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Headache that won't go away....

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 3, 2009
  • 08:55 AM

I have had a headache for at least 4 months now. The doctor is convinced it is a tension headache brought on by stress and a severe depression episode. I finally got medical leave, and still have the headache. He keeps on treating me for the depression and seems somewhat uninterested in the headache. I want off of the meds! They are messing with the signals the body is sending me so I don't know what symptoms are from the meds, and what are really the original headache :(

The day the headache started.... I got really really stressed at work. I felt a "pop" in the frontal region, could be the forehead. The forehead was overcome with a cold clammy feeling and sweat easily for at least a couple days, feeling cold and clammy for quite a while longer. I sought treatment for a panic attack a couple days later, that subsided, but the headache didn't. Eventually the skin on the forehead took on a leathery feel to it...

I do know that I was dehydrated often over the last few months, and have suffered from "weak stream" for quite a long time. My job doesn't allow me to take in much fluids during the workshift. I have been off work for three weeks now. I am constantly feeling "drymouth" and thirsty. I am drinking water all the time. I am ******g all the time. I am still feeling dehyrdated and the headaches have never fully gone away, but the forehead feels better (not normal, just better). The Fluoxetine could be the cause of the dry mouth... but I am concerned that maybe my body isn't absorbing as much water as it needs. The doc turned down my request for a UA.

The headaches vary. Some feel like a "band around the head" which I have read is a classic tension headache. Sometimes I get short stabbing pains. Some times I get the heavy pain in the frontal lobe. Sometimes I just feel like I have a lump of dead stuff in my head. I have always been quick to anger at times, and now with the anger I get a really increased headache that doesn't go down easily. My head NEVER feels normal! The CT scans just came back normal...

When working, I do not have a constant sleep schedule. Somedays my work schedules me for less than 6 hours of sleep between shifts. I know that was causing some of the stress. I am now on a more normal sleeping pattern.

I will wake up with a slight headache everyday. Sometimes it goes down to the numbness feeling with sporadic onsets of varying other feelings. With the one medication the doc gave me, I can sleep through the night but have to pee really bad when I wake up. The piss usually creates a lot of foam in the bowl, but is not very dark colored. Most of the time it is just almost clear without much foaming.

My blood pressure is "normal" according to the doc. For the previous year, I was usually 140s-150s/90ish, which is considered moderately high. Now I am down in the 120s/80ish and he thinks it is "good", I think it is low for me... especially with no change in exercise or diet.

Lately I feel hungry, but nothing looks good to me, so I haven't been eating as much. But I have no problem keeping the food down. Haven't had any real nausea and no vomiting. I think this is a side effect of one of the drugs. I have also been feeling lack of energy. The doctor attributed this to the depression.

I developed a caffeine sensitivity about 10 years ago. Even a single can of cola, will cause a migraine about 2 days later. Now it seems even a chocolate bar will do it, so I try to stay away from chocolate, and haven't had any caffeinated soda in months. Never been a tea or coffee drinker. When I get this migraine I wake up feeling like crap and it eventually goes away and my appetite returns in the late afternoon. Sometimes I have vomited from it, but like I said, I try to stay away from that stuff now and haven't vomited in months.

I never seemed to tan well growing up, usually burned. But this year I have keep a tan on my arms, face, and neck for a long time, even without much exposure to the sun as I am only outdoors for a couple hours a week. I don't have any other darkened skin areas. I haven't noticed any abnormal hair growths.

I have looked around a little bit lately, thinking the dehydration is the cause of the headaches. Some of the things sound like the could fit the bill of Hypoaldosteronism or something similar. About me, early 30s, tall, 245lbs, male. Most of the fat is around the waist and thighs. My sick leave is running thin, and not sure where to look or what to do next!

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