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Heat intolerance... I think

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 11, 2007
  • 07:43 PM

I'm a 26 year old male.

Ever since about high school I've always seemed to sweat a lot. I've also always been really skinny/low bodyfat. In college I started lifting weights and increased my caloric intake, which I realize can cause increased body heat.

When I was 21, I was outside one day during the summer (Chicago) and after about 1 minute I was covered in sweat. I realized that no one else had this problem and I should probably go see my doctor.

He checked my thyroid levels (blood test) and said everything was normal. He said I was just always hot because I was "high strung, had a fast metabolism, and ate a lot." He prescribed some prescription anti-perspirant (didn't work) and that was that.

Anyway, I'm always hot. But I'm THIN (most people assume I'm fat when I tell them I have this problem). I'm also always a sweaty mess (which is the reason this bothers me). I work in an office and I have to stuff my armpits with paper towels a few times throughout the day since part of my job involves speaking in front of groups of people and having wet arm pits makes that embarassing.

I hate the summer. I don't like doing anything out side because my armpits will have puddles the size of CDs after a few minutes of standing around and my lower back turns into a swimming pool. I run my A/C 24/7. I don't like riding in cars with other people because most people prefer windows down over A/C on. Basically I'm pretty miserable anytime it's over 70 outside, which kills my social life as well because I'd rather stay home with my A/C on then go someplace and be a sweaty mess.

I eat 4k calories a day to maintain weight. I'm sure this is part of the problem, as metabolizing food generates heat. In the winter I go outside with a long sleeve shirt on and I feel awesome... the cold wind constantly cooling down my body is the best feeling ever. Everyone thinks I'm nuts. But it's like I don't even have a chance to sweat because the cold wind is there already. It's wonderful. I can lift my arms without being embarassed because my pits are soaking.

This is way too long of a post. Ok. Does anyone here know of anything that helps, then? Do they make a medicine that would slow down my thyroid or something? Would that make me fat?

Can human tolerance to heat be increased? When I was a kid I was pretty normal, but something happened along the way. Can I put on like 3 sweatshirts and sit in saunas every day until my body considers *that* to be normal and then by comparison 70 degree days don't feel like a sauna?

A lot of my colleauges are from India. They wear sweaters when it's 70 outside and are still cold. So there must be some either genetic or adaptive thing going on here.

In the meantime, is there anything I can do about the sweating? I tried Certain Dri (OTC) but it didn't do much. I tried Dry-Sol (prescription anti-perspirant) and it didn't do much, but one night I put too much on and then I couldn't sleep because my armpits were burning. I've seen a bunch of other products online that are supposed to help hyperhydrosis but I haven't tried any.

I was reading about having surgery to have sweat glands removed from your armpits and I got all excited until I read that your body will just make up for it by sweating in other places.

I've also heard botox injections prevent sweating, and they're not permanent. Can you get those in your armpits?

Sorry this post is so long. I'm typing this from work and I've got the A/C on, a cup of ice water, and a fan blowing on me here at my desk.

I hate the summer.

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  • Im 22 and I swear to god everything you just described happens to me also. When I was younger, I never had any problems with the whole sweat thing, but in my later teens, it became a serious problem for me. I cant even go out in public without sweating. The only time I feel comfortable is in the winter, but even then if i go into a store or another persons house, they always have the heat blasting. If anyone knows the answer to the above posters questions, please leave an answer cause you would definately be helping me out too.
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    • August 20, 2007
    • 02:56 AM
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  • you both sound so much like you are hyperthyroidI suggest you see another doc, one that is well educated in thyroid dysfunction and ask for a full panel test , also have your adrenals checked as well as your hormones. best of luck
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    • August 21, 2007
    • 00:24 PM
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  • i am similar, started about when i was 17/28. i hate the heat.....but i am not skinny....not fat either tho but for me when i lost weight thats when the sweating started. i dont sweat too much expect for elevated emotions. but i am hot all the time, even when its freezing out. i just feel so stupid going to the doctors and saying i am hot all the time!
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  • Get all the MDs diagnosis, tests.... and take it to an Acupuncturist - in order to become one, about half of you classes are Western Medicine and the other half Traditional Chinese Medicine + more than a year of internship + Board Certification (like any other health professional, ask for references and talk to their patients). They have a different approach in identifying the problem (looking for the cause) and the way of treating it (eliminate or manage the cause). The words used for diagnosis are also different. All the signs and symptoms you are describing are not new for Acupuncture. Good Luck.
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