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Heart Concerns?

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  • Posted By: josephelijah
  • May 22, 2007
  • 00:35 AM

About two weeks ago I was driving to work and started feeling a little dizzy. I figured I was just tired but then the dizzy episodes got worse, to the point where I began feeling faint about a week later. Even while sitting down at work I felt like I was going to black out. I asked my bos to drive me to the hospital finally.

The ER doctor said that I had labrynthitis and gave me Meclazine. They had done a Ct scan and checked my blood for diabetes. The blood work checked out negative and they did not detect anything in the CT scan. The dizziness and feelings of faintness remained with me, but slowly subsided. A week after returning to work I felt just okay. No more feeling like I was goning to faint, but then I noticed that I had developed shortness of breath that it would come and go.

Also, I noticed that my left arm would get slightly "tingly". You know that feeling you get when you lay on your arm for an extended period of time. The only problem was that my arm would be at my side. Sometimes it would feel slightly weak while holding something such as the phone or a glass of water. I also noticed that I would get little twitches on my face and scalp. It's very weird.

The dizziness and feeling like I am going to faint returned today. It was pretty bad. I think I am going to the hospital again to see if there is anything seriously wrong. Any thought or suggestions on what this might be?

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  • Hi Joseph,Yes, I agree with you that it is reasonable to be concerned about your heart, and that you need to get back to the hospital. Such symptoms sometimes turn out to be anxiety attacks, but if it were me, I'd want a doctor to make that determination. Make sure they do an EKG, but also know that not all heart problems show up on such simple tests. If you are still feeling dizzy/faint, don't let them discharge you (assuming you are reading this before going). If you are reading this afterwards, and are still feeling that way, then the question is a bit different.I'll look to see if you write back with an update, and then I'll respond again when you do.Best,Shula
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  • Shula, Thank you much for your response. I did not go to the hospital last night after all. When I got home, the symptoms subsided such that I felt okay. My next door neighbor is studying to be an RN and she advised that the ER visit probably wouldn't be very helpful unless there were symptoms that they could go off of. She checked my vital signs and confirmed that they were okay. At the ER two weeks ago, they ran an EKG and hooked me up to a heart monitor, which checked out okay for the time I was in the emergency room waiting to be seen by the doctor. I also had an EKG done at a doctor's office visit the day before and it read fine. My neighbor stated that many of the tests that a cardiologist vist would provide could also be done at the hospital, but only if they felt that it was necessary. She stated that symptoms would prompt this. Since I wasn't displaying many of the same symptoms, it would be highly unlikely that they would call in the big guys. She told me that she worked in the the ER I was going to check into. I have scheduled myself for a visit to a cardiologist from a referral my physician provided. So I will follow through with this to see where it leads. In the mean time, I am still continuing to have bronchial spasms with regards to breathing. This comes and goes. And I still have the light headedness, and weak/tingly left arm feeling. I don't feel like I am going to faint, but that also comes and goes too. I took Advair Diskus 250/50 mg, but that doesn't really seem to help. I'm thinking that unless these symptoms become unbearable, then I may wait to see what the cardiologist says/does. My only concern is not waiting too long. I just want to make sure that whatever I have is not life threatening and requiring immediate treatment. What are your thoughts?
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  • Hey, I am interested in how did you go? Any final diagnosis?I recently read an article about stroke prevention and some of the symptoms you mentioned coincided. I honestly hope it wasn't stroke and that you are just fine but for the others who are experiencing the same symptoms.However, often are such symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. A low dose antidepressants turn out to be beneficial.
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    • January 14, 2009
    • 03:11 PM
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