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Help? 3 hospitals and no diagnosis!

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  • Posted By: spldoc
  • July 17, 2011
  • 07:41 PM

I'm desperately looking for some help. My mother has seen multiple physicians at our 3 best local hospitals with no diagnosis. She is a mid 50's female 1 pack a day smoker with Diabetes and high blood pressure.

Her symptoms started about a year ago. She would get very nauseas with bouts of vomitting and then pass out. She has had 1 major stroke and 2 minor strokes in the last year with minor paralysis on the left side (attributed to her Diabetes). The doctors and hospitals have run numerous tests at each facility with no definitive results on why she keeps having strokes and the root cause to her symptoms. I'll explain the scenario of occurance below.

She starts out feeling nauseas, then begins violently vomitting. She will pass out where her blood pressure will bottom out. This has been the series of events for the last year.

She has been hospitalized over the past 2 weeks where she had a mnior stroke, was admitted for 5 days with 3 MRI's, multiple tests, etc with no diagnosis other than hypertension (stress). She was sent home and overnight her blood pressure bottomed out with no stabilization and had to be readmitted where she has been for the last 3 days. She had to be admitted to the ICU Friday and Saturday where she was monitored constantly with periodic doses of dopamine and other drugs to try to keep her blood pressure stable. She leveled out late Saturday and is now in her own room. This has been the routine for the last year.

Ou family is up in arms as we feel like the only way we're going to get a diagnosis is through an autopsy. Any recommendations for research doctors or hospitals will be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking of trying to contact Dr. Thomas Bolte in Manhatten as a last ditch effort to save my mother. Anyone have any better suggestions? Please Help?

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  • If you want, I can perform diagnostics for your mother. I could say what's the causes of her state now and how it is complex.Unfortunately, I can not help your mother with diabetes issue, but I suppose any cardiovascular disease and BP problem can be cured well.
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  • "Smoking is a major cause of strokes. Smokers are four times more likely to have a stroke compared with non-smokers" http://www.health.gov.au/internet/quitnow/publishing.nsf/Content/warnings-b-stroke............... I myself have a BP issue in which there is dysregulated BP. (My BP goes both high 156/138 (when Im upright) and low 80/58 (when Im laying down) .. in my own case posteral changes can trigger the variations). This is a regulation issue caused by a sympathetic nervous system dysfunction. The SNS regulates the bodies blood pressure. (she needs to try to find out if her BP issue in either way, is postural at all which could help her understand it a little better). You could imagine what that would do to my low BP and what would happen to me if a doctor tried to treat my high BP. (I had doctors go to diagnose me with having high BP at one point and thinking about having me on drugs but then he realised my BP is highly variable and didnt know what to do with me). This kind of dysregulated BP issue is very little known about eg after years, Im still seeking a specialist for it or one who knows about it. A couple of years back I may of read something about this issue I have been more common in diabetics. (Ive just tried to find the article again but cant)....... my other thought for your mothers case is to make sure it isnt something like Addison's disease (to do with low cortisol). Addisons crisis can cause vomiting and the BP to ditch. People often go throu life threatening incidences before they are diagnosed.
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