UTI. Also white products: bread, pasta, white rice, etc. Lastly, consider acupuncture to help treat urinary problems. It works amazing and is very helpful for UTIs, IC, and urinary incontinence. Best wishesDOM
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  • Okie everyone, thanks for the advice, I will defenately try your suggestions. I have to see my doctor again on tuesday and will run it by her about the phenazo prescription aswell, because as of now nothing has worked and she hasn't prescribed anything to me to help with my current situation. I myself am from Ontario as well, and will most certainly get back by post if I find anything useful that helps. thnx again, Karen
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  • I have the exact same symptoms as you do...I went to urgent care 3 days ago and they said I had a UTI so they put me on a three day antibiotic...that didn't help at all and I was still in a lot of pain, so I called my doctors office but my doctor wasnt there, so they had me come in and give another urine sample and also prescribed me some pain medication (the one that turns your urine orange). The pain medication works good for the pain during urination, but I still get a lot of pain throughout the day, especially if I'm moving around a lot. I can't walk for long periods of time or it gets really irritated and burns to the point where I could cry. I also have a couple blisters and some thrush present. I get my urine test results tomorrow so I'll see what they say then. Did yours get any better??? Did you find out what it was?
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  • Well when my urine was tested it came back clean, same as my pap and swab, and my blood test, so it wasn't a uti, same symptoms though. I have yet to find out what it is I'm hoping I will find out wenesday(my docs. app.). not to frighten you, but seeing as I've had this problem for a while I've been researching on the net to try and find out what it is, and have looked up herpes as well as other stds, and the beginning of herps starts out with blister likes soars and symptoms like a uti as well, but don't get worried on my account, there is alot of illness' out there with very simular symptoms, but I would recomend getting tested for std's as well, especially if your seeing/have seen anyone new.
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  • No don't have the Herpes (thank God) and all my urine tests have been negative as well, and blood tests don't show anything.How did the Dr's appt go?
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  • well tahts kinda good new, and my ap. is not till next wednesday, sorry i should have been more clear, lol. I talked to my mother about this and did a little bit of online reseaching somemore and come to find seeing as everything comes back as negative that it could be uterine fibroids, or cists in the uteris, medium to large growths that are normally non cancerous but a nusense that can cause the kind of pain we seem to be experiencing and bladder pressure, as well as lower muscle pain. an ultrasound or catscan is due to detect these from what I gather. they also cause abnormal discharge as well. Try mentioning that to your doctor the next time you visit, couldn't hurt, I know i'm going to.
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