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  • Posted By: Kat2007
  • December 21, 2009
  • 07:13 PM

I was diagnosed with RLS several months ago. Ok. I have so many other issues they blame on the RLS that dont make sense. I am military, and military Drs (no offense to them) are not always the best about making a diagnosis. I am 5ft 2...before I had my son I was a mere 89 lbs...couldnt gain any if i tried. After him I stayed between 107-110. I always eat...I will eat until I am full, but a short amount of time later I am hungry again. I am usually eating a good 50% of the time I am awake -be it a meal or just munching on chips. If I do not eat good (say I miss breakfast and am sitting at work) I feel really dizzy, shaky, and pretty much out of it. I usually feel better when I get a snack. Despite my constant eating I just lost 12 lbs (not on purpose) I am in the military and I do exercise three times a week, but my workout has not been any more intense (if anything it is much less inteense than before) I do not take any meds for RLS as I do not believe in taking meds that do not help me (they never did). So I do a lot of natural stuff to help my leg pain (heating pads, hot baths, stretching etc). I was on anti-depressants for my RLS but again stopped taking them when it didnt help, these actually made it worse. I am almost always tired. I could get only 1 hr of sleep a night, or 10 and feel the same. My feet will randomly either become very very hot...they burn really bad, or sometimes, less than the burning, I will get a pins n needles feeling. More than just because they fell asleep, It is a very strong feeling. My most recent symptom is I have these...blisters...on my fingers and the sole of my feet. They look almost like a water blister with a red halo around them. They start as a red pinprick bump, but get bigger and more bubble. They are painful, burn and itch. It makes it hard to walk with them on the bottom of my feet! I have an appt today for them, but i know the Dr. will be like "oh just put cream on it, it is normal" Please help!

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