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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 1, 2011
  • 01:57 PM

I am 21 and I have been experiencing this horrible choking/swelling sensation for years, it leaves me feeling like i am gonna stop breathing, which in turn makes me panic, my heart beats faster and i take panic attacks/feel faint.
my mouth always feels dry and i have trouble swallowing and i generally feel short of breath/low energy levels, and i find it difficult to loose weight (i have a healthy diet and i don't snack or eat huge portions and also exercise regularly - i horse ride and i have two springer spaniels and walk them every night for at least an hour.)
i did investigate my symptoms and went to a doctor who sent me on to get an endoscope put down my osophaegus. the results were inconclusive, and i am still no further forward in knowing what's wrong with me. i also got my heart tested and its fine. my family are immune to my moaning by now, and every time i try to ring the doctor they tell me to ring back tomoro as all the appointments are booked up - typical brilliant NHS service...
The way i feel is really getting me down and i am genuinely scared of my throat swelling up so much that my breathing stops!! It's such an uncomfortable feeling and sometimes you feel like your the only one who feels like this.... :(

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  • STOP and THINK about your symptoms.Your family will be imune to your comments because as time passes, they can not do anything and e.g. "your leg has not dropped off yet" (forgive the phrase).I suspect, even if your Doctor did see you the next day, the symptoms would probably be gone, so you would still be no better off (and also wasted time which you could have been doing something that you enjoy).How many people have you seen who need inhalers to get through their daily life.I am please to remind you that you are not that bad ! But I will agree your symptoms are bad and DO need watching.It sounds as though much of suffering is NOW from due to panic attacks.Yes you may have a slight allergy or low level of astma.But mind over matter can play a huge roll in life !So you know what happens, and have a slight worry what happens and you can easily imagine what it all feels like, but then you mind carries on and produces the effect (re-inforcing that you need to worry about the problem).A poor example is that you know someone is not going to hit you and that they will stop 3 inches from your face, but as there hands comes quickly to your face, you will blink (auto protect activates).Another possibly better example is phobias, with some people, just to talk about their phobia is enough to send the into "auto protect mode".You have had a substantial problem for a long time and understandably worry about what might happen, this generates panic (quite normal - your body does it to make sure you know there is a problem and that you do something about it - so now you can say thank you to your body for trying to be helpfull - and also thank it the next time it tells you). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ALSO -How much do you care for people and animals ?If you care a lot, plus you are very active, this suggest you may be using your adrenal gland to maintain your daily routine.I have seen a comment about "adrenal active ... fight or flight responce ... changing chemical priorities ... digestive system ..."In simplicity, because the adrenal gland is too active, the digestive system is adjusted for "activety" rather than "normal complete digestion role", thus if you diet is truely good, then possibly your digestive system is not "clicking back to normal mode". Thus not allowing re-absorption mode and thus burning of "stored energy" (i.e. "burning fat").The above adrenal/digestion information was from a conclusion to an article as to why people were not responding as expected, so there was no cure recommendations and it was on speculation on the review of the results, but from my knowledge, it made good sense. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My thougths are to "chill out" regularly.45 seconds of caring, meaning, look at the options inside 45 seconds, decide your future actions, stick with your actions, unless there is substantial reason to change, also YOU WILL GET IT WRONG, but there is such thing as perfection, when you meet you maker, you will be able to hold your head high and say "I did the best with the information that was available at the time" and the reply will be "of course I know that, and that is why you are here". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So cheer up and be happy, you have things in your life I would love to have in mine.Respect your body for trying to help you.Respect your body, because there is a reasonable chance it could have protected you from developing an allergy or astma.I hope all the above is usefull. Look after yourself and have a lovely life,Terry
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  • I wonder if you have tried anti anxiety pills? Sounds like you should at least tried these for your anxiety and panic attacks or something like psychology eg CBT. Feeling like one is choking or going to choke.. is an anxiety symptom. I think it is cruel how the doctors arent at least trying to treat your anxiety in some way.
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