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  • Posted By: Opalais
  • March 3, 2009
  • 07:38 PM

In September of last year, my fiance and I found a mold problem in the closet of our apartment. It wasn't completely taken care of until November, where mold insulation was found and removed but not replaced. My fiance has been very, very sick since we originally found the mold, and we believe that it was not properly taken care of. She has symptoms similar to that of a sinus infection, as well as irritable bowel syndrome, depression, anxiety, shortness of breath, nausea, and the list goes on. Her doctor refuses to believe that her issue is related to mold and won't listen to anything we try to explain to him. We don't know what to do. She's taken everything from over the counter decongestants, to stronger antibiotics and nasal sprays and mists. Nothing's working. We're afraid it's due to the mold, but my symptoms aren't as bad as hers are.

I have a strange skin rash that is in blotchy circles. I've tried using the same cream for treating ringworm and it didn't even touch them. I've also tried using medicated lotions which haven't worked, either. I also have constant dizziness and muscle weakness.

We don't know what to do. I don't have insurance, but I'm more concerned about my fiance. She's so sick and miserable and she struggles to get from day to day and go to class. Please, someone help!

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  • go to a doctor/hospital, they dont charge you right away. she probably needs antibiotics
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  • If I were you I would change my doctor pronto good luck :)
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  • I had a horrible time at work after a flood. You need a new doctor. The mold gave me all of your symptoms. It began with a rash on my neck and moved to arms, with the sinus...just doesn't go away. By the way, it's a major lawsuit against the apartment owners. You can document the damage, take pictures of the area, but seek medical attention and move...get out of the lease by threatening to sue for health damages and move asap. You can take a mold sample yourself with a $10 kit, but it gets a little confusing how to do it and it takes a couple of weeks for it to grow. You would then have a visual to show your landlord/attorney/doctor...it's very damaging to the body. best site:http://www.fungusfocus.com/html/product_guide.htm http://www.toxic-black-mold-syndrome.com/black-mold-sinusitis.htmlhttp://www.toxic-black-mold-syndrome.com/black-mold-remedies.html
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  • "Mold has certainly made its way into people's homes as well as the headlines recently. Many people still don't fully understand the health hazards of fungal exposure. The term toxic mold is somewhat misleading as it exudes an idea that certain molds are toxic, when actually certain types of molds produce secondary metabolites that produce toxins. The correct term is mycotoxins. Airborne mycotoxins from can definitely destroy one's health. Sometimes, people are unaware that they are breathing mold spores and mycotoxins until they are very sick. Certain people have a minor allergic reactions to the non-toxic mold, but once you leave the affected area they most likely recover with few serious side effects. However, if they have been exposed to the dangerous molds such as Stachybotrys or Chaetomium, they could suffer from a myriad of serious symptoms and illnesses such as chronic bronchitis, learning disabilities, mental deficiencies, heart problems, cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple chemical sensitivity, bleeding lungs and much more. "above quote from http://www.mold-help.org/content/view/478/ Move from that appartment ASAP. From her and your symptoms and from what you said, I believe it is the mold making you both unwell. Chronic mold exposure can end up leading to serious issues like chronic fatigue immunity dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS) which is disabiling and can be permanent. Her symptoms "could" be CFIDS. http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html You both need to move out and see if that fixes your issues. Ive heard that once one is sensitized to it, even wee amounts will make one sick
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  • go to a doctor/hospital, they dont charge you right away. she probably needs antibiotics Antibiotics help treat bacterial infections, and would be completely worthless for mold/fungal problems and may make your symptoms much worse. I agree with Tania - you need to move ASAP. Mold can cause horrendous problems. And Monsterlove brings up a good point on the legal aspects of this problem. I would seek out a naturopathic doctor or other holistic practitioner with experience in toxic mold detoxing. There is NO way to get better if you are living in a toxic mold environment. Best wishesDOM
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  • Thanks for all the responses. We want to move now, but we aren't really sure how to go about it, since her doctor pretty much doesn't believe in mold and won't diagnose her with anything else. We're afraid if we try to get out of our lease, they'll make us pay for it. Also, we're supposed to be given full refunds of rent paid while the mold was present according to our state laws but we don't know how to approach that, either.Is there anything she can take that won't make her even more sick?
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  • Her shortness of breath could be from hypersensitivity pneumonitis from the mold.She must use OTC meds until she sees a doctor.
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  • Her IBS symptoms can likely be managed with Imodium,and if she's wheezing,Primatene tablets should help that.
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  • She's been to the doctor and he won't even consider mold as the source of her problems. She's not wheezing, but she does have a pretty rough hacking cough. And blaze, I don't think any of those things have anything to do with the fact that mold grew on our ceiling due to a leaky roof.
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  • Consider herbal antifungal remedies to help her symptoms. Oregano Oil is an excellent antifungal and antimicrobial herb, pau d'arco is as well. A good certified herbalist would be very helpful IMO. I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and have treated mold, but it is difficult to treat and takes patience. Essential oils may be helpful. You can google for more info. A probiotic and digestive enzymes will help with her digestiona and stool problems. Her doctor is certainly not helpful. PLEASE research your legal options regarding toxic mold. Best wishesDOM
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