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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 28, 2006
  • 10:02 PM

I am in my early thirties. About 4 years ago I noticed my ankle (1) would get a little puffy. I thought it was because I wore high heels too much. However, once I laid down the swelling would go away. This rocked on for about 1 year or more then the swelling started to progress. I went to the doctor and was put on a diuretic. That worked for a while. Well I already had slow bowel movements. I would move my bowels about once every two to three weeks. Sometimes only when I had a menstral cycle. I would go for 5 days and then nothing until the next month. Well the doctors thought it was due to my irregular bowel movements. Well I had a barrium enema and it came back that I had a upper fecal impaction. I was told to eat more fiber and flush more fluids.. I drink regularly (water, juice, tea, soda) so I consumed more water. I eat vegetables and salads regularly anyway but, none of this made a difference.

I went back to the doctor because my ankles were swelling more. I was then told to go and get some support socks. Until this point, the swelling was localized in one ankle only. Once I wore the support socks, the swelling moved up my leg and into my foot. Now if I don't wear the socks or walk bare foot my whole foot and leg (to the knee) swells uncontrollably. I was then told it was Lymphedema. I was sent to the Mayo clinic where they put me on a machine for lymphedema. My foot and leg was swollen more after I left than before I got there.. I had to stop the session due to the pain of the pressure from the machine.

My heart was checked.. Fine... My kidney's were fine.. My liver was fine.. This has been going on for years and now I am being told they don't know. Just wear the socks. I want to find out why this is happening. I want them to find the problem. Now the swellling had travelled over my body. If I try to exercise whatever limbs I exercise, they start to swell. I have edema in different area's now. I also have changes in the pigment of my skin.. from the back of my ankle up my calf. the changes occurred on the bottom part of my arms, one side of my neck.

I am not having any other issues that I know of other than my swelling.. I have asked to have a full body MRI and CT to see if anything is seen. Which I was denied because the physician stated he needed medical necessity. (I thought swelling for no known origin was a good enough reason) I was asked to be put inpatient in the hospital and have a series of tests run to see what the problem is.. That was not done either. I am simply discouraged. I am going to the doctors and they seem to be ok with putting a bandaid on the problem instead of finding out what the culprit is.

I know this is long but, if anyone has any insight I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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  • I found a great website for you to look at. I think this offers more usable information than anything I've been able to find.http://www.thedoctorwillseeyounow.com/articles/womens_health/lymph_9/I hope this helps you. I will pray for you to be healed.
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    • January 2, 2007
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