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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 3, 2010
  • 01:24 AM

someone please help me to figure out what is going on i have been to doctor after doctor. i am only 24 and i am in pain all the time it started when i was pregnant and got rapidly worse after i had my daughter. i dropped wieght that i hadnt been able to quick my joints and bones hurt so much all the time somethimes i have what i call attacks and the pain is worse i ache most of the time the pain can be bad. i am so tired all the time i have no energy i feel like i am sick most the time to like a light flu or something. i have been treated for depression for some time and that has done nothing the pain is awful i feel bad all the time. my hair thinned when i lost wieght and wouldnt grow it got oilly i even started peeling on my stomach and at the hair line on the front of my head. the stomach peeling stopped but never my head i also get dry peeling patches on my face i never did this stuff before. im only 24 i cant stand to feel like i am sick all the time and be in pain. i want to be able to be an active mother i dont know how much more i can take. they have tested my for immune disorders and nothing. also i have spells when a little while after i get hungry i start feeling horrible to where its hard to function. im sure there is more but i cant think of it all someone please help

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  • Congratulations on your daughter, I miss children in my life, they are hassle, but they are very enjoyable.I feel for you, you have been having a bad time.You are doing the right sort of thing, you are trying to be logical about your problems and trying to find an answer.Some of your symptoms are possibly stress related (during pregnancy there is a lot of biolgical stress on the body) .The new child is both a mental and physical stress on your body, plus all the pain is stress AND trying to manage with all the problems is EVEN MORE stress !When you are struggling to carry on, then you are stressng your system even more !So your body really is very stressed currently !I do not know what you mean by "quick my joints", clicking joints often relates to loose ligaments, which can be hormonal or glandular.The hunger part could be related to sugar or insulin levels.I would suggest you have a quick read of the following web site -http://www.drlam.com/articles/adrenal_fatigue.aspI am thinking that possibly your glands are out of balance and you are under the weather, thus causing many of your problems.Basically, reduce all forms of stress (mental & bialogical), and eat 5 to 7 times a day with a low GI diet.If you were training, you would probably increase you protien levels to help your body, if you were dieting, you would reduce your sugar and at intake, if you are sweating because it is hot you will take in more fluid. With a low GI diet, you are helping the body work better and it will not do you any harm, if it does you no good.One quirky sign that you are "not ill, but just under the weather", is that "you are more sensative to drafts on your neck, when compared to those around you".I am not sure how you feel about being treated for depression, but if you had a sexual disorder, you would treat it, and when a close loved on dies nearly everyone suffers from depression, the difference is that you are prepared to suffer, so you have an idea how to handle it, but when your chemical balance is bad, you have no idea how to deal with the problem, so medicine is the best option and should not be considered as a personal failing."tired - no energy - sick most the - light flu - hair problems - skin problems - weight problems" suggests immune or gland imbalance.I can not suggest too much for your pain, there are quite a few reason or causes. It could be spinal, chemical, physical.If you have multiple strained muscles, which can happen during pregnacy and because you are a busy mother, they do not get chance to heal. This would add stress to your body, which would affect your bodies chemical balance and thus could cause gland type problems.Listen to your body, consider every part, how well is it working, not working or "could work better".Work logically on the basis of simple problems that have simple cures.Good luck and I hope you recover soonTerry
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