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Headaches, fatigue, vison loss--what's wrong?

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  • Posted By: timona
  • November 6, 2009
  • 00:34 AM

I have always considered myself to be a healthy teenager--I eat healthful foods, exercise, don't submit to stressful situations. About three years ago, though, this situation began to change.
All of a sudden, I became susceptible to very bad headaches and periods of fatigue. The headaches would last for hours and appear nearly every day, but other than that (and the strange desire to sleep in the middle of the day, which I had previously never had), I seemed to be in fine condition. This was in early 2007. By the summer of that year, though, I was experiencing severe head pain as well as lightheadedness which would occur especially when I exercised. I had picked up biking as a hobby, and, although I wasn't out of breath, the back of my head and my (oddly enough) lower jaw would begin to throb with excruciating bursts of pain--so bad it almost made me want to give up exercising altogether. Sometimes it became so unendurable that I considered making a trip to the emergency rooml but never did.
Later that same year, I noticed that my blood didn't seem to be flowing properly in my extremities. My fingers and, more often, toes would begin to tingle before turning completely white. They would remain in this state for minutes, even hours, and nothing I did helped the blood circulate again; all I could do was wait until it went away on its own accord. But it always came back every couple of months or so.
I tried to push these symptoms away at first--I had an MRI and two EEGs, both of which came out clear--attributing them to the hypothyroidism I must have inherited from my father (I have slightly low blood pressure and my basal body temperature rune around 97.5 degrees Fahrenheit). In late 2008, though, something happened that frightened me even more.
I was sitting in the passenger's seat of my dad's car when I began to feel rather faint again. I decided to check my pulse just to ensure that I was all right, but just as I reached up to place my two fingers behind my ear, it happened: the vision in my right eye went blank. It was as though someone had turned off the television in my mind, causing the darkness to just close in all around me. It remained like this for a few seconds, leaving me rather startled; but it quickly returned and, because it did not last and caused me no pain, I did not consider it an emergency, but made an appointment with my family doctor as soon as possible.
Our doctor did little to address my problem; he did not seem to understand the full breadth of my situation and the anxiety of not knowing its causes it procurred in me. Still, it did not stop there.
The headaches continued on and off, but just recently, they have started up again with a vehemence. I have been constantly fatigued lately and it shows in my appearance; though I have been getting enough sleep, I constantly want to take midday naps and feel myself drifting away in class.
In addition, just this Monday evening, I was working out at home when the dreadful pounding in the back of my head came up again. I assumed it would go away this time as usual, but it is now Thursday and it is just now beginning to fade. Nevertheless, its effects remain clear. On Tuesday, I was standing upright talking to my friends when, all at once, the world spun around me--I thought an earthquake had just occured (only this is rather uncommon in my part of the country). I lost all balance, and had I not been standing near a counter, I probably would have fallen over. My head still feels rather unsteady and I continue to experience more minor spells of this vertigo-like sensation.
Overall, I am absolutely tired of being shuffled around the hospital coldly being told I have a number of problems I simply know I do not: everything from high stress to seizures to an acute sensitivity to stuffy environments. I am not a hypochondriac; what I want more than anything else is to be happy, healthy, and free from the impending fear that one day, something is going to tip me over the edge and it will be too late to fix what has already been broken.
I have considered a number of diseases which might apply to me. If it helps, just as a side note, I am rather sensitive to loud noises and am unable to cope with any form of pressure on my ears (even ascending in a plain or so much as going beyond five feet underwater place enormous discomfort on my eardrums). Also, I have not experienced any major physical injuries in the past. I do not know if my symptoms are a result of one or maybe more illnesses. I would greatly appreciate any insight which might throw light onto my condition and I welcome any possibilities.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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