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Health difference: DAY and NIGHT after surgery

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  • Posted By: Powertool4
  • January 31, 2010
  • 05:57 AM

I was healthy, could do anything, was into weightlifting sports, you name it. studying late, i can handle it all.
I always had neurological issues that didn't seem to go away (little things like tingling and weakness in my pinky or something. had some sleep irregularities and lots of fatigue which i combatted with weight lifting)

July 02, 2009 had surgery with nitrous oxide.
July 03, 2009 - landed in ER for mental issues (anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, confusion, detachment from reality) that lasted 24.7 for 2 straight months. The mental issues were so bad i lost 35 pounds from not eating. Depressed and just scared of existing. Slowly subsided, then came the neurological issues. Tremors, internal tremors like im leaninga gainst a generator, couldn't stand with my eyes closed, walking disturbances, etc.

Now i am much better than above but i still am not functional. Today i was taken in an ambulance because i thought i could do it, so i went into a mall to walk around. Felt like i couldn't breath, not enough oxygen, thought i was going to pass out. Laid down for a good 30 minutes. Got up, felt very faint, couldn't breath. Couldn't walk out of the mall. Got tingling all over everywhere, numb arms and legs and neck. Ambulance to the ER. ER drew blood and the entire time i was there, air hunger couldn't breath, any form of exertion i felt like i was dying and was going to pass out. Drew blood and guess what? Yep, for the past 7 months. Flawless CBC. great. no diagnosis. referred to internal medicine.

I have read a lot on b12 deficiency. I have test my UMMA and it is elevated. My earlier neuro symptoms must have been from b12 deficiency which means i was deficient for along time.. meaning the nitrous from the surgery wiped out the little remaining b12 and my body went into chaos. And yet, i can't PROVE it. my CBC doesn't show pernicious anemia or any form of anemia because my folate is really elevated, and as far as i know, folate can mask a b12 def in blood work.

So, am i mistaken... are these symptoms or are they not, from a b12 deficiency??? If the folate did correct the hematological issues, why am i still having ANEMIA symptoms, breathing, feeling faint, all upon exertion? What is going on??

Drs are absolutely clueless. ER doc had NO IDEA and kept asking why im bedridden and can't walk or work. "because if i attempt to do so, i collapse and faint". DUH.

p.s. im only 22 and look healthy so they're always stumped.

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