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Heat on brain, WHY is it there???

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  • Posted By: marisa
  • February 25, 2007
  • 00:05 AM


Occasionally I get a very strong sensation of heat on my brain, more specifically around the back of my head. It's definitely inside my head, not outside. Actually I can go as far as to say that the heat seems to sit on the membrane covering the brain, the meninges. It's a little bit relieved by putting my head under cold water.

Whenever I mention this to a doctor, even neurologists, they look at me as if I was saying I've been kidnapped by aliens. It usually goes paired with a sensation of pressure inside my head, sometimes accompanied with a headache.

When I was 12 I had a severe concussion after a fall from a horse and spent 2 weeks in hospital. At the age of 25 I had another, minor concussion in a car crash. (I wasn't driving, in case you think I'm reckless!). I'm also suffering with near constant but not severe dizziness, brain fog or fuzziness and some tinnitus, and nausea ( which can also be due to my chronic gastritis).

3 Years ago I was also diagnosed with meniere's disease. MRI showed up normal, vestibular nerve ok, only some problems with electrical activity in the ears. I always thought that the dizziness was related to the Meniere's but actually had this already prior to that, just not to such an extent. (i'm 43 now)

At the moment I would be really happy to find out what is causing the heat on the brain and the dizziness/brainfog, and if there may be a remedy for this. The meniere's medication isn't helping, but that's not uncommon I found out.

Any info is greatly appreciated,

Many thanks,


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  • this is a complicated picture,but some features suggest migraine,which can present in many forms,as i am sure you are aware.and---this is a strictly amateur guess,though scientific enough in structure,if the menieres medicine is not showing results,perhaps it is not menieres-----remember "diagnosis by treatment"?migraine can produce dizziness,especially in a person like yourself who has had a few bumps and whacks, and a dizzying variety of very creative symbolic symptoms as it tries to communicate with consciousness.perhaps the "heat" is such a symbol.though my migraine was not so florid,or perhaps i should say creative,i was immensely helped by oliver sacks book called "migraine".cured really, but even more thrilled by my new grasp of the "hidden 90%of human experience" ;you do have to study a little and he will ask you to (perhaps)change your understanding of the nervous system itself.it can be wonderfully relieving to learn how to ----well,wait for doctor sacks to explain!you may remember him being played by robin williams in "awakenings".as in all complicated presentations it is probable really that more than one thing is going on.but since you have been checked over,complicating factors can not be too serious.and nothing you have told me here is inconsistent with migraine.if you are going to do neurology,however,you should be aware that as richard bandler says ,it is just a set of metaphors!
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    • February 25, 2007
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