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Heartburn Sensations Without Acid Reflux

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  • Posted By: Geovanni
  • November 14, 2012
  • 03:20 AM

After 10years of nexium use (20mg -half dosage) for acid reflux I began feeling what I thought was heartburn again so my medication was switched (thinking I'd developed an immunity) to tecta, prevacid and dexilant. I've also tried standard antacids such as tums, baking soda, gaviscon & zantac. Nothing works. Heartburn feeling is 24/7. A constant burning/tingling feeling in my chest up to neck. An 8 week testing process of a physical, heart stress, blood work, xrays and endoscopy all results turned out negative. The doctor believed my back was somehow involved. I don't have back pain but listened and sought out a chiropractor. The massage felt nice but did little to help my situation. Due to my inability to sleep I was prescribed clonazepam. It seem to subdue the burning sensations. Not completely but a slight relief. It's been going on so long I can no longer tell when I'm actually experiencing real acid reflux/heartburn. Since most avenues were inspected I was suspecting gallbladder issues but my doctor says I'm not 'tender' for it to be related. He did however feel that my response to clonazepam could indicate a stress related problem. For this he prescribed cymbalta. It has allowed to function without the stressful worries the constant burning brings although it is not doing anything to fix the issue. I've been on the drug for 5 weeks now. Dosage switched from 30mg to 60mg after two weeks. I still use clonazepam to help fall asleep when the burning is unbearable but not on a nightly basis as my doctor warned it is highly addictive and will not be prescribing them continuously. The gastrointestinal specialist who performed the scope told me my throat, esophagus and stomach all look fine. The biopsy showed no bacteria. In his opinion I'm experiencing an over sensitive esophagus. A form of sensory neuropathy which is why I'm responding to the clonazepam. I wouldn't say I'm responding to it ...the burning never goes away. It's just easier to cope with. What the heck is going on with me? I'm 6' 185pnds, in shape, exercise daily and eat a very healthy balanced diet with added essential supplements. I rarely get sick. Haven't had a flu or cold in years. I'm all out of possible answers. The latest thing on my mind is mold. I have no clue if there is mold lingering in my house but before I start tearing down walls I'd like to investigate the idea further. I've also had an additional thought. I began using a negative ion air unit in my bedroom last year. Interesting to note when I ran this in my computer lab all devices became charged with static electricity providing a sharp shock to the touch of any components such as usb cables and mice. I'm wondering if having this on while I'm sleeping has messed with my neurological system. I began sleeping without it a few days ago so not sure of its cause and effect. Is the doctor leading me down the correct path? Are there any habits, routines, exercises, foods or supplements I can try? The burning pain is constant and very frustrating making the simplest tasks in life difficult. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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