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  • Posted By: lorence
  • June 22, 2009
  • 02:35 PM

I went to the doc about 2 years ago because i feel tierd all the time my body gets sore with pain mostly in my calfs and back i get headaces fell like I have a fever and just overall feel like ***l(and it seems to get worse with exersise).First they did all kinds of blood tests and said there was nothing wrong then a sleep study they said I had sleep apena.I took a sleep study again and they say I dont have it.So they put me on wellbutrin and allegra about a month ago but im not deppressd Im a happy person excpet for the fact that I feel like crap all the time.And now I have no health insurance because Im out of the military.Does anyone have any idea could it be cancer?

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  • The first thing to address is the misconception that a diagnosis of depression means that you have to have a sad mood. This is not the case. Depression may present itself as fatigue, vague aches and pains, insomnia or hypersomnia, difficulty concentrating, loss of interest in activities etc. Physicians take all these factors into account before diagnosing a patient with depression (after ruling out any organic causes) and placing them on antidepressants. Wellbutrin is preferred in people who are trying to quit smoking. To address the second part of your question regarding cancer. Given your young age, as mentioned in a previous post, and nonspecific symptoms there is no reason to suspect that you may have cancer. If you still have concerns regarding this issue, please bring it up with your physician. Hope this helps, and wish you all the best.
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  • I agree with the above post, depression does not always mean you are sad! And depression can cause painful symptoms all over the body. Chronic Fatigue is also possible. Calf pain can mean many things, and coupled with headaches could be a few things also....Anemia is a possible cause, B12 defficency, Lyme disease. Or even something more serious, but easily treatable! usually they're as quiet as a cow. Suddenly they're as angry as a bull. When calf pain strikes, it can strike hard, leaving your otherwise docile calves feeling like tenderized veal cutlets. And there's a whole herd of possible causes. Any acute or overuse injury in the calf area can feel like a swift chop from a meat cleaver. Climb a ladder all day—or overreach just once for a low backhand in tennis—and you can easily strain or tear a muscle or tendon. Frequently, however, calf pain has nothing to do with wear and tear. The calf muscles are hot spots for circulatory problems. Sudden pains that show up during physical activity, such as walking, are usually a sign of what doctors call arterial insufficiency. That means the arteries aren't able to supply the calf muscles with enough blood and oxygen to meet their needs. This usually arises from atherosclerosis—hardening of the arteries. On the other hand, pain and swelling while at rest could mean venous insufficiency. In this case, blood doesn't pump away from the calf muscles efficiently, so it backs up and causes pain You can try "feeding your calf some R.I.C.E."RestIce (throughout the day)Compression (with hosiery or an elastic bandage)Elevation Heat is also a good idea, and possibly even support hose --Department store hosiery can constrict your circulation, but compression support stockings prescribed by a physician can greatly improve blood flow and relieve pain from venous insufficiency
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  • Hi there I'm 29 years old female and have the calf problems too both sides although the right is more I'm all the time tired can't seem to get enough sleep headache is awful. I have been going through this for over a year at first I thought it may be as a result of a surgery I had a year and half ago (laproscopic they did remove my Colon ) any way finally I went back to my surgeon he says has nothing to do with my Surgery went to my family physician they did any blood test you could thin all came back good , ordered an MRI I was told I have endromitrioses so went to my OBGYN he says my legs have nothing to do with it, so back to my family physician they did say I might have fibromayalga so put me in Lyrica no efect changed my doctor another round of blood and urine tests nothing so he decides is restless leg syndrome I did research on that I was sure I don't have it but I still went ahead took the Mirapex and Voltrane gel where after a week I end up in ER 5 hrs I took them to lower My blood P reassure and Heart Rate so I go back to the doctor now he really think I'm making this up so he say Cymbolta cause it is Depression didn't think so but still went ahead and took it in hopes that it will help no result so, by the way they also did try me on Hydrocordone 10mg did not help with my calf's at all .I have gave up pretty much I;m sick of being told is on my head and also being treated as a lab rat just try crap. Usually my blood pressure is very low now is jumping up as well. So good lock and hope you find the answer.
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