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Heat Intolerance/Sweating/Sunlight

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  • Posted By: tbanner523
  • June 27, 2007
  • 10:45 PM


Over the past four years my body has gone through an extreme transformation. I am suddenly completely intolerant of heat, any slight temperature change and I began to sweat and turn red. This happens in the summer and winter, in air conditioning and in heat. My hands sweat profusely, and my legs and feet usually have droplets of sweat on them. The rest of my body including my head and forearms (but not my armpits, strangely enough). My face now has a permanent redness to it, and my body is largely flushed. In addition, I now sunburn much too easily....I cannot go outside for ten minutes in the summer sun without burning. This never happened in the past! This situation has become very uncomfortable, to the point of severley interfering with my life. The fact that I can not cool down/stop sweating in air conditioning makes work difficult. I have had my thyroid checked and urinine checked for carcidnoid syndrome. My doctors have tried various medications to help, but nothing works (beta blockers, neurontin, ditropan, robinul). If anyone recognizes these symptoms as something else please let me know. Thanks.

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  • I'm having the same problem and have just asked my doc for some robinal. I attribute a lot of it to heredity, and some to weight gain. Mine affects only my head and face..not the armpits, also. The slightest humidity bothers me also. I own many sweatbands! A hat in sunlight also helps. There is a surgery for the nerve that controls sweating, but I've heard mixed results on the outcome.
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  • Has this just started happening to you in the past few years? I am 30 and it happened to me when I was about 26...it would be more tolerable if I had this problem my whole life...maybe. The problem is, it is all over my body, a stinging, prickly like sensation, a ton of sweat, and a flushing. It is unbelievable how uncomfortable it is. I have read about the surgery, that appears to be for hyperhidrosis, but I feel like I have additional symptoms, like intolerance to heat and sunburning (neither of which bothered me in the past!)
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  • Get NAET for heat. Did it for one patient with great results. www.naet.com
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  • The redness and the heat is facial and upper body flushing. Is it wet flushing or dry? Certain things can bring on flushing like hot liquids, alcohol, increase in physical activity and I believe some allergies. I am allergic to wheat...hence, Celiac disease. When I eat wheat, I get diarrhea and flushing episodes, my BP drops and I almost faint. Unfortunately, the Celiac is just another symptom of the bigger picture, which in my case is CFS. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Look into it.Ralph is right....find someone who does NAET or Bioset therapy. I've been ill for a long time and it's one of the things that has helped the most so far. You are not alone. There are several people in this forum alone with CFS symtoms and many are beginning to be diagnosed correctly after a very long time.I wish you well. May you find peace and health...mommy cat
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  • My facial flushing has become more pronounced with the extra weight I'm carrying. My dad had it also, huge droplets. I never restrict my salt intake anymore. It seems my personal thermostat is set about 73 degrees and any variation is uncomfortable. I live in a humid area, and summers are brutal for me. I can't keep sunscreen on and also burn more easily. I think that happens because the water in the sweat will reflect light onto the skin and increase the tendency to burn. There are about a zillion reasons for facial sweating and flushing. When I took Jazzercise, people would inquire if I was o.k, as I looked like I was about to have a stroke or heart-attack! And yes, I've been kind of "dewey" all my life but I'm 58 and it's gotten much worse as I age. Since your onset of problems was fast, I'd think yours might be endocrine related. Keep in touch.
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  • Dysautonomia is one likely cause of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).CFS, IBS, Fibromyalgia etc are all dysautonomic syndromes (or specialists own pet names for the various form of autonomic dysfunction they are witnessing).It is believed that patients with these conditions have an inherited genetic flaw that can be triggered in various waysViral infectionsSevere emotional traumaPhysical injury and in particular injuries to the head and chestToxinsThere are a number of methods for treatment, but being self aware, knowing what makes things better or worse in your given situation is your best bet.Be aware of things like dental fillings also as mercury even in doses considered safe for normal people can trigger dysautonomic crisis.Avoid chemicals and toxins as much as posible.There are many forms of autonomic dysfunction from mild to disabling, doctors misunderstand patients and what they are going through and often try suggesting therapy.Dysautonomia can also be triggered by co-existing illness as in some of the following conditionsMitral valve prolapse diseaseParkinsonsSicca SyndromePorphyriaetc.Unfortunately sometimes you wont be able to fix dysautonomia, but in some cases you can improve things with simple things like dietary changes.Or keeping any other illnesses well maintained.
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    • October 12, 2007
    • 02:17 PM
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  • Also lupus has symptoms related to heat and sunlight, also MS.
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    • October 13, 2007
    • 07:33 AM
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  • Hello everyone,I have a similar issue with heat.I am sensitive to heat or temperatures above 30 deg Celsius and humid heat. That means that in such temperatures I start feeling unwell, a burning feeling all over my back, nauseous, exhausted. I have to avoid going out in the sun as i get very fast a heat or a sun stroke which lasts in chills, palpitations, fainting feeling and nausea. I dont remember since when I have this. I was checking on internet and read that all psychiatric drugs lead to temperature sensitivities and it can be also due to hyper thyroid. I must accept that once in my life time for a short period of time when I was young I was given some sort of anti-depressants /tranquilizer to keep control over my panic attacks. But otherwise I have never taken any such drugs again. I havent got my thyroid checked though. Is there any treatment possible? I would be grateful for any suggestions and experiences shared.Manasi
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    • February 23, 2008
    • 11:13 PM
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  • It cant be CFS as you just dont have enough symptoms for it to be something like that, causing the heat sensitivity.. and besides CFS people suffer from "crashes" after exertion, suffer from exhaustion, sickness, weakness etc and you dont mention anything of that sort. So i think you can entirely dismiss that it could be CFS.
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    • February 24, 2008
    • 03:21 AM
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  • I am 59 years old and as far back as I can recall my face sweat in anything above 25 degrees Celsius. It seems to be getting worse and the only way to ease it is to be in cold areas, in a strong breeze or in front of a fan. When I was teaching I would be dripping sweat from my face when the students were all fine. It was embarrassing and this seemed to make me sweat more. In crowded places I also feel flushed and hot. Then on cold days, ( I live in Canada), this can be a bonus because I can tolerate cold very well. I will have my jacket open and hat off when others are complaining outdoors. The sun really bothers me, it feels like it burns me, even as get into the car or garden for a few minutes. I am constantly seeking shade. I have sun damage on my neck and face, blotches of red and have checked this out with a specialist. People think I have been on a southern holiday because of my high color. The only time I felt cool was after my knee surgery and I was on a blood thinner. I felt normal!!! In the winter however, people turn their heat up and then I sweat as they shiver. I have taken to wearing light clothes when I visit others. I sleep very well in the cold and even leave my bedroom window open because it feels good. I had thyroid tests and all was okay. Thank you for listening.
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