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HELP! 23 Year old female advancing memory loss

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  • Posted By: brittanyamberxo
  • November 5, 2012
  • 07:26 AM

I just turned 23 and over the past year or so my memory seems to be getting worse and worse. In college (a few years ago) I could study the night before an exam and ace it, now I find myself blanking out or staring off at nothing and not even realizing I'm doing it, I will be in mid conversation with someone and then just stop talking out of no where and blankly stare off and I wont even realize I'm doing it. I've also been very forgetful with things that I normally would never forget such as birthdays or anniversaries, I can't even remember what time I work the following day now without writing it down or what I did two or three days prior (I write everything down now in a journal or I would never remember what I did each day) I have also recently had trouble remembering conversations, I will talk with a friend in person or on the phone for an hour or so and half an hour later I'll have already forgotten almost the entire conversation. This is getting out of hand because I also find myself being very impulsive, and not thinking things through or making sense of something before moving forward with a decision.

I'm not sure if these symptoms would have anything to do with my memory loss but I have also started having very irregular periods when they had been regular for over 5 years. I have had trouble sleeping at night and find myself depressed a lot more lately even if nothing happened that would lead to my being depressed. I will find myself short of breath and almost as though I am going to have a panic attack when I am at work (I work in a restaurant in a kitchen). I am frustrated much more easily lately and my friends and family have started to notice changes in my personality and mood. I have gained weight even though I have been going to the gym regularly and I find myself tired a lot of the time even if I've had enough sleep. I've also had a loss of appetite lately and often feel sick to my stomach.

My memory loss has also started to affect my relationships, my boyfriend now often feels I am ignoring him or don't listen when he is speaking to me because I often zone out and don't realize I'm doing it or I stop talking out of no where and don't notice I did not finish my sentence. Its very frustrating because we've been dating over a year and where I used to be very good at remembering dates I will forget when his birthday is or our anniversary even if he has told me when they are earlier that same day or I have read it somewhere that same day (looked at it on a calendar etc). I even found myself forgetting my only sisters birthday this year, or a few times recently when I was signing some papers and had to put the date down several times I had forgotten what month and year it was.

I do not do drugs and I only ever drink alcoholic beverages on the occasional weekend. I have asked my doctor about these issues before but it was not as noticeable as it is now. I need help!

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