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HELP!!! ASO TITRE is High!!! + Patella Problems

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  • Posted By: BeautifulStranger
  • December 26, 2007
  • 06:45 PM

Hi everyone,
First I am so glad I came across such informatic website :) Happy holidays all! ok, I need everyones input and help on this problem.
Last Sept. I had (Chondromallecia Patella) both knees caps were displaced due to inner thighs muscle weakness and outer thighs were stronger and thus r pulling both patellas out! I plus I have knock/lock knees and very high arch foot. I was on Physio ever since, and was on a wheel chair all sept! :( When I first had this problem, my knees were on fire, sever pain, couldn't walk, swelling and sorness, still gets sore untill now and still get a burining feeling. My Doctor back then done a CT scan and blood tests and no rhumatoid problems, except that the CT showed fluids in both knees and my ASO Titre was active (233). He mentioned that the ASO Titre and my symptomts (Joint/knee pain due to patella displaced, fluids on the knee, burning feeling, very sore throat though no fever, back and shoulder pain, muscle pain, eyes burning, pelvic/pelvis joint pain especially the very lower back) that are due to Streptococcal bacteria infection. That really scared me cause I researched about it and found out the amount of damage such bacteria can cause since it's running in my blood. So I was on an antibiotic to treat the bacteria for three weeks, then I was on an inflationary medicine for two weeks cause my knees still get sore after physio and exercising. and now am only using an anti inflationary knee patch on both knees cause still after exercising or using my legs lots, the above of my knee cap gets sore and start feels like burning underneath.

Now my question is, how can my doctor be sure only from "symptoms" that I have a Streptococcal bacteria infection??? and is there any specific lab test that can determine what is the cause of high ASO titre in my blood test? or one specific to confirm the excistince of this bacteria group? Also, should I see another doctor? or a rhemutic or cardio md?
Does anyone recommend an alternative medecine method to treat this bacteria? also for my knees?
after three months of treatment, I have done a new blood test and the ASO titre showed it went lower only one point, yet still active! should I worry? cause honestly I am freaking out because i am not feeling well, am worried about this kind of bacteria, and am having discomfort in my left chest, sort of a wet feeling inside yet with slight pain, but not a rib one.
I am 24, healthy, slim, vegetarian/Macrobiotic. I don't drink or smoke. I confess that I have a stressful life, back when I was 21 i had a heart attack, and a minor one a year after. I have recovered fine and all is good. except for this current problem.
I appreciate all ur insight and help

Thanks everyone, PEACE ~ HAPPY HOLIDAYS


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