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Heat intolerance, sweating, etc. What's wrong?

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  • Posted By: MIbarb
  • July 24, 2009
  • 05:57 PM

I'm a 48 yr old woman (not menopausal) who's had a pretty severe problem with heat intolerance & excessive sweating (especially my head) for the past five years. Also gained about 30 pounds in two years -- much of it in my mid-section -- after being the same weight for over 10 years. Have had my estrogen checked several times over the past 3-4 years with no signs of abnormalities according to my ob-gyn. Began having tachycardia 3 yars ago, so was prescribed Tenormin for that. Went to an endocrinologist earlier this year & was diagnosed with subclinical hyperthyroidism and a 2 cm thyroid nodule. Took tapazole (anti-thyroid Rx) and thyroid levels went back to normal, but no improvement in heat intolerance & sweating. Tried low dose Prempro (estrogen) which made no difference either. Endocrine specialist is baffled and wonders if my meds for my chronic back pain might be causing the sweating, however I started those meds long before I started having problems with sweating & heat intolerance. Some dosages have even been decreased with no difference in my symptoms. Endo specialist is going to refer me to a neurologist for further diagnostic studies. Another endo dr in the same office saw me last year & commented that it sounded like I might have MS.

I have a problem with my fingertips feeling numb & tingly if I get cold or am in a store/restaurant with AC. Also have fallen down stairs or in the tub due to sudden loss of balance or dizzy spells. This is balance thing is becoming more of a problem all the time with me suffering a concussion & two sprained ankles in various falls down stairs. According to my physical therapist, I have weak quadriceps muscles and my calf muscles are overly large to compensate for the weak quads. (I thought this might be due to the fact that we have lots of stairs in our house, so I'm forced to climb stairs quite a bit.)

This heat intolerance & excessive sweating is worse if I bend over. I know that sounds strange, but it's true! Doctors look at me as if I'm "off my rocker" when I mention that odd fact. Summer temps over 70 aggravate the sweating, so I try to stay indoors in air-conditiond comfort. I can't even go outdoors and exercise in the summer!

If anyone has any suggestions I would sure appreciate them. Thanks everyone! :)

Barb in MI

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  • Hi Barb,I'm your age and I have been sweating a lot too. I get night sweats a lot which I think is due to peri-menopause. I've also gaining in my midsection area. I think your problems are probably peri-menopausal related, but I am not a doctor. My periods have been regular during all these years of night sweats and I, like you, sweat a lot in my head. Now, I have started to miss my period and I'm definitely not pregnant. I think this is normal behavior for people our age. I hope this helped you.
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  • Hi Barb, There is so much that sounds familiar to me! I too am suffering with an undiagnosed issue of heat intolerance/excessive head sweating/high blood pressure/numb toes/weakness and fatigue. I was diagnosed with MS in 2009 (took 3 years and many Dr.s). Clinically I am not presenting typically, and have the above symptoms that are presenting themselves that are NOT typical of MS so my Neuro classifies me as a "demyelinating disease" patient. Fought a long time to get a brain MRI, and when I finally did, the next thing I know I get a call from my GP "I am getting you to a Neuro immediately". I had a similar issue with 2 patches of skin that have changed when my illness started suddenly in 2007. "it's nothing" "its Psoriasis"...3 biopsies and 2 specialists later, it "looks" like a skin lymphoma but they have never seen anything like it. I have just started down the path of an Endocrinologist. I find too that I am again butting heads with the medical establishment. If I hear one more time that it's "a virus" or "you are depressed" I will not be responsible for what happens next! LOL. I do not get a warm and fuzzy feeling with this Endo because again, she is doing surface testing, and basically told me I am "depressed" and need to exercise...????? Are you kidding?? I get the gut feeling that there is something haywire with my Hypothalamus tract (which includes the pituitary, thyroid and adrenals)...the Hypothalamus controls our bodies "homeostasis" which is keeping it in "perfect working order hormone levels". So, to me, it is as if all of the sudden it is sending the signals that I am running a 30 second mile! Sweating, headaches, shaky, weakness, and finally fatigue! You would think I would be losing weight, but noooooo. I am steadily gaining in the midsection and in my face....I cannot exert myself without all this happening again. I cannot be in anything above 69degrees or it is intolerable.... I hope you find your answer...know that you aren't alone and I am sweating over here with cold toes in New Jersey! hang in there! Cris
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  • I have the same 'head sweat' when I bend over. It has taken me years to realise it is when I bend over. I thought it was something about my bathroom (where I bend over to get dressed). But while gardening today - I realised it was when I bend over. My head pours sweat, like a tap has been turned on. It takes a while to dry when I stand up, but it does dry. I have 9 hour gastric emptying (gastroparasis) and type 1diabetes. This happens in hot & cold weather. I really suffer in humid weather, swell & retain fluid. I am very overweight. I do exercise, am quite fit and move freely. I have looked at ‘Vasovagal’ episode and ‘Roemheld’ syndrome. But I am not medically trained and my breathing is fine, I don’t faint – so would I ask my Endocrinologist or my Gastroenterologist about this? I have been to 2 sweat specialists, neither offered any info, just creams to put on my head. As a woman this just wasn’t an option. Weird look! I also saw a neurologist, no help. Has any treatmen
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    • January 25, 2016
    • 09:05 AM
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