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Heart racing after eating

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 29, 2010
  • 10:23 PM


I actually am posting this because I'm concerned for my husband. Within the last month almost every meal results in his heat racing twenty minutes later, going from normal to 100-160. And it just climbs for no reason. We eat sensibly though not on any special heart diet. (yet) It used to be and still is sometimes where he will be just relaxing watching t.v. laying down and this would happen. Sometimes it goes away after half hour to an hour of focusing on breathing and laying flat. Most of the time though it gets out of control and stays high for more than an hour and beats hard. He says he feels his heart pounding and some chess pain also, only when this happens. By the way, he is also on Lorazepam, .5mg twice daily for anxiety. I trust him when he says that when this happens, he is not anxious, and even when he takes his medicine, it does not seem to help. After he eats, he waits until he can take the Lorazepam, takes it and waits for it to take affect, so about an hour, now usually no help. We have seen a cardiologist and he has been diagnoised with a Right Bundle branch block, Left axis deviation, and has been told he is missing two out of the three electrical wires that go to his heart. He has had a stress test recently, echo grams, chest xrays, numerous EKG's, and a 24 hr holter monitor. He also has high blood pressure when this is going on. Usually around 200-150/100. We go to the E.R constantly now(we know and recognize almost all the nurses and doctors), he is afraid to eat, he has given up all caffienne, he no longer smokes, doesn't drink, and doesn't drink any form of energy drinks. He can't exercise, though he wants to, but even going for small walks his heart rate sky rockets and doesn't go back down. The Dr's all say he's fine except for tachacardia. Wondering if anyone has any advice, we go to the hospital (we go sometimes a couple times a week) and they give him more lorazepam,and send him home. I think they believe this is all anxiety related, though I am convinced that there is something else. My husband is 30, and we are newly weds, I feel so bad for him because mentally he wants to do stuff, yet physically he's limited. We basically live within our apartment. In his immediate family, there is a history of heart conditions, and doctors recently said that to have a right bundle branch block at his age is not common at all. If there is anybody who has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. He has a second oponion with another cardiologist this week, so hopefully we will get to the bottom of this. But if there is anyone who has gone through something like this, I would love to hear from you, and would love to hear if anyone has any advice.

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