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heart pounds and fecal matter won't pass, pain

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  • Posted By: cozynana
  • October 11, 2010
  • 08:51 AM

I had a colonoscopy 2 years ago. I ended up in ER three days later with severe pain. I was given anitbiotics for a non-existant kidney stone. That set the tone for no BMs without the assistance of a laxative for a year or more. I have found a doctor that has done tests and says I have a colonized yeast infection in my colon on the left side (he says colonoscopies are notorious for yeast infections). My heart pounds about 3-4 a.m. every morning. He says my heart is trying to get the blood supply through the affect colon area causing my heart to work harder and thus, the pounding heart. I also have extreme bottocks muscle cramps on the left hip and butt area. My hip joints are getting lose and clicking too. He is treating me for a systemic yeast infection and has me on a supplement that is suppose to clean out the heart and make it stronger. Has anyone else experience something similar after a colonoscopy? I get extremely tired, have anxiety, and feel like I have the flu. Also the sickness comes in waves. Almost always sicker in the morning and by night I feel better. This is the only doctor after seeing 30+ others that has come up with any explanation (others implied it was in my head, wanted to remove my colon, thought I was exaggerating, etc). I am giving it a try, because at least I am not worse. I did have mulitiple other symptoms like extreme bladder pain. It has all but disappeared. I still get constipation, tremors occasionally, and foggy memory, but so much better. Oh, I forgot, I also had a precancerous uterus, and ovaries removed through this 2 years period. Been a long 2 years.

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  • Good Morning, I'm sorry that you're feeling so poorly. I'm also sorry and totally understand about others thinking you're nutzy. You're not -- you simply know YOUR body and you're trying to get the answers you need. Just a suggestion (from my own experience) -- you've been seeing the same (?primary?) doc for 30 years? Right? I've been seeing mine (see mine - not by choice) for over a decade. Sometimes my doctor becomes complacent. Perhaps feels: 'After all these years, I would have noticed if something were happening internally -- so it's either_________ or _____ or it's all in their mind." Perhaps other things are being thought after no logical magic cure is found in an instant. Anyway I wanted to add something about doctor complacency --- just for awareness (maybe I'm totally off base on this, who knows). Another thought I have --- again from my own experience --- there is SOME connection between the bowels and the .........well sort of the heart and other issues. When I have to eliminate (IF I can go!) ....often I'll get shaky, sweaty, weak, fuzzy headed and yes, there is a heck of a lot of left sided, lower abdominal pain --- often it goes up to my chest. IF I eliminate -- soon this is gone. A doctor witnessed this long ago --- he tossed a b/p cuff on me and found when I had to eliminate, my b/p was dropping like a rock. He inverted the table (head lower than heart) .....and it was better --- but only totally better shortly after I eliminated and 'recovered'. I wish I could tell you what the connection is between the bowels/elimination and ---- what the physician told me were my issues. There is a name for this -- perhaps somebody else will know what it is. Additionally -- my partner, last year, was constipated and he pushed/strained a wee bit too hard. He landed on the floor -- out cold and cut his head and mouth wide open. It could have been worse. He was lucky. (He was diagnosed with diverticulitis and an infection in his pancreas.) Effectively he did what's call something like the Vaso-Vagal Maneuver -- or the Vagal-Vaso Maneuver (sp? to both). This is the same thing, in a way, that I must do when my heart goes into a funky rhythm (or I cough hard). In his case, bearing down caused something to happen to the heart. To correct itself, as we were told, he passed out...then the heart could go into a regular rhythm. (If I remember correctly - Elvis did the same thing, on the pot -- had a massive MI and died. Pls. correct me if I'm wrong). I hope you find your answer(s) very soon....and are feeling better ASAP. HumptyDumptyette
    HumptyDumptyette 4 Replies
    • October 11, 2010
    • 02:44 PM
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  • I guess I didn't clarify about the doctors well enough. I have been to over 30 doctor who have not known what to do. A few have come close, but didn't follow through. I think my current dr. is close in thinking I have a regionalized yeast infection in my bowel. I am on a candidia diet. I hope it works. I can't take Diflucan or Nystatin because I have a very bad reaction to the meds. I am soooooo sensitive with many allergies. All I know is this is getting very old and I am getting very weary trying to just keep my head above water.
    cozynana 39 Replies
    • October 12, 2010
    • 02:52 PM
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