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  • Posted By: Calvin_Hobbes11791
  • July 19, 2007
  • 01:19 AM

I am a young woman who eats very healthily , and exercise reguarly. 7 months ago, I suddenly put on 50 pounds in ten weeks. I cannot stop myself from gaining weight. I count calories religiously, and used to be able to eat 2200 calories and now only eat 1000. Still being in my teens, it is not due to old age. I have severe bloating at times in my stomach, and have seen numerous specialists for it. All of my doctors are at a loss, and tell me that I must be binging or something. I feel helpless, and no one has been able to give me an answer to my dillema. When I exercise, I sweat profusely, dripping all over the equipment. Many people comment on how much I sweat -I look like I could have literally just jumped out of a pool. I sometimes have nights where I sweat through the sheets and leave a body indentation of sweat on my bed that lasts for a long time. Because I am not obese, my doctors say that it is my fault -and it so discouraging to hear that. When the weight gain first started, I immediately cut back on my calorie intake, and ate even more fruits and veggies. The weight gain just doesn't stop. Does anyone have similar symptoms?

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  • Forget the doctors. Try alternative medicine. You might benefit from essential oils (omega 3) and other essential minerals. I am a great believer of enzymes to help you digest food. Also, your liver might need some cleansing. Milk thistle and a diet will help you get your metabolism going. As for stomach bloating there might be an overgrowth of bacterial in your small intestine (SIBO). Western medicine does not believe in SIBO, so you need to do your own research. The only inconsistency is that people with SIBO lose weight instead of gaining. Another condition that you could suffer from is Candida Overgrowth in your intestines, I believe is called candidasis. Happy research.
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  • Have you seen an endocrinologist? Your symptoms could very well be caused my an endocrine imbalance. Rapid weight gain and excessive sweating are characteristic of Cushing's syndrome or perhaps abnormal thyroid function. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cushing%27s_syndromehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypothyroidism Hope this helps--let me know how it goes!
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  • No, it is not normal. It sounds pre-menopausal or thyroid-like, so find yourself a good endocrinologist to run a battery of tests and rule out adrenal tumor and the like...they should be able to tell about from blood work..
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  • I, too, think seeing an endocrinologist would be a good idea. Look up Cushing's syndrome and see if you think it's consistent with your symptoms, or a thyroid dysregulation. If you and your doctor think that this is a possibility, they can do a dexamethasone supression test and other lab work to investigate.Sorry to hear of your frustrating situation--let me know how it goes! It sounds like you take excellent care of yourself, so I know it must be hard to hear doctors telling you that it's your fault. I think that may be doctor-language for "I don't know." Hang in there.
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  • Under "unitentional weight gain", the net lists Cushings, hypothyroidism, cardiac disease, steroid use and antidepressent drugs and polycystic disease. Under "hyperhydrosis" there are multiple diseases that can cause excessive sweating. Did you mean that you gained 50 lbs. and were still not considered obese?Are you really tall?
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  • Thanks for the information everyone!! I just made an appointment with an endochronologist to help figure things out. I'll try and find those natural remedies, too. Thanks again!
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