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  • Posted By: blondrose
  • June 9, 2008
  • 04:29 PM

I have been to doctors, no diagnosis, and problem seems to be getting more frequent. I started noticing a burning/severe itching (usually on extremeties..feet and hands particulary) about 8 years ago. The area would be just fine and then all of a sudden, it would begin itching and the itching would be severe. I would have absolutely no alternative and HAVE to itch it until it bled. Then it would suddenly as it had started (lasting about 5 minutes) quit. Due to itching it so hard, a patch of skin would be dug raw and then I would get ugly sores. They would eventually heel but leave scars). I could not pinpoint where or what I would be doing the same as these sessions began. They have continued (progressivly increasing in frequency). I have quit jobs, did not have pets, moved to another state, have been inside and outside the home, been in stores, in other homes, driving, there seems to be no connection I can make. Then about 3 years ago, my outside vagina area began doing same thing. I had a total hysterectomy about 20 years ago. This last pap, my GYN saw and mentioned the areas (scars) and I told him about the severe (often it would be so hard, tears would come to my eyes) itching coming and going. He did a biopsy as he was sure it was lichens sclerosis or a form of a cancer. The biopsy came back negative for both. My white blood cell count is about 5 times the normal amount, in the urine. I have taken so many stronger than normal antiobiotics that I am refusing them now (they make me very sick and since don't seem to work at all, why bother?) It is still on my hands, feet, ankles, and between fingers, and of course, the vagina area. My GYN also remarked on some severe shrinking of the labia. I am a 55 year old female. I have a heart problem and generalize seizures (both being successfully treated). Other than that, healthy. Anyone heard of anything like this? I have given up with doctors and have searched and searched on iternet. Please, please help if anyone out there has this to give me some ideas to pass to these doctors. Increasing so and getting to alter my lifestyle now plus just downright unbearable!

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  • the thing with blaze is that they think that everyone has either lyme disease or allergic to electromagnetic things or both,they post the same thing on nearly everyones thread,so i wouldnt take to much notice to what they say,and sorry i wish i could help you but i dont know anything that it could be
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  • Were the siezures and heart problems being treated before this started? And have you tried taking an antihistime to help block this itching till you find a solution? As far as lyme goes, testing it wouldn't be a bad idea, of course testing for anything isn't a bad idea-know what I mean? It is a common suggestion.
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  • I REALLY appreciate the response and ideas and suggestions. I do have a cell phone and it is my only phone. I was a computer operator before I had to go on disability, but I have one at home and use quite a bit. I will go check out links sent to me. Will at least mention these to doctors so they have another avenue to check. Although not glad that others seem to share this problem, I am encouraged to realize that I am not going crazy and that it IS a real problem. :o My computer is acting up so any replies may not get to me right away (but seem to eventually get on here) so please be patient if I don't respond right away. We had a bad electrical storm last night and I have checked with my IE provider and thats working fine, so now am working with techs to try and see if it can be fixed. We've had no luck so far, but at least I can get email open part of the time.
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  • I would also consult a Rheumatologist as well to see if there are any autoimmune diseases with all 3 symptoms.
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  • Thanks Dizzy Lizzy. Glad to have another idea. Thanks so much!:)
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